Timbuk2 Messenger Bags Invite Environment and Customer Approval

Timbuk2, a city in the Tombouctou Region of the West African nation of Mali…no that is Timbuktu; Timbuk2, a San Francisco based messenger bag company started in a garage, in the 1980’s…yes, that is the Timbuk2 I am talking about!

Who made the first messenger bag? New York based company Globe Canvas for telephone linemen.  However, New York City bicycle messengers soon realized the benefits of the design, and Globe Canvas “messenger bags” were soon spotted all over town.  Timbuk2 wasn’t far behind, and they soon began to capture the hearts of mainstream America. People walking down the street noticed the brightly colored, well-made bags, and wanted them for themselves.Image result for timbuk 2 D-Lux Messenger Bag

Timbuk2 is a young company that not only provides durable messenger bags but also is concerned with the environment. “Like rice and beans, we keep it simple when it comes to being pro-planet. We make durable bags that are tough as hell and built to last. So while our competition is piling up in landfills, we stay on your back, hugging you for a lifetime. Tales of Timbuk2 bags outlasting jobs, lovers, pets, and train wrecks are not uncommon. These stories give us the confidence to guarantee our bags will last a lifetime.”

Some of Executive Essentials’ best-selling bags include the:

  • D-Lux Messenger Bag
  • Netbook Messenger BagImage result for timbuk2 Netbook Messenger Bag

Along with all Timbuk2 bags, these are both made of rugged ballistic nylon, heavy-duty stitching, and waterproof liners.  Each bag comes with a padded adjustable shoulder strap, and many organizational features like a key ring tether. While the messenger bags share many desirable features, they also have characteristics that make each unique for the particular needs of their owners. Check them out at Executive Essentials!


Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

Hunting on the internet for a unique Mother’s Day gift is the last minute pastime for a lot of folks right now. Spinning around the internet in search of good deals for that one item that is fun and heartfelt. It’s a tough combination to find and it takes a great deal of thought to know what gift is perfect for your mom, but here at Executive Essentials, we have been trying to help out these last few weeks, by outlining some of the great pens and deals we have in the EE Catalog. And there are a bunch, just take a look at our post on Montblanc Mother’s Day Gift Pens and our general Mother’s Day Gift Pens posts.

But, now that we are in the final stretch before the big weekend, we thought we would talk about some of the other great gifts that we have here at Executive Essentials. Just a few basic necessities that every mother needs in their day to day life regardless of their occupation or disposition. With that in mind, here are 5 perfect gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Bags


Mayfair Grosvenor Place Nylon 15" Expandable Zip Tote - Black;
Knomo Tote

Did someone say bags? I don’t know about the Mom you’re shopping for, but my mom loves bags. She has bags for different moods, different occasions and even has certain bags she uses for certain people that she chums around with.  She even has bags that she keeps her bags in! It’s a bag obsession and I don’t think she’s alone in this. This seems to be a running trait in many moms. It makes sense too. Mom’s know that they need to be prepared for anything at any time — and they usually are. And where do they keep the items that keep them prepared? In their bags. Here at Executive Essentials, we have a plethora of unique bags that would work great as Mother’s Day gifts, so take a look and get you Mom one more bag that she’ll love!


Mother’s Day Wallets


Borrego Under Lock & Key Amanda Continental Clutch - Dark Brown;
Lodis Clutch

Ok, so your Mom isn’t big on carrying around a tote now that all the kids are out of the nest. Or maybe she likes to travel light at night as she hits the hottest restaurants in town with her friends. At Executive Essentials, we can help with that as well. We have a huge line of women’s wallets that will make heads turn. We have everything from the fun and stylish Alicia Klein to the super chic Pylones brand that minimizes the size of their wallets, without sacrificing functionality. From sophisticated to irreverent, we have a little of everything, so take a look and find the one that fits your mom perfectly.


Mother’s Day Wine Carriers


Connoisseur Wine Carrier;
Royce Connoisseur Wine Carrier

For the wine connoisseur mom in your life, these wine carriers are to die for! Now, you may be thinking that you can carry your wine in any old bag or tote to the next party, but these wine carriers go beyond just simple totes. Executive Essentials carry’s Royce and Bey-Berk leather carriers that defy the expectations. Many are for single bottles of wine, but some have enough compartments for two bottles at a time. Bring wine to a party or a picnic in one of these and people will automatically expect the wine to taste better — and it probably will. This is a unique Mother’s Day gift. And now you can Monogram it for free.


TSA Approved Laptop and Briefcases


W Series Verona Leather Checkpoint Friendly Ladies Briefcase;
McKlein USA Leather Briefcase

Is your mom a corporate headhunter, always on the go from point A to point B via plane. Then maybe what you need to do is upgrade her current laptop or briefcase. Executive Essentials has a smorgasbord of briefs to choose from and you are sure to find one that fits perfectly with the tastes and lifestyle of your mom. Be it leather or canvas, large or small, you can find just what you need in our catalog and at the right price!


Letter Openers

Do you live leagues away from your mother? Do you have infrequent contact with your mother, saving up your conversations for special holidays and cases of natural disaster and tragedy? You’re not alone if you do. It’s a trend that happens all too often. But, you don’t have to be just another statistic. Give your mom what she really want’s this Mother’s Day — more you! And here’s how you do it. You get your mom a letter opener from Executive Essentials and then you write her a nice letter. You put the letter opener in one box and the letter in another. On the outside of the box with the letter opener you write, “Open First”, in big letters. You can see what happens after that. Add a little snippet about how she’s going to get a lot of use out of that letter opener in the years to come so she had better keep it close. Then, make sure she does get some use out of it. It’s the gift, as they say, that keeps on giving.

Still looking for Gift Ideas?

