Graduation Gifts 2011: Science Pens

Science is everywhere and yet a vast majority of folks tend to shy away from spending a great deal of time learning much about the laws of physics, the theory of relativity or the Copenhagen Interpretation. Not that I can blame them. The most science-y activity I’ve researched in the last few years was how to brew beer and really most of that came down to taste-testing. With that in mind though, we should really take the time to thank a graduate of a science program this year for taking on the task of learning all the minutia of how our universe works in order to make our world a more efficient effective and better place. And, a nice pen that speaks to their better qualities is a good start.

There are some really great pens on the Executive Essentials site that represent science in either name, look, feel or all of the above. Take a look at these five that I’ve selected for starters.

Image result for Acme Science RollerballAcme Science Rollerball

The writing tools of Acme Studios are created to commemorate the artistic achievements of the 20th century’s greatest contemporary artists, architects, and designers. This Acme Science Rollerball is made up of a high gloss peach colored resin decorated with Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. Not only was Da Vinci a great artist, but he was a great scientist-observer who created ideas for musical instruments, hydraulic pumps, reversible crank mechanisms, finned mortar shells, and even a steam cannon. This pen is great for that experimenter scientist.

Montblanc Starwalker

Space, they say, is the final frontier. With the shuttering of manned space flights into the foreseeable future, it’s important that we encourage the youth of today to keep looking up to the stars so that we can continue to learn more about the universe we live in. What’s more, many inventions that we use today stemmed from research coming from NASA scientists. I know that the Starwalker has nothing to do with space itself, but the name invokes the image of a person who’s an inquisitive, dreamer with a yearning to break boundaries.


Think Alla Moda Argyle Pen

To me, argyle most succinctly defines the history of the scientific profession in terms of fashion even more than a white lab coat. The sweet natured, sweater-vested scientist, festooned in argyle with unkempt hair is the go to the stereotype of cinema and TV. But, perhaps that’s just because I grew up in the 80’s? Regardless, this Think Alla Moda rollerball pen has a unique style with flamboyant color combinations which really make this pen the perfect writing tool for those that have a scientist’s eye for fashion.

119597583_amazoncom-krone-resonance-rollerball-pen-sorrento-office.jpgKrone Resonance Rollerball Pen

You know that when you are forced to hit up Wikipedia for the meaning behind a pens name that you’ve probably stumbled across some science. That was the case with the Krone Resonance. Krone is the name of the pen company that started in 1997 when it issued the unique and controversial Abraham Lincoln Limited Edition pen. What made this pen so unique was that it was embedded with the Civil War President’s DNA.  Yes, his DNA.  In addition, the term resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate with larger amplitude at some frequencies than at others. A great looking pen just waiting to help a young scientist release some of their potential energy.


Image result for FjaderI’ll be honest with you, I just happen to stumble across this pen and immediately loved it. It really has nothing to do with science at all. I mean, sure, I could talk about the shape of the feather and how it’s been used to help humankind create a myriad of inventions that have made life easier since we began to understand how they worked. But I’m not going to do that. Because what really struck me as science about it, was its futuristic appeal. Which of course brings to mind my favorite kind of science – science fiction.  Science fiction represents the best part of science. The dreamy part of science that makes our minds wander into thoughts of teleportation, faster than light travel, jet packs and healthy fast food. This pen is perfect for that visionary scientist in your life.

These are just a few of the many pens that Executive Essentials has in their store. There are much more for you to view. So take a look around and please, if you have any questions or need some information about a pen, just ask. We are happy to help.

Graduation Gifts 2011: History Pens

The graduation countdown continues at a fast pace as students work hard to finish their last papers and tests, all-the-while navigating the finalizing paperwork that comes with commencement. If you’ve been following us over the last few weeks you know that we have been slowly working our way through a fun and informational 2011 graduation gift guide. We know from years past that pens are a popular graduation gift. The problem that we’ve noticed is that people become overwhelmed with the quantity of pen styles that are available.

We’ve already talked about the three basic pen types: the rollerball, the ballpoint and the fountain pen and we’ve already touched on what types of pens we think would be great for that science major in your life. So today, we are going to talk a little bit about history. Specifically, what types of pens a history graduate would appreciate.

