Waterford and Waterman on Sale Now!

I didn’t always understand the demand for nice pens. Throughout my entire school career, I used whatever I bought at Walgreens or office depot, and they worked just fine. It wasn’t until I started seeing these other types of pens that it hit me. Pens can truly be beautiful accessories to any desk, and there is a monumental difference between the Walgreens Bic and a Waterman or Waterford fine writing instrument.

Waterman and Waterford Pens have elegantly and intricately designed pens, and they are now on sale at Executive Essentials. If there was ever a time to invest in this type of product, it’s now. Whether you need a gift for Father’s Day, a graduation present, or just think it’s time to add some class to your desk, Waterman and Waterford have the pens and prices for you.Image result for Waterford Rainbow Arista Prism Rollerball Pen

Just to highlight a few, the Waterford Rainbow Arista Prism Rollerball Pen is a good pick. Its contemporary colors and shape come in your choice of multicolored mocha or rainbow, and marbled caramel or purple. Polished chrome appointments accompany each pen to make them stand out from any other design.

Another good choice would be the Waterman Expert II Ballpoint Pen in Dune Blue. The vibrant gold trims, deep blue lacquer, and mesmerizing reflective effect ensure a distinct elegance and originality.


Of course, you should browse the selection for yourself because there are more than 20 designs on sale. With colors ranging from fire engine red to deep sea blue, there is sure to be a pen for you.

The Montblanc Masterpiece

Meisterstuck, German for masterpiece.  “Masterpiece in modern usage refers to a creation that has been given much critical praise, especially one that is considered the greatest work of a person’s career or to a work of outstanding creativity, skill or workmanship.” Undisputed, the Montblanc Meisterstuck Pen is well deserving of its name!

First developed in 1924 by Montblanc, these pens have continued to represent the best Montblanc has to offer, making these pens a favorite amongst pen officiates all over the world.  The classic styling, the use of higher quality materials including black resin, gold, platinum, and silver as well as the pens smooth writing capability all contribute to these pens’ well-deserved name. In fact “the Montblanc Meisterstück 149 fountain pen is considered one of the best-known and most famous writing instruments of our time.”


Meisterstuck, German for masterpiece………. Experience the Meisterstuck that is Montblanc!

The New Cross C-Series: Pen or Sports Car?

Car enthusiasts, get ready. Cross released a new collection, the C-Series, modeled after sports cars. The collection features fountain and rollerball pens in your choice of blue, champagne and black, with the black coming in two finishes.Image result for cross pens c-series 2010

The body of the pen is inspired by sports cars while the appointments are designed to reflect lug nuts. The fountain pens are equipped with a twist off cap and a rubberized grip section for optimal comfort. To top it all off, the pen is finished with an 18 karat gold nib with rhodium plating.Image result for cross pens c-series 2010

The rollerballs use a twist to engage the pen, and the capless design makes for a high tech look. As with the fountain pen, the body brings to mind a sports car, and the appointments scream lug nuts. The pen takes either gel ink or jumbo ballpoint refills, and both are included with your purchase.

I know you’ve been eying that new Audi A5 and that Infiniti G37, but who has the money for them these days? The new Cross C-Series is a great alternative, and the price won’t give you that pit in your stomach…or wallet.

Namiki’s Vanishing Point: Newer, Sleeker and Better Than Ever

The vanishing point. Nope, not as in the movie or part of a painting. I’m talking Namiki. The vanishing point is one of the brand’s most famous pens, and they’ve vamped it up to go with modern times.


The collection is now bigger and better and available in a fountain pen or ballpoint pen. The fountain pen is larger, but the durable metal body and attractive appointments still keep the pen looking unique. You have the choice of an 18 carat gold fine, medium or broad nib, along with a vast array of deep and rich color finishes. All combinations are completed with rhodium accents to make the look sleek and contemporary.

While all the colors that the pens come in are beautiful, one in particular stands out as particularly new and eye-catching; it’s black, but the middle of the pen looks almost splatter painted in all sorts of fun colors. There are little tiny spurts of blue, pink, yellow and green paint that looks like either spin art or a picture of a starry and clear night sky. I would definitely go with this one if you’re looking for something new and different.

Namiki’s new design also comes in a retractable ballpoint pen that boasts many similar features to the fountain pen. However, the body of the ballpoint is slimmer than the fountain pen, and can be yours in either blue or gun-metal. As with the fountain pen, the ballpoints are finished with rhodium accents to ensure the same modern, clean and classy look you’d expect from these Japanese artists.

One thing is for sure: Namiki is here to stay, and the vanishing point is proof of that. Check them out at Executive Essentials!

The New Serenite d’Art Collection from Waterman Pens

Throughout its long history, established in 1884, Waterman has produced a wide selection of the highest quality pens in a broad range of prices. In 2010, Waterman continues as a major player in the 21st Century pen market, with the creation of the Serenite d’Art Collection, by pushing through the boundaries and producing some of the most beautiful pens in the industry today.

60601304c82b81377e11c655eab8170e.jpgThe Serenite d’Art Collection, inspired by Water, Air, Earth and Fire, combines the finest materials with the creative vision of a modern artist. The curved bodies, the unique textures, the splendid colors and the breathtaking designs merge into true masterpieces that are extremely pleasing to the eye yet highly functional. How often does that happen in the art world?

