AT Cross: The Past and the Future

Cross Apogee Rollerball

Long time company A.T. Cross, located in Lincoln, Rhode Island announced that it sold its pen division to Clarion Capital Partners for 60 million dollars. As one of the few American companies to design and manufacture pens, it came as a bit of a shock to those collectors who put Cross at the top of their want list. However, the sale of the company doesn’t mean the end of the world famous pens and although there is no word from Clarion on the direction they will take with their new writing instrument division, you can expect they will work hard to keep the Cross name in the categories associated with quality and excellence, since quality and excellence are exactly what this company has been known for since their founding in 1846.


Founded by Richard Cross, the company initially made silver and gold pencil casings – a skill passed down through a family that made their way through the world as jewelers. After a successful stint with these products, the company was passed down to Alonzo T. Cross, which is where the ‘A.T.’ comes from in the companies name. Alonzo grew the company by developing a new array of products that included some of the first mechanical pencils and stylographic pens.

Throughout its history, the A.T. Cross Company manufactured and sold ballpoint pensfountain pens and rollerball pens in addition to mechanical pencils. They also pushed forward into personal, branded business accessories, which included reading glasses, sunglasses, and other executive gear. Their following in this category grew with each year until Cross became well-known around the world for elegant products built to last. Ultimately, Cross became known as a quality product with writing instruments priced in the mid-range.

Here are a few of the wonderful Cross Pens for sale in the Executive Essentials catalog. All of which comes with a lifetime mechanical guarantee.

Spire Collection

The Spire Collection is all about style. With these slender, attractive pens you are sure to turn heads and garner a few questions. Each pen in this collection has a toothpick body that still carries a bit of heft to the hand. They come adorned in black, gold and silver with diamond appointments. Not to garish, but just enough pizzazz to make sure people notice. Each comes with a deluxe gift box and refills. Take one of these high-society writing instruments for a spin across some parchment and you will never write the same.

Tech 4 Collection

Cross Tech 4


Cross pushed the envelope on multi-function pens when it introduced its Tech 4 Multi-Function Pen series to the world The simple barrel, designed with a Townsend-style profile puts it head and shoulders above most other multi-function pens. The four-function multi- writer’s smooth revolving mechanism makes switching from blue, red, and black ballpoints or 0.7mm pencil quick and easy. A color-coded inset on the front lets you know at a glance which point you have selected. An innovative auto-propelled pencil eraser automatically pops up out of the pen’s top when the pencil is activated. The Smooth Touch finish is comfortable in the hand, highly durable and slip resistant. The Tech 4 makes multitasking easy and reliable.

Century II Collection

Cross has a penchant for slim and attractive. Not one to dwell on the girth of their pens, they have no problem giving their collectors a pen that you have to wrap your hand around to use. With the Century II collection, they have created a pen that combines an enlarged barrel and single-band cap. It even adopts the Classic Century’s famous conical top. However, the Century II stands out from the rest with its popular medium-diameter design. This popular finish of the striking two-tone metal is guaranteed to please. It combines polished chrome and 23-karat gold plating.

Apogee Collection

The Cross Apogee illustrates what truly fine pen design can accomplish; a grand writing instrument that pen aficionados and dedicated Cross owners will covet. At first, the Apogee seems clean and simple, but look closer and you notice a strong resemblance to something traditional, refined, and romantic. Each pen is hand polished and protected by multiple coats of water clear lacquer. The Apogee Collection is a great pen for everyday use, with the looks of the boardroom lifestyle.

Engraved Pens

engraved pens executive essentialsThe Executive Essentials online catalog has many wonderful and inspiring pens. The variety of pens online makes for easy gift giving for any occasion. A beautiful Montblanc Meisterstuck for a graduation gift or a fun, colorful Acme pen for a birthday gift is the perfect way to show some avid pen aficionado that you care about their passions. With so many pens to choose from it’s possible to fill the needs of any relative, friend or diplomat. We could all use another pen!