Visconti Declaration Of Independence Fountain Pen Silver

Image result for Visconti Declaration Of Independence Fountain Pen Silver

To scholars with an emphasis in American history, there is no greater historic moment than the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Here, Visconti uses their sophisticated scrimshaw technique to replicate the full text of the Declaration of Independence into the barrel of the pen. The writing is small, just large enough to be legible to the naked eye but still small enough to leave room to inscribe the Founding Fathers who drafted the act. A specially engraved magnifying glass is included with each pen to pay closer attention to the intricate details.

Delta Israel 60 Year Limited Edition Rollerball Pen

Image result for Delta Israel 60 Year Limited Edition Rollerball Pen

The Middle East’s constant struggle to resolve its myriad number of conflicts often overshadows the rich history of this diverse region. Many contemporary history students have turned their eyes to the Middle East, working hard to peel back the layers of complex systems and structures to understand the lessons that lay underneath. One piece of that Middle East history is embodied in the “Israel 60 Year Limited Edition Rollerball Pen” from Delta Pens which commemorates 60 years of Israel’s independence. The marbled blue body of this pen also contains a clip made of solid sterling silver reproducing the Yad. A Yad, literally “hand”, is a Jewish ritual pointer, used to point to the text during the Torah reading. It is intended to prevent anyone from touching the parchment, which is considered sacred.

Conway Stewart Wellington Rollerball Black Whirl

Many historians will comment that one of the values of studying history is so that we do not repeat history – at least the portions of history not worth repeating. This couldn’t be truer than in the category of politics and war. Although a pessimistic view might call-out that politics and war are merely two sides of the same coin, a true historian will ferret out the functions of both and realize the advantages as they’ve been revealed over the ages. For those graduates of history, the Conway Stewart Wellington Rollerball is a perfect gift.

Image result for Conway Stewart Wellington Rollerball Black Whirl

This classic, substantial pen is a tribute to the Duke of Wellington who is widely considered one of the leading military and political figures of the first half of the 19th century and an all around prominent figure in the history of England. He achieved many heights throughout his political career: an Anglo-Irish general and statesman, chief secretary for Ireland, ambassador to France, commander in chief of the British army, victor at the Battle of Waterloo, twice British prime minister and were one of the leading figures in the House of Lords.

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art Color Magic Rollerball Pen

bc10fe45bedc74757d4e064125331201-met-store-rollerball-pen.jpgSometimes we need to be reminded that history isn’t all about conflict, strife, and change. It’s not all about oversized textbooks filled with dusty facts and studied speculation. If you need convincing, just ask an art historian or the soon to be art history graduate.  They will tell you that history is about observation and reflection, specifically on the works of man from the beginning of time, in all forms. A great, inexpensive pen that captures the essence of the art history graduate is The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Color Magic Rollerball Pen. This inventive pen reminds us that in the hands of an artist, it takes only a few colors to mix almost every conceivable shade. This pen has a translucent outer lens that spins around the cap like a carousel. Like magic, the colors of the lens mix and transform the colors underneath, creating the hues of the rainbow in the palm of your hand.

George Washington Fountain Pen by Krone

I understand that by placing double emphasis on American history I run the risk of alienating those who chose to study some other historical topic, like women’s history, labor history, music history or any of the other various history topics. But, since this is a list of my 5 favorite pens for graduating history majors – I’m doing it.


On April 30, 1789, George Washington stood on the balcony of the Federal Hall on Wall Street in New York and took the oath of office as the first President of the United States. President Washington set the standards for all who followed by his wise and honorable leadership and unwavering devotion to the American people and the principles of the Constitution. Krone Pens honor George Washington, the father of our country, with an elegantly handcrafted writing instrument. Hand painted in rich presidential navy, the cap is adorned with ornate gold detailing featuring the Washington family coat of arms. The matte silver clip’s raised nail heads are reminiscent of the colonial era. Fine barley etching details both ends of the cap and barrel, as well as the nib casing. George Washington’s signature is engraved at the base of the cap. Hand painted to capture the victorious winter’s day, the barrel depicts General Washington gallantly leading the Americans at the Battle of Princeton. A coin atop the pen encapsulates fibers taken from Washington’s uniform decorated with ‘The Society of the Cincinnati’ emblem. ‘The Society of the Cincinnati’ originally a brotherhood of war veterans continues today as an organization dedicated to public interest in the American Revolution.

