Graduation Gift Ideas: Literature and Creative Writing

Not to state the obvious, but today is the last day of April. That means that tomorrow is the 1st day of May. And May is graduation month all around the country. This is an exciting time for those who are graduating from college and equally as exciting for those of us who know someone graduating. It means that when we call and ask that person to go with us to $1 Sushi night downtown, they can finally say ‘yes’, instead of, ‘I have to write a 10 page paper on the global, socioeconomic effects of the song Friday, by Rebecca Black, on the Eastern European import of lamb’s wool to the United States.’ If you know someone that is graduating then you of this paper that I speak.

Regardless, this year don’t just get a good graduation gift, get a great graduation gift. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been discussing the types and styles of pens that would go well with certain personalities and college majors. So far we’ve tackled Science, History, and Business. Today, I wanted to pick out my top 5 graduation pen gifts for Literature and Creative Writing Majors.  So without further adieu…

Montblanc Mark Twain Fountain Pen


There are many great American writers, but few enjoy such a large audience as Samual Langhorne Clemens or as he was better known—Mark Twain.  Twain was a man of wit and satire, an author and a humorist that wove plain characters into intricate stories with expert precision and intent that revolved around his birthplace of the deep south. The Montblanc Mark Twain Fountain Pen is a writing instrument inspired by the river that had a lasting influence on Twain and his work: The sinuous curving lines on cap and barrel, made of deep-blue precious resin, reflect the shallow waves of the river. The top of the cap is shaped to resemble the Mississippi steamboat chimneys, whose steam is illustrated by ivory-coloured precious resin.  This pen is a perfect gift for that creative writer that can use humor to illustrate the foibles and triumphs of mankind.

mv_wd82805-monteverde-walt-disney-signature-fantasia-blue-agate-rb-01Monteverde Walt Disney Fantasia Collection Rollerball Pen

Walt Disney, the man, not the monolithic entertainment organization, had an absolute firm grasp on the story and character development. He understood the power and thrill of fantasy and dreams and how to reach into ours to make them come true. It’s been 70 years since Fantasia received two honorary Academy Awards for outstanding contribution to the advancement of the use of sound in motion pictures and unique achievement in the creation of a new form of visualized music. But what’s more, it’s been 70 years of wonderful stories and dreams come true. Like the film, the Monteverde Walt Disney Fantasia Rollerball pen’s design is meant to inspire the untapped creativity within us all and is the perfect pen for those writers inspired to capture their dreams.

Tarzan Limited Edition Rollerball Pen;Krone Tarzan Limited Edition Rollerball Pen

The Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan pen from Krone Pens honors one of the greatest fiction writers of all time with this outstanding, handcrafted writing instrument. The cap is meticulously hand-painted with a leopard design while jungle vines are three-dimensionally sculpted around the bronze clip. There are two bands at the base of the cap; one in African Wenge wood and the other in bronze engraved with Edgar Rice Burrough’s signature. Hand painted in rich vintage color, the barrel depicts the infamous scene of Tarzan swinging through the jungle carrying Jane under one arm. This pen captures the essence of adventure writing and speaks to those that would dare set us on great adventures with their mind.

Visconti Homo Sapiens Lava Fountain Pen

Image result for Visconti Homo Sapiens Lava Fountain PenAll writing draws from the emotions, knowledge, and condition of one species: Home Sapiens. Writing is a way for the human race to express desires and confusions, to chase dreams, confront demons and make sense of this wild ride we call life. The Homo Sapiens Lava Fountain Pen by Visconti is made of a material nearly as unique as the human condition; lava from the Etna volcano. Made of this rare material, the pen has characteristics that render it unbreakable, flameproof and slightly hygroscopic (the ability to extract moisture from the air).

Don Quijote Fountain Pen;Delta Don Quijote Fountain Pen

The year 2005 celebrated the 400th anniversary of the publication of “Don Quijote de la Mancha”, a novel that is by far the most well known Spanish literary piece ever written. Delta Pens celebrates this influential piece of literature with the Don Quijote limited edition. The pens are made from a special red hand turned resin and the barrel features an expertly crafted etching of Don Quijote’s memorable adventures. A sterling silver trim and lance shaped clip add the final touches. The fountain pens are an 18 karat gold nib with a depiction of a characteristic element of the Don Quijote story. What makes these pens even rarer is that there are only 1605 Fountain Pens in this edition.

