Retro 51: A Seriously Fun Way to Collect

Since 1990, Retro 51’s mission has been to design and manufacture pens that bring fashion, fun, and value to the consumer. Today, they have become one of our most popular brands by new and old collectors alike. Their pens have the look and feel of writing instruments of the past, yet incorporate all of today’s technology.

Bamboo+16+Pen+TrayIn 1997, Retro 51 released their Tornado collection and today most of the top sellers are part of this collection. Originally they were only available in ballpoint but now they also feature rollerballs, fountain pens, and pencils. In addition, they also come in different widths so it’s easy to find one that feels right to you.

Hand+Pen+StandThe best parts of the Tornado line, though, are the limited edition pens. These pens are so special because only a small amount is produced, and they feature themes such as animal rescue, medicine, and American history. Be warned though, once you start collecting you will want them all! Make sure to check our site for the newest models.

In addition to selling their pens, we also stock a selection of Retro 51’s Desk+Set+Black+Cherryaccessories. Their desk sets give a touch of class to any work area and are great for wedding books. We also stock their stands and trays for displaying your favorite pens. Lastly, need a refill? Then Executive Essentials is the one-stop shopping for all your ink and eraser needs.

The best part of collecting Retro 51 pens is how affordable they are. Most of the pens start at under $50 and many are priced at only $20. You will be amazed at the quality you are getting for that price. So, go ahead and splurge without feeling guilty. We promise not to tell.

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