That ends this installment of pens for the History Graduate. For more ideas please check out the Executive Essentials online pen catalog. And as always, please feel free to comment or leave a question for us. We would be happy to help.

Graduation Gift Ideas: Literature and Creative Writing

Not to state the obvious, but today is the last day of April. That means that tomorrow is the 1st day of May. And May is graduation month all around the country. This is an exciting time for those who are graduating from college and equally as exciting for those of us who know someone graduating. It means that when we call and ask that person to go with us to $1 Sushi night downtown, they can finally say ‘yes’, instead of, ‘I have to write a 10 page paper on the global, socioeconomic effects of the song Friday, by Rebecca Black, on the Eastern European import of lamb’s wool to the United States.’ If you know someone that is graduating then you of this paper that I speak.

Regardless, this year don’t just get a good graduation gift, get a great graduation gift. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been discussing the types and styles of pens that would go well with certain personalities and college majors. So far we’ve tackled Science, History, and Business. Today, I wanted to pick out my top 5 graduation pen gifts for Literature and Creative Writing Majors.  So without further adieu…

Montblanc Mark Twain Fountain Pen


There are many great American writers, but few enjoy such a large audience as Samual Langhorne Clemens or as he was better known—Mark Twain.  Twain was a man of wit and satire, an author and a humorist that wove plain characters into intricate stories with expert precision and intent that revolved around his birthplace of the deep south. The Montblanc Mark Twain Fountain Pen is a writing instrument inspired by the river that had a lasting influence on Twain and his work: The sinuous curving lines on cap and barrel, made of deep-blue precious resin, reflect the shallow waves of the river. The top of the cap is shaped to resemble the Mississippi steamboat chimneys, whose steam is illustrated by ivory-coloured precious resin.  This pen is a perfect gift for that creative writer that can use humor to illustrate the foibles and triumphs of mankind.

mv_wd82805-monteverde-walt-disney-signature-fantasia-blue-agate-rb-01Monteverde Walt Disney Fantasia Collection Rollerball Pen

Walt Disney, the man, not the monolithic entertainment organization, had an absolute firm grasp on the story and character development. He understood the power and thrill of fantasy and dreams and how to reach into ours to make them come true. It’s been 70 years since Fantasia received two honorary Academy Awards for outstanding contribution to the advancement of the use of sound in motion pictures and unique achievement in the creation of a new form of visualized music. But what’s more, it’s been 70 years of wonderful stories and dreams come true. Like the film, the Monteverde Walt Disney Fantasia Rollerball pen’s design is meant to inspire the untapped creativity within us all and is the perfect pen for those writers inspired to capture their dreams.

Tarzan Limited Edition Rollerball Pen;Krone Tarzan Limited Edition Rollerball Pen

The Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan pen from Krone Pens honors one of the greatest fiction writers of all time with this outstanding, handcrafted writing instrument. The cap is meticulously hand-painted with a leopard design while jungle vines are three-dimensionally sculpted around the bronze clip. There are two bands at the base of the cap; one in African Wenge wood and the other in bronze engraved with Edgar Rice Burrough’s signature. Hand painted in rich vintage color, the barrel depicts the infamous scene of Tarzan swinging through the jungle carrying Jane under one arm. This pen captures the essence of adventure writing and speaks to those that would dare set us on great adventures with their mind.

Visconti Homo Sapiens Lava Fountain Pen

Image result for Visconti Homo Sapiens Lava Fountain PenAll writing draws from the emotions, knowledge, and condition of one species: Home Sapiens. Writing is a way for the human race to express desires and confusions, to chase dreams, confront demons and make sense of this wild ride we call life. The Homo Sapiens Lava Fountain Pen by Visconti is made of a material nearly as unique as the human condition; lava from the Etna volcano. Made of this rare material, the pen has characteristics that render it unbreakable, flameproof and slightly hygroscopic (the ability to extract moisture from the air).