And that is the run-down of my top five picks for literature and creative writing majors. There are much more to choose from in the Executive Essentials catalog. Take some time to browse the site and see if you can find a pen that fits the graduate in your life.

Graduation Gift Ideas 2011: The Other Majors

College graduation presents are on everyone’s mind right now and for good reason. Graduation in most areas of the country is in a few weeks. As students scramble to finish up long ignored final papers and try to figure out how to patch that hole in the wall or finally get that (insert food item here) out of the carpet the rest of us tagging along in their lives are trying to find the best graduation gift. There is a multitude of possibilities out there and frankly, the easiest is cash. But, what is easy doesn’t always do a good job of representing how proud we are of them and doesn’t nearly convey the good wishes we want to send their way. Finding a graduation present that says something and can be cherished for years to come will beat out money any day of the week.

We know, from years of experience that fine writing instruments make great gifts for college graduations. In fact, a fine, executive pen is a great way to start a freshly minted graduates career. With that in mind, we have set our sights on revealing some of our favorite pens here at Executive Essentials. In recent blogs, I tackled Science, History, Law, Medical, and English degrees. Today, as one of the last blog posts on the issue I’m going to jump around a bit and pick 5 of my favorite pens for different degrees. Let’s get started.

Nursing Graduation Gift Pen — Lamy Studio Ballpoint Pen in Black

Image result for Lamy Studio Ballpoint Pen in Black

Nursing is a profession that dates back to the fifth century B.C. when Hippocrates became, “the father of modern medicine.” Over the centuries, the profession has grown and changed, but the people who practice have not. It takes a dedicated, smart, caring person with a superhuman ability to multi-task and pay attention to be an effective nurse.  Focus and concentration are vital when dealing with multiple patients and their treatments while juggling the emotional dilemmas involved with the opinions of families, doctors and other co-workers. For these hard working folks, I’d suggest the Lamy Studio Ballpoint Pen in Black.

Nurses are on the go and they need a pen that can move with them. A ballpoint is durable and functional, easy to take out and put away. This twist pen makes it easy to jot quick notes while on the go. The clip is specially designed for, well, clipping to your pocket faster and easier than other narrow, tight clips. And, overall, the pen has a great shape with an excellent matte finish. Function and looks.

Music Major Graduation Gift Pen — Visconti Opera Rollerball Pen


Music majors have a deep understanding of how music works in ways that can have us standing on our feet chanting in joy, or sobbing into our pillows morning the end of the world. In all the types and forms of music, the oft misunderstood opera is by far one of the most complex and glorious expressions of vocal and instrument arrangements created. The intricate symphonic scores, interwoven into vocal storylines filled with passion, betrayal, love, and hate have churned the souls of listeners for hundreds of years. The best pen for that music major graduate in your life is the Visconti Opera Rollerball Pen.

This Visconti Opera Pen is a distinguished black tie affair made out of richly vivid resins. Like the musical operas, this pen has a depth of character that is subtle, yet bold. The banded silver cap gives it a sense of playfulness and breaks up the otherwise monotone exterior.  It’s a pen that won’t distract the user from writing the next big number.

Religious Studies Major — Visconti Christian Bible Fountain Pen Vermeil


The study of religion is more than Sunday sermons and interpretations of thousand-year-old languages. It’s the immersion into a culture and a way of life that has long since evaporated, yet remains in an evolved and powerful belief system.  It is the study of politics, culture, humanity, and compassion. And although there are many religions in the world, what better way to commemorate a Religious Studies Major than with a pen that symbolizes one of the most prominent religions in the world.

The Visconti Christian Bible Fountain Pen has a sepia Scrimshaw with New Testament scenes of Jesus Christ’s life on the cap and Old Testament parables on the barrel.  The scrimshaw is painted with aerograph technique by Claudio Mazzi. This limited edition has only 99 pieces. The barrel is made of an ivory colored resin. The nib is made out of 18-carat gold with an ivory feeder.

