Top 10 Graduation Gifts

When I was in college, my roommates & I loved to end our long day of studies by watching Late Night with David Letterman, and our favorite part of the show……Dave’s Top Ten List.

With Graduation fast approaching, now is the perfect time to make Executive Essentials very own Top Ten List to help our many customers find the perfect graduation gift for their sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren.

Executive Essentials Top 10 Best Selling Graduation Gifts:

10. Business Card Holder: Jac Zagoory Atlas Business Card HolderLarge Buckle- Flap Backpack;

9. Leather Backpack: Piel Leather Large Buckle- Flap Backpack

8. Leather Duffel:

For WomenClava Leather Nantucket Duffel

For MenDavid King Leather Two Pocket Duffel Bag

7. Monogrammed Leather Padfolio: Bosca Nappa Leather Letter Pad Black

6.   Monogrammed Leather Wallet:Letter Pad Black Nappa Leather;

For WomenBosca Nappa Leather Slim Credit Card Case

For Men:  Johnston & Murphy Leather Slimfold Wallet

5. Leather Handbag:

For WomenLodis Women’s Business & Casual Totes
For MenScully Leather Man Bag BlackCross ATX Ballpoint Pen Medalist;

4. Leather Messenger Bag: Kenneth Cole Leather Messenger Bag

3. Laptop Briefcase:

For WomenJack Georges Milano Collection Madison Avenue Tote
For Men: Sante Fe Vaquetta Leather TSA Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag

2. Engraved Pen: Cross ATX Ballpoint Pen Medalist

And the #1 Top Selling Graduation Gift……….(drum roll please)

1. Engraved Montblanc Meisterstuck Classique Ballpoint Pen

Executive Essentials is the ideal place to shop for today’s finest graduation gifts, check them out today!

Fashion Benefits Gulf Oil Spill Animal Victims

Nylon French Market Tote;Hadaki is known for its fun, original and affordable bags. There are totes, shoulder bags, messenger bags, weekend travel bags and many more types. Each size comes in a variety of popular colors and designs, and now the proceeds will help more than just the company.

Hadaki announced that 10 percent of all June sales will go directly to the Audubon Nature Institute’s Wildlife Rescue Program to help the animals affected by the recent devastating Gulf oil spill. There are countless numbers of animals in grave danger because of the spill, and the number continues to grow. Audubon is doing everything they can to help all the victims, and now you can help, too.

Image result for gulf oil spill animals being helpedThe Audubon Nature Institute is a Louisiana based not-for-profit organization composed of nine major museums and parks all dedicated to the education and survival of nature. Audubon is on the forefront of helping the victims of the Gulf oil spill, and many companies, like Hadaki, are developing partnerships with Audubon to help the animals. It’s a great way to help our community, and look great while doing it.

Do your part in helping the animals affected by the oil spill by buying one of Hadaki’s great bags!

Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Image result for Grand Band money clipStill stuck on what to get dad for Father’s Day? I’ve got an idea for you.

Try a Grand Band money clip. They come in your choice of stainless steel or sterling silver, and there are eight different designs to choose from. Most plates can be engraved so you can make sure that your gift is personal, original and meaningful.

31dlkcziwpljpg204ec19a-4634-457f-8d93-6d9ad6ad4af9-e1501703715904.jpgWhether Dad is a golfer, banker, teacher, doctor or anything else, he still needs something to hold his cash, credit or business cards together. The Grand Band is the perfect accessory to hold everything. Wallets can sometimes be bulky to carry around in your pocket all day long, so the Grand Band is a sleek new alternative to the wallet.


Make your Desk Stand Out

Have you ever thought about what makes a desk a desk? You know what I mean? I know you’ve walked into an office, and have had your eyes pop open because the desk looked so dignified and sharp. So, what is it that makes it look like that? No, it’s not just the type of wood used or the color of the finish; it’s the desk accessories. We have tons to choose from, and they’re sure to make your desk stand out.

Desk Set Stainless;Pen holders, desk pads and bookends are all great additions to any desk that won’t overpower the room. They will subtly provide you with an extra touch of class and elegance that many desks lack. For example, you might like the snake pen holder. This one is unique; it is hand sculpted to make every detail of this snake from the contours of its scaly skin to its pointy front teeth look genuine. You might like more of a classic look, and for that, I would recommend the duo pen holder and name plate. The base of this holder is solid cherry wood with sleek chrome appointments. There are two placeholders to ensure that guests to your desk know they can use one of the pens in the stand and know who are you because you can personalize a nameplate in between the two holders.