Don Quijote Fountain Pen;Delta Don Quijote Fountain Pen

The year 2005 celebrated the 400th anniversary of the publication of “Don Quijote de la Mancha”, a novel that is by far the most well known Spanish literary piece ever written. Delta Pens celebrates this influential piece of literature with the Don Quijote limited edition. The pens are made from a special red hand turned resin and the barrel features an expertly crafted etching of Don Quijote’s memorable adventures. A sterling silver trim and lance shaped clip add the final touches. The fountain pens are an 18 karat gold nib with a depiction of a characteristic element of the Don Quijote story. What makes these pens even rarer is that there are only 1605 Fountain Pens in this edition.

And that is the run-down of my top five picks for literature and creative writing majors. There are much more to choose from in the Executive Essentials catalog. Take some time to browse the site and see if you can find a pen that fits the graduate in your life.

Cool pens: More Pen, Less Concept

I am a bloodhound for pen lists. I can’t get my fill of innovative pen concepts. Yet it’s always a bit of a let-down to find out that these pen concepts are just pens on paper. The RGB pen that samples colors from the environment will sadly just remain a concept (and not a real, useable pen) if only for the fact that RGB describes monitor color. A real-world application would require CMYK inks that mix on command. Could you fit all of those ink cartridges in a tiny pen body? Probably not affordable.

In recent months, I’ve grown tired of the pen-technology hybrids that promise the moon and don’t deliver a good writing experience (Wacom Inkling, I am so disappointed with you!). I’ve returned to the basics: a cool pen is one that has the look, the styling, and the track record as a good writer. And rather than hunger after pens that are yet to market, these pens are available *now* or will be in the next few months. Without further ado, here are my current picks for Cool Pens.

Jean-Pierre Lepine:

Jean-Pierre Lepine is a French pen maker who makes pens by hand in a small workshop. He and his team make pens that are based on surprising textures, materials, and forms. The Graphyscaf, made in honor of Jules Verne and other underwater explorers, is hand-riveted together from 195 different parts. The Free Ride is a motorcycle-inspired pen that looks road-ready. Despite the slickness of his limited edition pens (the Cybergraph looks like a single piece of metal), Lepine’s designs are full of whimsy. He likes squiggles, rounded ends, and strange juxtapositions of form & function (what else would you call a prickly cactus-inspired pen?). You really have to see some of his creations to be believed. Lepine is a mainstay of pen lists, but finding his pens might be a little bit harder. Lepines are generally small-run creations compared to other manufacturers, if not outright limited editions. The Graphyscaf is the dream of most pen collectors only.



My picks: The Free Ride, Zeementa


Image result for Jean-Pierre Lepine Free Ride
Jean-Pierre Lepine Free Ride Ballpoint Pen


Whimsical Award: Cactus


Jean-Pierre Lepine Cactus Fountain Pen


Kickstarter, the Land of Plenty:

In the last six months, there has been an explosion of pen-makers who successfully fund projects through Kickstarter. Their pet projects have been mouth-watering. These pen-makers are mostly making slick metal pen casings for the Pilot High-Tec-C (an incredibly popular disposable pen with artists and technical illustrators alike). The technical styling of these pens is an aesthetic that is mostly overlooked by traditional pen makers. Even while the pens aren’t overtly trying to target the high-tech crowd, pens like the Clip ‘en FLEX (a pen and a clip in one!) are clearly banking on buyers who are more interested in utility and usefulness rather than the executive splendor of a luxury pen. Browsing through these offerings brings fantastic ideas to life–like the Pen Type-A that features a slick aluminum body and a ruler that slides over the body of the pen. One of the most recent offerings is the P1 by Premier Pen. With a run-away funding of over 80,000 dollars for their start-up pen, Premier Pen will doubtlessly be bringing other prototypes to market soon.