To make your gift just that much more special, Executive Essentials offers engraving on many of the styles and brands we carry. Engraving is the practice of creating an impression into a hard surface that is in some design or writing. It is often used for decoration, but can also be used to mark or identify objects. It was an important method of producing images on paper – which was used in the mass production of books and newspaper. However, in these modern times, engraving is considered more of an art and less as a daily need.

Executive Essentials will engrave a pen, but historically, engraving was done on wood, stone and various types of metal. The practice of engraving was done with a variety of tools, but the most popular was called the burin – which was a tool used by hand. Many passes over the engraving were needed with the burin in order to create the depth needed for the engraving. In the mass production of engravings and in industrial uses there are now dies that stamp the medium with the desired image.


At Executive Essentials, we use machines to ensure that your engraving comes out clean, clear and perfect. Most engraving charges range from $14 to $25, but the price depends on the type style and the number of letters you choose as well as the pen surface (metal, lacquer, resin or plastic). When you order an engraving it can delay the delivery of your pen by 1-2 weeks, so keep that in mind if you intend to engrave a gift pen.

MontblancCross, and Waterman are some of the most popular pens that people choose to engrave, but there are many others as well. You can choose from RollerballFountainBallpoint and even pencils and multi-function pens to put that special name or message on.

So take a look around and see if you can find a good pen to engrave for a friend or loved one.

Cross Tech Pens

Cross is a known innovator in the pen arena. As a brand name, it is well respected and admired for creating pens that are both attractive and durable. With well over 2 dozen different lines and years of experience, Cross understands how to turn a bold idea into a fine writing instrument. That passion and drive to create is what led to the development of the Tech Line of pens from Cross. Each of these lines have their own distinct features and their own purpose in the world. Take a peek and see if any of them fit your style.

Cross Tech 1 Pens

After years of making pens that lay down a smooth line of ink across the page, Cross has decided to venture into the stylus arena and they came out with a winner. The Cross Tech1 stylus is made with the same care and craftsmanship that goes into every Cross product. Once you’ve experienced the smooth glide and enhanced touch of this stylus, you won’t want to be without it. Each stylus has polished chrome with satin black appointment, narrow 6mm precision stylus designed for use with smartphones, compatibility with most capacitive touchscreen devices, security tether for convenient device attachment and comes in a narrow gift box perfect for the holidays.

Cross Tech 2 Pens


Cross Tech 2 Multi-Function Pen


But, why just have a pen that can only act as a stylus? What about those times when you need to have a pen and a stylus? The Cross Tech2 stylus and ballpoint pen allows you to quickly switch from traditional writing to digital interface. Modern problems require modern solutions, making this dual function writing instrument a perfect tool for every business professional. Each pen has a high-gloss finish with satin black appointments that is compatible with most capacitive touchscreen devices. They have a swivel-action propel/repel feature and have specially formulated Cross ink which flows flawlessly for a superior writing experience. On top of all that they come with a lifetime mechanical warranty.

Cross Tech 3 Pens

The Cross Tech 3 is a triple threat. It is Cross’s only multi-function pen. By just a twist of the barrel the Tech 3 can switch from black ballpoint to red ballpoint to 0.5 mm lead pencil. This pen makes cycling through your writing options easy. And with an easy click of the cap you can advance the lead. For eraser excess all you have to do is unscrew the top. An included stylus tip allows you to use your smartphone and tablet. Cross has thought of everything when it came to this pen.

Cross Tech 3 Multi Pen

Cross Tech 4 Pens

Cross raises the bar on multi-function pens with its Tech 4 Multi-Function Pen! The handsome, Townsend-style profile makes it a sophisticated step up from most other multi-pens. The four-function multi-writer’s smooth revolving mechanism makes switching from blue, red, and black ballpoints or 0.7mm pencil quick and easy. A color-coded inset on the front lets you know at a glance which point you have selected. An innovative auto-propelled pencil eraser automatically pops up out of the pen’s top when the pencil is activated. The Smooth Touch finish is comfortable in the hand, highly durable and slip resistant. The Tech 4 is truly multi-tasking at its finest!