Writing is a gift: Montblanc’s pens for a cause

Montblanc has been and continues to be the number one collected pen on the market, and they take that responsibility seriously. Along with that corporate responsibility also comes a great deal of social responsibility. That tradition continues with their UNICEF Meisterstück pens. Montblanc has been working with UNICEF for 13 years now and this new edition of pens might be their finest work yet.

MB-PF-116075The most traditional of the UNICEF line is the Classique line. It is available in fountain, rollerball, or ballpoint. These pieces feature a unique sapphire top as well as special lettering indicating that this is a special edition. The Doue classique line features a silver cap that has the first six letters of eight major MB-PR-116080languages. This design commemorates Montblanc and UNICEF’s goal of promoting the written word.

The most unique looking of all the styles is the Solitare line. This pen (again available in ballpoint, rollerball, or fountain) is bound to be a conversation starter whenever you use it. The characters all have silver lettering over a blue MB-PB-116085background with each language on a different line. There is nothing quite like it, and it’s bound to be even more of a collectible as time goes on.

These pens are only available until March 31, 2018 so this is not an item to wait on. Three percent of all profits will be donated to UNICEF and Montblanc has committed to donating at least 1.5 million dollars. They will use this money to fund writing programs all over the world, especially in underprivileged countries. We highly encourage you to learn more about UNICEF and the incredible work they do around the world. You will find that there isn’t another non-government organization that does what they do. Please contact Executive Essentials today for pricing.

The Montblanc Ingrid Bergman Special Edition Pens

Ingrid Bergman, one of Hollywood’s finest,  with three Academy Awards, two Emmy Awards, and a Tony Award,  is being honored by Montblanc with three exquisite pens.

Image result for Ingrid BergmanThe Montblanc Ingrid Bergman La Donna Special Edition FountainRollerball and Ballpoint Pens are made with the finest materials and the uncompromising craftsmanship that is Montblanc. Inspired by Ingrid Bergman’s era, the 1940’s, the pen has exquisite details and will wow even the most discerning pen lover.  The mother of pearl styled lacquered caps, the 18K gold nibs, the teardrop amethysts,  the rose gold accents and Ingrid Bergman’s signature is but a few of the refined details that make these pens so luxurious.

Image result for The Montblanc Ingrid Bergman La Donna Special Edition

Alongside Ingrid Bergman, Montblanc’s Women’s Collection also honors another wonderful artist who made great contributions to her field, literature, Virginia Woolf, with the Montblanc Virginia Woolf Special Edition Pen. Montblanc not only makes some of the finest pens in the world, it also chooses some of the finest women to model their pens after. Here’s looking at you Montblanc!

Montblanc Pays Homage to Queen Elizabeth I with New Pen

Strong. Defined. Powerful. Innovative. These words describe the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, and what’s more impressive is that they also apply to Montblanc’s new pen dedicated to her throne.

Image result for Queen Elizabeth IMontblanc released two limited edition fountain pens that capture the essence of 16th century England. Thanks to Queen Elizabeth I, England was a world super power that created the foundation for a historic age of culture. Montblanc recognizes this epic era with its pens.

The brilliant lacquer of both writing instruments is modeled on the royal garments of the Queen. The royal insignia is well represented on the cap by the Tudor rose and the cross of the British Crown, along with a green cabochon on the clip. To finish off the adorned cap, the words “Video et taceo” meaning “I see and say nothing” are engraved as a reminder of the famous Queen’s signature motto.

Image result for Queen Elizabeth I montblanc pen

The Queen Elizabeth I fountain pens come in two editions; one is limited to 4810 pieces while the other has only 888. If you are a fan of British History, this pen is the perfect collection piece. This pen is also a worthy addition to any desk or collection and is sure to spark conversation.

Help honor the spirit of the Queen’s dynasty with the new Montblanc fountain pen!

The New Montblanc Meisterstuck Diamond Collection with Patented Diamond Shape

Montblanc makes history by becoming the first brand in the world to patent a diamond in the shape of their star logo. The process of carving this spectacular diamond took eight years. Montblanc has released a new collection of pens to honor this significant achievement. The new collections features the brand’s unmistakable white star diamond floating in the dome of the four styles of pens in the revamped Meisterstuck Diamond Collection. With its unique 43-facet cut sparkling brilliantly, this diamond is the crowning of a legend, the Meisterstuck Diamond Collection.

