Retro 51: A Seriously Fun Way to Collect

Since 1990, Retro 51’s mission has been to design and manufacture pens that bring fashion, fun, and value to the consumer. Today, they have become one of our most popular brands by new and old collectors alike. Their pens have the look and feel of writing instruments of the past, yet incorporate all of today’s technology.

Bamboo+16+Pen+TrayIn 1997, Retro 51 released their Tornado collection and today most of the top sellers are part of this collection. Originally they were only available in ballpoint but now they also feature rollerballs, fountain pens, and pencils. In addition, they also come in different widths so it’s easy to find one that feels right to you.

Hand+Pen+StandThe best parts of the Tornado line, though, are the limited edition pens. These pens are so special because only a small amount is produced, and they feature themes such as animal rescue, medicine, and American history. Be warned though, once you start collecting you will want them all! Make sure to check our site for the newest models.

In addition to selling their pens, we also stock a selection of Retro 51’s Desk+Set+Black+Cherryaccessories. Their desk sets give a touch of class to any work area and are great for wedding books. We also stock their stands and trays for displaying your favorite pens. Lastly, need a refill? Then Executive Essentials is the one-stop shopping for all your ink and eraser needs.

The best part of collecting Retro 51 pens is how affordable they are. Most of the pens start at under $50 and many are priced at only $20. You will be amazed at the quality you are getting for that price. So, go ahead and splurge without feeling guilty. We promise not to tell.

Writing is a gift: Montblanc’s pens for a cause

Montblanc has been and continues to be the number one collected pen on the market, and they take that responsibility seriously. Along with that corporate responsibility also comes a great deal of social responsibility. That tradition continues with their UNICEF Meisterstück pens. Montblanc has been working with UNICEF for 13 years now and this new edition of pens might be their finest work yet.

MB-PF-116075The most traditional of the UNICEF line is the Classique line. It is available in fountain, rollerball, or ballpoint. These pieces feature a unique sapphire top as well as special lettering indicating that this is a special edition. The Doue classique line features a silver cap that has the first six letters of eight major MB-PR-116080languages. This design commemorates Montblanc and UNICEF’s goal of promoting the written word.

The most unique looking of all the styles is the Solitare line. This pen (again available in ballpoint, rollerball, or fountain) is bound to be a conversation starter whenever you use it. The characters all have silver lettering over a blue MB-PB-116085background with each language on a different line. There is nothing quite like it, and it’s bound to be even more of a collectible as time goes on.

These pens are only available until March 31, 2018 so this is not an item to wait on. Three percent of all profits will be donated to UNICEF and Montblanc has committed to donating at least 1.5 million dollars. They will use this money to fund writing programs all over the world, especially in underprivileged countries. We highly encourage you to learn more about UNICEF and the incredible work they do around the world. You will find that there isn’t another non-government organization that does what they do. Please contact Executive Essentials today for pricing.

The classic that never went away, the catalog case

Everything seems to be getting smaller these days, and this includes briefcases. However, if you work in a paper-dependent profession, you might feel left behind. The good news is that catalog cases (also sometimes called sample cases) are still around and there are still many options for you to choose from.

The first choice to make is wheeled or a non-wheeled catalog case. Most cases are wheeled, but a few options for a non-wheeled still remain. The only reason to do a non-wheeled case is just personal preference, for most people the wheeled cases are better due to the NET-15011-BLKweight of the paper. The second choice is materials. The main three materials are nylon, vinyl, and leather. Nylon holds up the best over time, vinyl gives a leather look with more durability, and leather gives a rich look that can’t be beat.

Once you decide on your material the next decision is if you want an 18’’ or 20’’ and what kind of pocketing you are looking for. Most catalog cases have a front pocket to put your small items in and have a place for a laptop computer. Some even have side pockets. Also, almost all catalog cases have combination locks built in, but once in a while they don’t so make sure your case has it before you buy.

USL-BC-B151-BLKBefore you use your new catalog case make sure to pack it how you are going to use it and try wheeling it around the house. Make sure that it fits everything you need and feels comfortable to walk with. If you are using it outside in the snow make sure to give the case a wipe down every so often and oil up the wheels, because the road salt does dry things out. Taking good care of your case will allow it to have a dependable life.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Remember a few weeks ago when you were scrambling around trying to find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day? Remember when you waited to the last minute to find just the right gift? Take those bad memories and transform them into action! Take the tomorrow of your to-do list and get your Father’s Day gift shopping done today. Now.

Right now!

Executive Essentials can help you find just the right gift from our extensive catalog of fun and classy executive items from briefcases to fine pens. In fact, taking a look around from top to bottom, it’s clear that we have a little something for every type of father out there. So this year, instead of making a hand written pack of coupons for car washes and garage cleanings, try your hand at picking out one of the following fine writing instruments that won’t empty your bank account.

Fisher Bullet Space Pen:

Fisher Space Pens

The Dragon Space Capsule just returned from a triumphant mission that ushers in a new age of space exploration. We now have private corporations venturing into space successfully, which is great seeing as publically funded space exploration has been put on hold for a few years. If you have a father that loves space, ships, astronauts and heavenly bodies, then the Fisher Bullet Space Pen is a great gift for this Father’s Day.

This pen can write anywhere anytime. You can write upside down, in freezing temperatures, in hot climates and it can even write on wet surfaces. Perfect for when you’re at the beach counting whales. All of this is possible with the use of a pressurized cartridge that pushes the ink out as you write (in any direction). Truly the stuff of astronauts.