Architects and Engineers — Caran d’Ache Metal X Mechanical Pencil


Pens, Pens Pens – you’d think that was all we cared about at Executive Essentials. Well, it’s not true. There are a great many pencils floating around the site catalog, although they are fewer in number. When I think of pencils, I think of architects and engineers. These two professions do a lot of scribbling and scratching, theorizing and testing. I’ve noticed that both of these groups seem to attach their hand directly to an inner part of their brain that circumvents consciousness.  They invent and draw from a realm of thought that defies intent. Miracles of structure and science can spring forth from this reservoir of creative mastery, but so can mistakes.

This Caran d’Ache Mechanical Pencil is the perfect pen for them to channel that creative energy though.  Made in Switzerland, it has an aluminum body that is durable and lightweight. The color of the pen is done by electrostatic powdering which makes it wear resistant. This mechanical pencil has an eraser and spare supply of leads, with a diameter of 0.7 mm, integrated at the back of the pencil. The eraser and leads are accessible by removing the pushbutton.

Engraved Graduation Gift Pens

My last suggestion to you isn’t a single pen, but rather a group of pens; engraved pens. There is a huge selection of great pens that you can have engraved with your graduate’s name and an inspirational message. This is a great way to personalize your gift and give them something that they can remember you by for years to come.  Take the time to check them out and you won’t be disappointed.

And that is all for now. I hope we have given you some college graduation gift ideas that you can use. And as always, please contact us or leave a comment if you have any questions at all about our pens or our service.

Avoiding the Pitfalls: A Graduation Pen Guide

Hey, folks! Guest blogger Tracy McCusker is back again. This time with some great suggestions for graduation gift pen ideas with a step by step outline of what to look for and a list of favorites at the end. Take a look.

The graduation season is upon us.  Big box stores are sprouting pyramids of seasonal pen sets.  Pen shops, usually empty but for pen connoisseurs, welcome the flocking parents & loved ones looking for the traditional graduation gift: a respectable and luxe pen to signify success and future professionalism.

images (1).jpgIn my opinion, pens make for the best graduation gifts for high-schoolers, college grads, professional school grads and beyond.  Pens are more practical than similarly-styled “executive” items like watches, journals/planners or silver-cast desk stands which in this day and age are style/status statements your graduate may not share. As a parent of a graduate, what looks professional or managerial to you may look outdated or stuffy to them. Luckily, pens can successfully bridge the style gap between “old-fashioned” and “stylish”. Even the most paperless adherent can use a good pen to prop up on their desk, or a pen/stylus to interface with paper and technology. A gift pen can embody any range of moods (restrained, luxurious, playful, flashy) that the gift-giver wishes to convey to their graduate.

Despite the burgeoning supply of pens at this time of year, buying a pen does not become appreciably easier during graduation season. The effusion of gift pens aimed directly at graduation gift shoppers if anything makes the choice harder. With these issues in mind, I have cribbed a short list of pitfalls that you should avoid to help you select the best pen possible for your grad. And because what guide would be worth their salt without some suggestions, I will give a few suggestions at the end of the article.

1. Don’t buy a fountain pen. Do buy a ballpoint or rollerball pen.

Sonnet Rollerball Pen Sterling Black & Silver GT
Parker Sonnet Rollerball Pen

If you read enough of this blog, you will know that I am the leading cheerleader for introducing writers to the joys of writing with a nib & ink. However, for a graduation gift, a fountain pen should be off the table. A fountain pen is an investment in time, money, and effort. Fountain pens require upkeep. They also have so many variables that relate to the nib & the writing style that the owner will need to keep in mind, you want to leave all of this baggage for a different purchase. For this purchase, give fountain pens a pass. If you see a fountain pen that has a style you can’t tear your eyes away from, consider buying the rollerball for your graduate instead.