Montblanc has produced some of the finest writing instruments since the debut of their first pen in 1909. The Montblanc company stands out in the technical, functional and styling worlds of pen manufacturing, and the new Meisterstuck Diamond collection is no exception. The breakthrough with these pens, of course, is the 43-facet diamond star suspended in the top cap of each instrument. It is truly something an engineering marvel — the diamond appears to be floating, and has an amazingly brilliant, if not radiant sparkle.

As expected, the brand’s new pens are coveted, and scam artists have begun to duplicate fake copies of the original. Purchase your pen from an authorized dealer like Executive Essentials. You will know the site is authorized if there is an email form to request a price in place of the actual prices online. Legitimate and authorized Montblanc dealers are required to state prices and take orders over the phone only, no online pricing or purchasing is permitted by Montblanc.

In addition, always make sure that the site you purchase from has a valid security seal like Verisign or Geotrust. Finally, authorized dealers like Executive Essentials will gladly respond to any and all queries about the product. Our pen experts are well-informed about Montblanc as well as the numerous other brands we carry like Waterman, Parker, Cross and others.

As an authorized and trusted Montblanc dealer, Executive Essentials understands the advances that Montblanc has made in the fine pen industry. After eight years of hard work on the diamond star, Montblanc has earned its  well-deserved accomplishment. Brilliant!

The Montblanc Mark Twain Pen

What comes to mind when spying a young child painting a fence or when a Saturday chore involves painting your own? Many of us return to Mississippi, to the fictional town of St. Petersburg, the southern town along the mighty Mississippi River, which Mark Twain painted so vividly in our minds while reading the childhood classic Tom Sawyer.

Image result for mark twainFor any one writer to have such an influence on so many individual readers’ thoughts years later is remarkable. Mark Twain, Samuel Clemens’ pen name, was a hugely successful author “his keen wit and incisive satire earned him praise from critics and peers alike and upon his death in 1910 he was lauded as the greatest American humorist of his age.”

Another amazing thing about this extraordinary author’s work is it is still being compiled today….. due to his use of multiple pen names and his many obscure newspaper articles and speeches.


To commemorate this classic American writer’s life and his contributions to literature, Montblanc is paying tribute to him in 2010 (100 years after his death) by issuing The Mark Twain Limited Edition Pens, the latest addition to Montblanc’s already extensive and very popular Montblanc Limited Edition Writer’s Collection. Check it out today at Executive Essentials!

The Montblanc Limited Edition Mahatma Gandhi Pen

The Montblanc Limited Edition Mahatma Gandhi Pen is now available at Executive Essentials. While there has been some controversy over the release of this pen, Executive Essentials is proud to be an authorized dealer of Montblanc as they honor this extraordinary man!

Image result for mahatma gandhiGandhi was not born with the name Mahatma, which means “great soul”; it was a name given to him after his non-violent philosophy of change inspired millions worldwide. (However due to his modesty, he never accepted this name.)

Gandhi was a critical figure in India’s struggle and success to gain independence. His “civil disobedience” influenced and changed history forever. He was not only a political leader he was a spiritual leader as well.  His simple lifestyle and dedication to “the truth” continues to be an example of how to live, to many.


What better, than a pen, a non-violent vehicle used throughout history for change, as the instrument to honor this great leader! Well done Montblanc!

The Montblanc John Lennon Special Edition Pen

John Lennon, a man who lived large, influenced and entertained millions and a man who was taken away far too soon, is being honored by Montblanc with the release of the Montblanc John Lennon Special Edition Fountain, Rollerball and Ballpoint Pens.

Image result for john lennonJohn Lennon was born October 9th, 1940 (John would be 70 years old this year) in Liverpool, England where he started his first band the Quarrymen, that later evolved into the Beatles.  John Lennon sold over 14 million albums and produced twenty-seven number one singles in the US alone and became a Member of the Order for the British Empire and after his death was inducted into both the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

John Lennon, who had a difficult childhood with the early separation of his parents and the death of his mother at 17, went on to become one of the biggest icons of the 20thCentury music world and was shot dead at 40, imagine……..

Image result for montblanc john lennon pen

Check out the John Lennon Special Edition Pen at Executive Essentials today!