My pick: P1 Premier


P1 Premier Pens


Whimsical Award: Clip ‘en FLEX


Image result for Clip ‘en FLEX for pens
Clip ‘en FLEX


Michael’s Fat Boys:

I’m blown away by the strange designs and the clever lines of Michael’s Fat Boys. My wheelhouses are Waterman, Parker, and Cross–the good ole boys of the pen market. When I came across Michael’s Fat Boy with their luxury-pen price tags and their incredibly fat grips, I knew the pen world was changing for the better. As much as I might love the skinny Crosses or dowdy Parkers, my fingers crave a wide grip for comfortable writing. After hours of typing, I’m eager to give my hands a break when I put pen to paper. Michael’s Fat Boys have a reputation for pen quality, and they’re far easier to find than Lepines. My next pen will doubtlessly be a Fat Boy

My pick: Michael’s Fat Boy Comet (Red)


Image result for michaels fatboy comet
Michael’s Fat Boy Comet


Whimsical Award: Michael’s Fat Boy Arcangelo Raw Cut Gel Pen


Image result for Michael’s Fat Boy Arcangelo Raw Cut Gel Pen
Michael’s Fat Boy Arcangelo Raw Cut Gel Pen


Acme Pens:

It’s true that I am biased towards the technical side of pens–I love a pen that reminds me of racing, cars, and industrial machines. But who couldn’t love the bright colors of Acme–or their incredible sense of play? Take the Acme #2. It looks exactly like the Number 2 yellow pencils that I grew up taking tests with. Right down to its attachable pink eraser nub (chew marks will have to be provided by the customer). Acme specializes in pens that reproduce art (the Mondrian inspired pen), cultural icons (Beatles Pens), or philosophical heavyweights (Homer from the Simpsons). While most of Acme’s pens are cool simply because of their playful patterns, I think the Acme #2 is one of the most clever pen concepts in the past ten years.

My pick & Whimsical Award: The Acme #2 Pencil and Rollerball set


Acme #2 Pencil and Rollerball Set



Krone Pens:

Krone pens are stunning. They are some of the most gorgeous pens I’ve laid eyes on. Their limited editions are like miniature paintings. Under the glass, the K-Class limited editions shine like emeralds. So why does a fairly conservative pen manufacturer like Krone make the “cool pen” list? While I’ve been taking swipes at the normal stylings of luxury fountain pens in this column, Krone pens really are too beautiful to be believed. If you can see one in person, you’ll know what I mean: deep, rich lacquers that catch the light; subtle underlays that catch the eye; the best quality silvers, golds, and gemstones. That is to say, any pen manufacturer that is studding a pen with jewels can’t be considered a “normal” pen company. And their price tag matches that quality. Be warned: a Krone is not for a first-time buyer or the faint of heart. But that K-Class pen. Boy. I’d keep mine in a jewelry box. Now that’s a very cool pen.

My picks: Krone Night Vision, K-Class


Whimsical Award: Any pen that’s studded with jewels. Go on, take a look!



Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is on June 17th this year. And, if you take a look at your calendar, you will notice that it is only several weeks away. That means you need to dust off the old idea box lying dormant between your ears and fire it into overdrive if you’re going to find a way to show your dad just how much you appreciate him in time for the occasion. But, don’t worry, because we here at Executive Essentials have a goldmine of ideas that we are willing to share with you over the course of the next few weeks.


Tribeca Collection Trifold Black;
Bosca Trifold Wallet

Now according to research done by the people that love numbers, it turns out that more phone calls are made and more gifts are given on Mother’s Day than Father’s Day. Unfortunately, the people with all the numbers don’t bother to tell us why it is this way. Do Mother’s just love gifts more? Are they easier to buy gifts for? Do we love them more? I would assume that the answer in most cases is no. Or at least not so much more than we actually buy a gift for one parent and not the other.  Regardless, let’s all get together and raise the numbers and give Mother’s Day a run for their money! (who says that?)


Here at Executive Essentials, we have a great line-up of gifts in all price ranges and categories to give to the special dad in your life. From briefcases to inexpensive pens, we have you covered. So make sure you check out what we have below and also come back to see what we outline in future posts leading up to the big Sunday on the 17th of June.