2. Don’t shop by price. Do shop by form/function.

The biggest mistake I see when parents set foot in a pen shop for the first time is that they come in with a set budget (100, 200, whatever dollars) and ask to see pens at the maximum of that price range. Many will confidently exclaim to be taken to the most expensive pen in the store. This is a huge mistake! Not only will the most expensive pen be in the thousand dollar range (rather than the hundred dollar range), expensive does not automatically mean “better looking” or “better writing experience”. Instead, shop by the look and feel of the pen. Look at pens across a range of brands and prices. Try out a skinny Cross Century, a fat Waterman Expert against anything in the Montblanc line.

Image result for Waterman Expert
Waterman Expert Fountain Pen

If you are looking at pens in an online shop, there are usually guides that break pens by price and other categories (like unique pens or luxury pens). If you are using prices guides, make sure to look at more & less expensive ranges than what you’d ideally like to spend. You never know if the perfect gift may be more or less expensive than you imagine them to be.


Consider very closely what kind of function this pen will serve in the next few years. Will this pen be going to a high school grad who has years of note-taking and dorm-hopping ahead of him/her? Will this pen be going to a college graduate who is looking to go into high-status professional training for business or law? Will this pen be going with a college graduate out into the workforce? What kind of functions will be most useful for each of these scenarios?

3. Don’t buy a pen set. Do buy a single good pen.

Pen sets are aimed at graduate gift shoppers looking for a “dignified” pen at a low price. Although these pen sets appear to be nice to graduates who are used to using chewed-up Bics, pen sets are usually fairly cheap-looking affairs. They show their wear easily. While their prices might sway you into thinking that they are a good bargain, I am more wary of the fact that you are usually buying a second-tier brand (like Franklin Covey) that has put a mediocre (and rather bland) pen and pencil together. Pen sets that actually would be worth your money are generally expensive because they are two well-made pens (or pen and pencil) together. A good pen set could be hundreds of dollars more than you will be willing to spend.

Rather, a better use of your gift-buying dollars would be to research a single pen that has been well-engineered, and will still look classy years down the line. If you happen to find this pen in a pen set (Retro 51 has pen sets that are quite classy) and the price is right, then by all means.

4. Don’t buy a pen without seeing reviews.

Image result for good reviewsBuying a pen online can be a tricky affair. Pens that appear fat/large/heavy online may turn out to be thin/small/light in person. Even experienced pen buyers can be surprised. A case in point: I have been buying pens for more than twelve years. When I picked up the Cross Sauvage for the first time in a pen shop, it was surprisingly light and small in my hand. I was, honestly, disappointed by it. I expected heavier and flashier, as most Cross pens fall on the extremes of thin/feather-weight or thick/lead-weight.
If you can, make a trip to a pen shop to view, hold, and compare pens. If a pen shop visit is out of the question, then look for pen reviews that compare the pen’s size and comments on its weight. Or, if you are dealing with an independent seller, ask questions about its feel/size compared to an average hand.

5. Don’t buy a pen whose refills will be impossible to find.

This “don’t” has become less important with time, now that online pen shops offer the ease of refill purchases for most to all of the major manufacturers. It is still a truism that Cross, Parker, Waterman and Montblanc refills are the easiest to find in big box retailers like Staples. Other pen manufacturer refills may be harder to lay hands on. One of the important things to check is what kind of refills are used by the pen. Some second-tier pen brands use Cross refills (as they are actually manufactured by Cross for the mass market but put under a different brand to not tarnish the “luxury” Cross brand).  Certain brands of luxury pens like Libelle and Monteverde are compatible with Parker refills, and can easily be refilled.

Ballpoint Refill 2 Pack;
Montblanc Ballpoint Refill 2 Pack

But some brands that might be found at vintage pen sellers, or from second-hand retailers may be nearly impossible to track down. A vintage Cross may not be refillable with modern refills. Recife, a French pen brand that does not sell pens in the United States, refills are as common as unicorns. Handmade pens may have similar difficulty—unless the pen maker specifies what kind of refill he or she bases their pens on. Be very wary of “no-name” brands. If you don’t know what a no-name brand might be, do a quick Google search on it.

6. Don’t buy a pen that will be good for one circumstance.  Do look for a pen that will be at home in a range of circumstances.