Gorgeous hues of blue, red, silver and black and the unique designs encompassing Mother Nature at her strongest, is sure to please the ever evolving needs and desires of today’s sophisticated pen collector.  Waterman’s Serenite d’Art has hit the mark, combining art and the art of fine pen making!

Image result for Serenite dArt Collection WatermanWhile the Serenite d’Art Collection is superb, those looking for a more moderate price point, check out the enormously popular Waterman Carene, Perspective and Exception collections.  With the same Waterman eye for detail, these collections offer an elegant gift at a much more affordable price.

Waterman has changed the face of the modern pen; for a unique gift this holiday season choose Waterman, now available at Executive Essentials!

Krone Pens

When you think of collecting, pens are probably not the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, you, like most people are more prone to losing pens than to collecting them. But we’re not just talking about pens you steal from the bank or borrow from a friend during class. We’re talking about Krone Pens. These fountain pens each have their own limited edition theme, from one embedded with Abraham Lincoln’s DNA to ones containing actual T-Rex bones.

Krone T-Rex Pen

Every edition of their iconic pen is connected to a piece of history, making them great presents for writers or history buffs alike, or great in the collection of a Civil War enthusiast, all the way to the marine biologist. Because whether you or one of your loved ones is the collector, they have a pen that will fit into that collection.

These are not just intended to be pieces of history, they are intended to be statements. They should mean something special to the owner, outside of simply being a writing implement. Their motto is, after all, “A Krone Pen is more than just a pen.” The president of the company, Robert Kronenberg, himself is a collector of vintage pens and the documents written with these important pens. This is pretty obvious in the pens he designs. Because so much design and theory work go into each and every single pen, it can take up to two years from inception to manufacture.

It is obvious that a lot of work goes into these pens. Components of each pen are outsourced to the best metal workers, jewelers, carvers, and painters so that the finished and assembled product is the best possible pen. But just because they are meticulously crafted and constructed does not mean that they cannot be used on a day-to-day basis.

Krone Monarch Fountain Pen

Because the pens you pick for your collection are an expression of you, they need to be used in order to truly make use of their unique styling. What good is a Winston Churchill-themed pen, complete with a piece of his personal cigar, of you don’t use it sign your checks and letters?


A lot of things you collect can never be used; stamps, for example. If you use your stamp collection for their intended purpose, your collection shrinks. But when you use your pen collection, they just become more valuable.


Krone Molten Rollerball Pen

Pens have long been a symbol of creativity, and the saying “the pen is mightier than the sword,” is not just an old adage. They are signets of wisdom and sophistication. Krone pens embody not only their specific theme, but also hark back to the glory days of writing, when each letter, word, and sentence was crafted by hand. In tribute to that, every single pen is crafted by hand, just the way they were a century ago.


It is not just the bit of Winston Churchill’s cigar or a piece of a tree planted by William Shakespeare that makes these pens great, it is the craftsmanship and versatility. So come on over to the Executive Essentials online pen catalog and see if we have something in the Krone line for you or a friend.

Balzac Pens

What do Charles Dickens, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Marcel Proust, Henry James, Edgar Allen Poe, William Faulkner and Jack Kerouac all have in common? They were all influenced by a French novelist and playwright named Honore de Balzac.

Born in 1799 and known as one of the founders of realism in literature, Balzac had a profound influence on writers throughout the ages. He was a man who made observations of society and reflected those observations back onto the page with an unfiltered, honest view. This independent thinking brought with it trouble for Balzac, who had a hard time getting through school and later found trouble in all types of business he tried to conduct including being a printer, a businessman, a critic and a politician. It was only when he wrote that he knew he had found his calling.

In his early years as a writer, Balzac tried his hand at a few novels, a libretto for a comic opera called Le Corsaire and even wrote a few acts for some plays. But, real success didn’t come until he began to write potboilers –novels that were written on scandalous subjects and meant to increase the interest of the reader. These types of novels sold quickly and Balzac completed nine of them in very little time – each selling as well as the next.

Montblanc Honore De Balzac Fountain Pen


But, the classic potboiler held little interest to Balzac and he quickly moved onto a gigantic series of books that would tell the tales of society from all angles. This series would become La Comedie Humaine and it would include every novel he ever wrote under his own name. From this time on he writes novel after novel, but never feels great literary success until he pens Eugenie Grandet, a best-selling novel about a young woman who inherits her father’s sensibilities about the world. Written simply, the novel is a true-to-life portrait of a certain person in a certain time.

To honor this great French writer, Montblanc has created the Limited Edition Honore De Balzac pen. Limited to 10,000 fountain pens the Rhodium-plated-gold nib has Balzac’s initials lasered onto it. Made from precious black resin, the entire pen is done up in the style of French society in the 19th century. The main body of the pen is crafted in a warm gray lacquer with a guilloché refinement, portraying the cutaway trousers worn by gentlemen. The Clip is embellished with turquoise lacquering on its top symbolizing the author’s richly decorated walking cane. To round it off, Balzac’s signature decorates the cap. A truly unique, splendid writing instrument.

You can read the works of Balzac to gain inspiration, or you could purchase this pen from Executive Essentials and let it be inspiration enough.