It’s December. Are you still shopping? I am. There are always last-minute gifts and the people for whom it’s always exceeding hard to find the right item. If you are still searching for gift ideas after reading the Penaholic’s Gift Guide (part one and two), then this post is for you. In this post, I will cover non-pen gifts—gifts for artists, writers, office workers, and more. If you have already finished your holiday shopping, let me draw your attention to the discounts too good to pass up.

Artist Sets


Graphite Line Gift Box Assorted;
Caran d’Ache Graphite Line Gift Box

Earlier this year, I reviewed Caran d’Ache’s Supracolor Soft Aquarelle set. In my head-to-head testing against Prismacolor and Daler-Rowney, Supracolor Softs gave a superior performance. Their colors were bright, the lay-down of the wax was creamy, and the pencils had good lightfastness. Caran d’Ache offers more than just watercolor pencil sets; they have sketching pencil sets, professional pastels, and artist crayons. One of the most impressive sets is the Caran d’Ache Graphite Line gift box. It not only has pencils in all hardness grades between 9B and 4H, it also has 6 Grafcubes. Caran d’Ache grafcubes lay down superlatively smooth lines—they don’t even feel like graphite. Caran d’Ache artist sets are professional quality materials and thus not inexpensive. But most artists will agree that their quality is unmatched.  For art students or people who are dabbling in sketching, the smaller Caran d’Ache Graphite Line Book is a good buy. The set is a portable set of 5 pencils (HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 9B), 3 natural soft charcoals, and a white pastel pencil that comes in their own carrying case. Caran d’Ache sets are discounted between 15-17% for the holidays.



Leather Writing Pad Holder;

Andrew Phillips Leather Writing Pad Holder


Though I used to recommend journals or agendas as gifts (and they are always good buys for people who aren’t fountain pen fanatics), I have recently discovered that writing pad holders are a much more versatile gift. Not only can the recipient use whatever brand of paper/pad that they like the most with a writing pad holder, the holder can carry (and protect) the pens with their pen-loops. The trick is finding a color/style combination that your recipient will treasure. Writing pads tend to fall into a narrow aesthetic style, relying on the rich leather of exterior to impress. If a rich leather look is what you are looking for, Jack Georges has a lush elements pad in a mahogany leather finish.  Andrew Philips offers a more contemporary take on the writing pad with up-to-date colors available (ocean and petal are fairly trendy, while the black and burgundy are classic choices). As an added bonus, you could fill the pad with a truly excellent writing paper, like Rhodia or Clairefontaine.

If a writing pad seems too old-fashioned, the Gilt Edge Journal may be the better gift. The Gilt Edge journal pairs a calendar/planner section in the front with lined pages in its main section, making it a nice hybrid between a focused agenda and a journal.


Leather is back in a big way. A good leather bag can make a stellar gift. Bags are often expensive enough to be wished-for but can present a unique challenge to a gift-giver. Choosing the perfect bag is about as easy as (or, if you’re finicky like I am, hard as) finding a good shirt. Two of the most popular styles are body messenger bags and wheeled briefcases. The across-the-body messenger bags are appealing to those who don’t have much to carry with them on their daily commute. My favorite of the messenger bag line is David King’s distressed leather line. The distressed leather gives the bag character that it usually takes leather years to develop. David King’s Messenger bags fit small form-factor laptops in the 10”-13” range. My Samsung Series 7 tablet fits comfortably inside a messenger with room to spare. The messengers have a compartment for the laptop and can fit papers, cords, and other peripherals in the second large compartment.


Distressed Leather North South Messenger Bag;
David King Distressed Leather North South Messenger Bag 

When a messenger bag won’t hack it, briefcases and their wheeled brethren are a better choice. Kenneth Cole’s leather flapover briefcase is a gorgeous example of tastefully distressed leather for laptops up to 15.4”.  In the wheeled flavor, McKlein’s Lakewood leather briefcase has a detachable wheelbase, making them flexible enough to give to someone who may or may not want the capability to pull their case.


There are some fantastic discounts for bags running right now. Kenneth Cole has a 65-73% discount on most of their bags, McKlein has a 33-60% discount on a range of their bags and wheeled briefcases, and David King has 55-58% off retail. There are some truly gorgeous leather bags to be had for under 100 dollars.

Desk Accessories


Voyager Clock White;
Dalvey Voyager Clock

A desk is more than just a place to hold work; it’s about creating a professional frame of mind whenever you sit down at it. Though desk accessories may not jump out in your mind as typical gifts, this year I’ve seen four of my friends start up independent/freelance ventures. With all of their start-up expenses, quality desk accessories haven’t been at the top of their list. A quality desk piece can make the day that much more professional–especially in a home office. The Mosaic Desk Set is an excellent gift to outfit a desk that’s otherwise been slapped together with holders and trays. For those inclined towards a more traditional wood finish, Bey Berk’s four-piece desk set is attractive on most wood desks that are in a cherry or mahogany finish.


In my last gift guide, I covered pen stands and pen cases that would befit a pen lover. Two stands that I left out (as they already come with pens) are the Retro 51 pen stand and the Delta Dolcevita Desk set. Depending on your budget, and their tastes, the Retro 51 stand complements black & white settings nicely. The Delta Dolcevita, on the other hand, is a pure luxury piece. Delta’s pens are second to none, and in its distinctive orange resin and black appointments, an eye-catcher whether it ends up at a home office, or not.

Dolcevita Desk Set Ballpoint / Fountain Pen Orange;


Though they are billed as desk accessories, my book ends are generally deployed on bookshelves or end tables. For a giftee that has more than their fair share of books (or are building their own small library), bookends are always an attractive option. Best of all, as knick-knacks, there are one of the easiest gifts to give with confidence. The Architectural Leaf and Bey Berk Black Marble bookends are especially sleek and would look good on any shelf.