Not only is this pen fully functional, but it has style to boot. The pen is made out of brass from tip to toe and has a stylish, matte black finish. Measuring just over 5 inches when open and just under 4 inches when closed, the pen fits well in a pocket but has the length for steady writing when needed. Its shape is all future, with sleek lines capturing the presence of spaceships and crafts of sci-fi movies throughout the ages.

Coming in at under $20 before shipping, this pen is out of this world. Go ahead and check out other Fisher Pen Gift Ideas as well.

Acme Beatles Pen and Acme Elvis Pen:


Image result for acme beatles pens
Acme Beatles Pens


Maybe your old man is a lover of rock-and-roll. Real rock-and-roll, not that fuzzy, gargling tripe you youngsters listen to today on your independent stereo systems slung around your neck. I’m talking about songs written so well, they can entertain generations of fans on the radio day after day, year after year, decade after decade. I’m talking about bands like The Beatles and Elvis.


Acme Elvis Pens

If these are the types of sounds you hear coming from the garage or your dad’s den, then you need to take a peek at the offerings that Acme has in their Beatles and Elvis collections. These pens from Acme were inspired by the explosive sounds of rock done right. These fine writing instruments capture the helter and skeltor that was music during a great era of rock-and-roll.  Coming in at just under $100 dollars, there is a mix of great pens to choose from in these collections, of which one will surely please your dad.Maybe your old man is a lover of rock-and-roll. Real rock-and-roll, not that fuzzy, gargling tripe you youngsters listen to today on your independent stereo systems slung around your neck. I’m talking about songs written so well, they can entertain generations of fans on the radio day after day, year after year, decade after decade. I’m talking about bands like The Beatles and Elvis.


Fisher Cigar Punch Ballpoint Pen

Image result for Fisher Cigar Punch Ballpoint Pen
Smoking might be on the way out as a popular pastime for folks, but generations ago, smoking was as much a part of a day as eating. So we can blame our parents if they still enjoy a cigar once and a while to celebrate a special occasion or to just relax in the name of a lazy day. The Fisher Cigar Punch Ballpoint pen is a great novelty item that has just enough utility and just enough novelty to make it a perfect Father’s Day gift.

Besides being handy for your cigars, Fisher’s Punch is the most dependable pen on earth. It will write upside down, underwater, and in extreme temperatures. To use the punch, separate the pen body from the key ring portion and apply the open end of the cap to the center of your cigar. Apply light pressure while rotating the cigar slowly until you are sure you’ve fully penetrated the cigar cap; 1/16” is plenty of depth. Think of the Punch as slicing or gently sawing through the tobacco. Pushing too hard or holding the cigar with too much pressure can cause the cigar wrapper to unravel.

After punching the cigar, the cap will remain in the punch. Gently use the tip of the pen to flip the punched circle of tobacco into your ash tray. You’ll find it will work well this way even if the edge doesn’t feel very sharp. If the edge gets damaged or too dull, use the included stone to dress the edge by rotating the stone against the punch as if the stone were a cigar. Again, a light touch is all that is necessary.

Right now this pen is coming in at a little over $30. It’s a great way to say happy Fathers Day.

These are just a few more Father’s Day gift ideas from Executive Essentials. Come back and see more as the weeks roll on. Or take the time to look through our pen gift catalog yourself to find the perfect Father’s Day pen.

Backpacks… Not just for school anymore

Business backpack guide

With Father’s Day fast approaching, now is the time to start shopping for a great gift. One trend that has really taken off the past few years is the business backpack. They offer the necessary features of most traditional cases yet free up your hands for the daily commute. Here are a few tips to pick out the right backpack for you or as a gift.

First, you will have to decide which material you want for your backpack. Nicer BRB-KP375C-BLKbackpacks tend to use either leather or nylon. Leather backpacks offer a classic look that many prefer and can be monogrammed. However, they are a bit heavier and do take on a worn look over time (or character as we like to think of it). Nylon has become very popular and is the longest lasting. The weight of nylon backpacks can vary based on the quality of the nylon and the features of the bag. The least expensive and usually the lightest material is polyester. They do tend to wear quicker than the other backpacks so they might not be great for daily use but are ideal for the occasional backpacker.

BRB-KP375C-BLK_1Once you have picked a material the next question is size. Many companies have made their backpacks smaller due to customer demand, but larger ones still are available from some companies. Your size needs will depend on what you plan to carry with you. First, consider the size of your laptop. If you have a larger (16”+) laptop make sure that you purchase a backpack that can handle that size. Next, will you be carrying a lot of files or bulky items (such as an extra pair of shoes)? If you make sure that there is a large pocket to place such items in. If you have a smaller laptop and you don’t carry much with you a smaller backpack should be perfect for you.

Last major decision to make is the design of the backpack. What truly differentiates a TP-405160601_5business backpack from other backpacks is the pocketing. Most business backpacks have smaller front pockets that have compartments for items such as business cards, phones, tablets, keys, and passports. Also, many of them have a strap in the back for putting over a luggage handle. Other popular features are pockets for a water bottle and an umbrella.

If you are still unsure of what size you need or if this backpack is going to gift a good guide is to measure the briefcase being used now. That will be a good place to start then if you feel like it’s too much or not enough room go from there. Also, when you pick one, try it around the store or house and see how it feels on you. Slight differences in padding can make one feel better than another. After all, a quality backpack will be yours for many years so it should feel just right.