Father’s Day Pens


Johnny Cash Limited Edition Rollerball Pen Black;
Think Johnny Cash Limited Edition Rollerball Pen

I’m going to get into this in more detail in coming posts, so check back, but in general, a pen is a great gift for a dad. With so many brands, types and price ranges to choose from you won’t have a hard time finding one that is perfect for that dad in your life. We will, however, have a hard time figuring out what kinds to showcase and talk about.


To get you started, I’d take a look at Retro 51 for that goofy dad in your life, Montblanc for that sophisticated father who hangs out in his den all day, perhaps a nice Fisher for a father on the go, and check out Krone Pens for the dad who literally has everything. (Don’t be afraid to request a price!)

Father’s Day Briefcase

Sacks, satchels, cases, bags, duffels, briefcases. It doesn’t matter what he uses, we just know that dad has stuff to carry around. If your dad doesn’t have any baggage at this point in his life, it’s time you gave him some. And we have some of the nicest briefcases on the internet at prices that are hard to imagine.


Profile Collection 3" Slim Computer Brief Black;
Zero Halliburton Briefcase

Does your old man do a lot of traveling to and fro? Get him a nice TSA approved briefcase from Tumi. Is he a bit more rugged, but still likes to travel in style? How about a nice leather briefcase from Passage 2, with its Indiana Jones-esque appearance.  Is your father an international man of mystery? Well, make him feel like one with an attaché case from ZERO Halliburton. Finally, is he a jack-of –all-trades kind of guy? Then just look through the extensive collection of briefcases and decide for yourself. He’ll be happy with any of them, rest assured.


For other great ideas, try looking at our collection of walletsdesk accessories, and leather goods. With such a wide selection, you’re bound to find something that your father will cherish for years. Happy hunting.

Krone Pens

When you think of collecting, pens are probably not the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, you, like most people are more prone to losing pens than to collecting them. But we’re not just talking about pens you steal from the bank or borrow from a friend during class. We’re talking about Krone Pens. These fountain pens each have their own limited edition theme, from one embedded with Abraham Lincoln’s DNA to ones containing actual T-Rex bones.

Krone T-Rex Pen

Every edition of their iconic pen is connected to a piece of history, making them great presents for writers or history buffs alike, or great in the collection of a Civil War enthusiast, all the way to the marine biologist. Because whether you or one of your loved ones is the collector, they have a pen that will fit into that collection.

These are not just intended to be pieces of history, they are intended to be statements. They should mean something special to the owner, outside of simply being a writing implement. Their motto is, after all, “A Krone Pen is more than just a pen.” The president of the company, Robert Kronenberg, himself is a collector of vintage pens and the documents written with these important pens. This is pretty obvious in the pens he designs. Because so much design and theory work go into each and every single pen, it can take up to two years from inception to manufacture.

It is obvious that a lot of work goes into these pens. Components of each pen are outsourced to the best metal workers, jewelers, carvers, and painters so that the finished and assembled product is the best possible pen. But just because they are meticulously crafted and constructed does not mean that they cannot be used on a day-to-day basis.

Krone Monarch Fountain Pen

Because the pens you pick for your collection are an expression of you, they need to be used in order to truly make use of their unique styling. What good is a Winston Churchill-themed pen, complete with a piece of his personal cigar, of you don’t use it sign your checks and letters?


A lot of things you collect can never be used; stamps, for example. If you use your stamp collection for their intended purpose, your collection shrinks. But when you use your pen collection, they just become more valuable.


Krone Molten Rollerball Pen

Pens have long been a symbol of creativity, and the saying “the pen is mightier than the sword,” is not just an old adage. They are signets of wisdom and sophistication. Krone pens embody not only their specific theme, but also hark back to the glory days of writing, when each letter, word, and sentence was crafted by hand. In tribute to that, every single pen is crafted by hand, just the way they were a century ago.


It is not just the bit of Winston Churchill’s cigar or a piece of a tree planted by William Shakespeare that makes these pens great, it is the craftsmanship and versatility. So come on over to the Executive Essentials online pen catalog and see if we have something in the Krone line for you or a friend.