A “one circumstance” kind of pen is a pen that is usually bright, colorfully, and “moody”—maybe it’s a good note-taker, but it doesn’t look particularly attractive. Or it’s beautiful enough to put on a pedestal but not practical enough to use. Or maybe it’s made from a novelty material (sewed-up leather, chain mail) that only the recipient can appreciate, but isn’t interested in using it in public. A good graduation pen will be one that will be functional for a variety of circumstances: taking it to an interview, using it to take notes, admired on a desk and in their hand.

This is a high order for a single pen to fulfill. It’s one of the reasons that graduation pen sets all start to look the same. A pen that can be used across a range of circumstances usually has a fairly restrained style: a lacquer body, a classic pen profile, chrome or gold appointments. Although I will normally advocate pens that off the beaten path, a graduation pen can be both classically beautiful and fairly unique.

7. Do consider one of the following pens.

This list is by no means extensive. How could it be? Your graduate will have his or her own sense of style, and practical needs. Do take these into account when selecting a pen. But ultimately, remember, the choice is up to you. Nothing is more surprising and rewarding than a well-thought-out gift.

Tombow Object
. Good for note taking. Can stand up to abuse. Colorful yet restrained with good lines. Catches the eye with its clean, modern design. It is not a luxury pen. Its silhouette recommends a person that is more interested in design, functionality, practicality than an unnecessary luxury.

Image result for tombow object pen

Tombow Ultra. Good for note taking. A step above the Tombow Object in terms of price. With its chrome body, it has more of the classic pen look/feel to it. However, it is clearly not a luxury pen. It appeals to someone who is interested in a pen built to last.


Waterford Pallas. Luxury styling. Fairly fat lines for a wide grip on the pen. Does not look like your average set pen. Available in a wide array of colors, from the tuxedo look of black/chrome to Tortoise shell celluloid patterns. (Currently over 50 percent off in the EE catalog)

Image result for waterford pallas

Waterford Metro. The clip offers interest on this doughty pen, offered in “classic” Cross colors, like the fighter (silver body with gold appointments), and the black/chrome, blue/chrome combos. The blue/chrome is one of the most attractive of the line. (currently 20 percent off in the EE catalog)

Waterford Marquis Metro Ballpoint Chrome and Gold

Cross ATX. My personal choice of graduation pen. I’ve given at least ten of these away to friends over the years. Cross is easy to refill, well-manufactured, able to stand up to decades of abuse. They look classic in any situation.

Image result for Cross ATX

Delta Vintage. A classy, luxury pen that can be found for under a hundred dollars (for the ballpoint). It has a gorgeous marbled depth that would be at home in the hands of someone that wants to project confidence, taste, and power. (Currently over 20 percent off in the EE catalog)

Image result for delta vintage

Visconti Rembrandt. A luxury pen that clocks in around 150 dollars. Their arched clip is distinctive and sets them apart from the field. A Visconti is impossible to forget. The subtle resin in the Rembrandt means that it is a touch playful, even as its styling is at home in the most professional of settings.

Image result for visconti rembrandt

I also recommend that you browse around this blog, which has buying advice aimed at other situations but may still yield good recommendations. Check out my previous gift buying guides for Christmas. Just keep in mind that a graduation pen has a different kind of weight attached to it—a quiet dignity, a sense of pride and hard work. A gravitas. Failing that, you could always buy your graduate an Acme pen shaped like a No. 2 pencil.

The Graduate Guide To Losing Pens

You can’t believe it. The black robe chafes as you walk up to the podium. The Dean doesn’t smile.  He shakes hands and gives you a placeholder diploma. A small wave to the attendees fanning themselves with the program. You’ve done it. Graduation!

After the ceremony, you are handed a small package. Your folks look on eagerly. It is traditional to receive small gifts at graduation, so you aren’t surprised. You shake it. A muffled rattle. It doesn’t sound like a new phone. As you unwrap it, a pang of anxiety strikes. The sleek outer box bears a vaguely recognizable European name. The case snaps open. Your fears are confirmed: it’s a gift pen from your folks.