Bulova Arcade Aluminum Clock;Bookends are another understated way to jazz up your desk. Every good desk needs some books, and books need to be contained so they don’t look messy. Solution? The bookend. You can choose from something that represents your profession like Lady Justice with her balanced scales or the medical symbol engraved into solid marble. Whatever your taste, there is something to complement it.

Finally, desk pads are a great way to pull it all together. Maybe your pencil and business card cases are brown leather. Why not add in the brown leather desk pad to make it all cohesive. Trust me, these small accessories will make a big difference on your desk. Check them out at Executive Essentials!

Top Ten Corporate Gifts Under $100

Century II Ballpoint Pen Medalist;The 2010 holiday season will soon be upon us and many companies are searching for the perfect gifts to thank their hardworking employees, while still keeping an eye on the all important bottom line. Executive Essentials is the perfect place for corporate gift orders, due to their volume discounts; monogramming, screen printing, and embroidery capabilities; practice of providing samples upon request; and wide selection of quality products for business personnel, with pricing to fit a 2010 budget.

Top companies that have already chosen Executive Essentials for their corporate gift giving include McDonalds, Phillip Morris, United Airlines, Motorola, Proctor & Gamble and more.

Top Ten Corporate Gifts under $100 include:

  1. Bosca Nappa Leather Letter Pad Black
  2. Cross Century II Ballpoint Pen Medalist
  3. Tumi Meridian Slim Card Case Black
  4. Bey Berk Small Globe On BaseColombian Leather Single Compartment 13” Slim Laptop Portfolio - Black;
  5. Parker Sonnet Rollerball Pen Stainless Steel GT
  6. Movado Crystal Sphere Clock
  7. Kenneth Cole Briefcases – Leather What’s The Bag Idea Computer Messenger Bag
  8. Bey Berk Bull Pen Holder
  9. Andrew Philips Leather To-do Flip Pad Black
  10. Johnston & Murphy Dividends Collection Passport Holder

Remember personalizing with monogramming and engraving can make all the difference! Contact Executive Essentials today!

Top 10 Gifts for Executives and Professionals in 2010

  1. Meisterstuck Classique Ballpoint Pen Black & Gold;Montblanc Meisterstuck Classique Ballpoint Pen Black & Gold
  2. Bey Berk Lady Justice Sculpture
  3. Movado Rotating Aluminum Desk Cube
  4. Bosca Old Leather Collection All Leather Pad Cover
  5. Bey Berk Medical Bookends
  6. Mulholland Brothers Endurance Collection Two Bottle Wine Carrier
  7. Cross Townsend Ballpoint Pen Black
  8. Bey Berk Hand Holding Ball
  9. Bey Berk Bull And Bear Head Bookends
  10. Bulva Vintage Wood & Glass ClockImage result for Bulova Vintage Wood & Glass Clock

Namiki Pens

What first comes to mind when thinking about Japan? For me it used to be Japanese food of course, because I love to eat! However, now that I am immersed in the world of pens, it would have to be  Namiki Pens, manufacturer of the most beautiful pens in the world.

Nippon Art Fountain Pen Golden Pheasant;
Namiki Golden Pheasant Fountain Pen

The Namiki Pens celebrate Japanese art!  Japanese art has a long diverse history just like the Japanese people themselves. Over many centuries…… religions, wars, invasions and emperors have all contributed to the development of the vast collection of Japanese art that we are privileged to enjoy today and Namiki continues that tradition!

Namiki Pens are unique, beautifully designed, luxurious writing instruments, works of art in their own right.

Some of the best-selling Namiki Pens include the Namiki Vanishing Point Fountain Pen in Blue and Silver and the Namiki Nippon Art Rollerball Pen Golden Pheasant:

When I look at the Namiki Golden Pheasant I think of beautiful Japanese paintings, furniture and sculpture.  Not only are you getting a flawless writing instrument you are getting a thousand years of Japanese culture wrapped into one exquisite pen!

Namiki Vanishing Point Fountain Pen

While there are many fine Japanese restaurants to choose from when you’re craving Sushi, Fried Rice or Tempura ……there is only one choice when purchasing a fine Japanese writing instrument….and that is Namiki!