Image result for graduation capPens are a time-honored gift for new graduates. Especially since the pen can signify nearly anything: a sliver of luxury to predict future success; a whimsical look back on your four (or more) years of hard work; a pretty piece of practical jewelry. The graduation pen is normally a sober, tasteful piece meant to look good in your new high-powered career. Or at least to look tasteful as you’re filling out applications.  Chances are astronomically high that the graduation pen will be the most expensive pen you ever own.

And you couldn’t be more scared.

For those of you receiving the gift pen, remember to take a deep breath, and thank the gift giver. Even if you primarily use a word-processor or text notes on phone (in which case, the pen might be a pen/stylus hybrid), the pen deserves to be acknowledged respectfully. Take it out of the case. Weigh it in your hand. Swipe it across a sheet of paper a few times. Sign your name. Return it to its box. Worst-case scenario: if the pen is a highly polished chrome, it may smudge (not as badly as an iPhone screen).

Now that you are a proud owner of a new graduation pen, there’s also a time-honored set of responses–namely: to lose the pen. There are many different ways to lose your new pen. But before you settle on which way to lose your pen, be sure to read the entire list and consider the upsides and downsides to each option.

Never Take It Out of the Box

tpc951501.jpgThe most popular option with graduation pens is to hide the re-boxed pen in a drawer. Ostensibly this is to keep the pen safe. Some excuses are more elaborate and well-meaning (“I want to write my first novel with it! Nothing else will suffice!”). In the end, the pen stays in the box inside of the drawer. The box may gather dust, only to be found years later when you are preparing to move. Even though it has been in your desk drawer, the pen is essentially lost because you derive no value from it. The upside is that this pen can be regifted. The downside is that you miss out on using a fantastic pen for years.

Pens with a value of greater than 50 dollars tend to fall into this trap more often than others.

Leave It At The First Interview.

The runner-up option is to save the pen for your first big “event” for a (potential) employer. It is likely to be an interview, though sometimes the pen may survive to the first meeting for new hires. The pen, as your status symbol of hard work and projected success, accompanies you to the interview. It is perhaps clipped to your jacket pocket or jangling around in your pocket with loose change. The interviewer asks you to sign an application. Or perhaps you get nervous and start fiddling with the pen. You get lost in the banter (interviewing is less terrifying than you thought!). After the final handshake, you leave the office… and the pen rests forlornly behind a nest of photographs on the interviewer’s desk.

Related imageChances of retrieving the pen are slim. If you are employed there, perhaps slightly higher than none. But the ease with which pens disappear into the maw of the workplace is about equal to the ease in which light slips into a black hole. You can only hope the pen ends up in a good home.

The pens most susceptible to this fate are the ones that look good in a work scenario. Many doughty CrossMontblanc, and Waterman pens have been lost in this fashion.

Pen Falls Prey to Curious Hands

The dark horse of the top three options is to the chain the pen to your desk. This chain can be metaphorical or literal depending on your taste for drilling holes into a luxury item. The pen is kept on the desk in reach, to be used to jot notes, write out weekly reviews, or sketch ideas for your next project. Whether you are at home or at the office, the main risk is having a sleek pen in the range of curious hands. These hands need not belong to another person (how many times have your Bics met a similar fate when you’ve wandered from the desk with the nubby plastic stick between your fingers?). The cooler, or sleeker, or less Bic-like the pen, the more likely it is to attract curious hands. Does your pen have a unique grip? Does it have a beautiful clip? Is it well-designed with crisp, flowing line like a luxury car? If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, curious hands are likely to seize upon the pen. From there it is a matter of absent-mindedly walking off with the pen-in-hand.

The pens most vulnerable to curious hands often come from LamyWaterford. Any large-gripped pen can be a target of curious hands. Large, heavy, and uncomfortable pens are notoriously hard to lose this way—but then you would likely choose another way to lose the pen if it were uncomfortable to you. The best solution is to have several cheaper, funky pens or tiny toys to draw curious hands away from the graduation pen.

Preventable Loss: Planner with a Pen Loop

Image result for journal with a pen loopOne of my favorite ways to lose a pen is to buy a planner (or journal) with a pen loop. Lodged in this harder-to-miss item, the pen is less likely to be lost. If the journal/planner is routinely carried in a larger bag, it’s even less likely to be lost. Yet all it takes is one careless lay-down-on-a-bus bench or a thoughtless day at a doctors’ office. Now you are down a journal and a pen. The upside is that journals have space to include and address and the recovery rate for missing journals is much higher than missing pens. (This is purely personal observation, but with over 50 missing pens and 2 missing journals—both of the journals (and their attached pens were returned. None of the lonesome pens ever found their way home.)

The pens best suited to this option are skinnier pens that can fit in pen loops and/or inside of a larger bag. Tombow and Retro 51 pens are quite attractive on a pen loop.

Preventable Loss: Pen Eaten by Hungry Chair Cushions

salema_chair_polo_slate_front.jpgThe last, and in my opinion, the best way to lose a pen. Supposing you are a regular writer and you do so in the comfort of your own home, the readiest way to lose pens is to drop one after you’ve finished writing. Maybe you knock it off the table with your elbow. Into the chair cushions, it goes! It is a little-known fact but chair cushions are incredibly ravenous. They will collect pens with impunity. Car seats, too. The trickiest part is that often you remember the pen being somewhere else, or having it at a place away from the chair cushion. Do not be fooled by such recollections and start any search for a lost pen in the vicinity of chairs. The upside of this method of losing pens is that the pen can often be recovered and lost over, and over, and over again. You can cherish the memories of frantically searching for your pen for years to come. It is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

The pens that most easily become lost in this fashion are pens that fit your comfort profile and you enjoy using on a daily or weekly basis. Any kind of pen can fit your writing style, though it is often pens under 100 dollars that are both comfortable to their user and don’t provoke ‘Never Take it Out of the Box’ behavior.

Give a Ferrari (Pen) for Graduation

The perfect gift is hard to find. It’s more rare than true love, but once you find it, whomever you give it to will never let it go. With the advent of the internet, you would think that finding the perfect gift would be easier.  There are millions of gift ideas out there in the ether just waiting for a credit card. Blog posts with information helping you find the right gift for the right person.  So why is it December 19th and many people still have shopping to do? Because, matching gifts to the personality of your receiver isn’t a product of science. You can’t use a formula to arrive at your answer. And, it can’t be accomplished by exhaustively searching the internet sales. It comes from inspiration and from reading blog posts like the one you are on right now.

Sheaffer and Scuderia Ferrari present the official licensed Ferrari pens.

Obviously, we at Executive Essentials, feel our online catalog of fine pens is the pot at the end of the rainbow when it comes to gift ideas. Pens have personalities and it’s up to you to find one that matches that special someone on your list. Although we will list a number of great pens over the next few days, we especially are excited about offering you the opportunity to give your friends and family something that will bring a smile to their face. This year, give them a Ferrari!

The Ferrari car, created by Italian engineer Enzo Ferrari in 1929, is a symbol of wealth and luxury. It is a culmination of speed, engineering, science and inspiration. Since the birth of this gorgeousvehicle, people have held it to a higher standard and sought it out, hoping that the prestige within the car would somehow rub off on them. And, it often does. As road cars they turn heads whether on the highway or city streets and as race cars they have proven to be winners with an excellent history and track record.

Purchasing a real Ferrari car might be a little out of your price range, but purchasing one of the new Ferrari Pens by Sheaffer is possibly right within what you are willing to pay. Sheaffer and Scuderia Ferrari present the official licensed Ferrari pens. These pens embody values and characteristics synonymous with that of the Ferrari cars throughout history. The Ferrari pen collection features passion and identifiable designs combined with the high quality craftsmanship for which Sheaffer is known. The stainless steel Sheaffer nib on the fountain pen is beautifully styled, laying down a bold, wet line of ink. The red color of the barrel and cap is the same color that made Ferrari so successful and recognizable. To round out the pen, Ferrari has allowed the use of their emblem, which rests on the cap. A superb looking pen made by skilled craftsmen.

Take a look at these Sheaffer pens and more at the Executive Essentials Catalog and have a great holiday season.