Omas and the Supermoon

Many writers throughout history have drawn inspiration from their natural surroundings. These writers tried to find an understanding of their society through nature. They reached out to the wilderness to draw inspiration in their thoughts and while doing so created memorable works of literature that gave us all passages to reflect on.

executive essentials omas moon pen

One of the most well known naturalist writers was Henry David Thoreau, whose book Walden, became a literary manual espousing the virtues of personal independence, social experimentation and spiritual discovery. Thoreau wrote Walden during his two year stay at a cabin of his own making on the land of Ralph Waldo Emerson — a friend and writer. Thoreau’s plan was to isolate himself from the typical daily life of the time. His intent wasn’t to cast himself out of society – in fact the cabin, although secluded, was just a few miles from town – but rather to step outside the daily social structures of the time in order to better understand why and how society functioned. His writings on his experience would later influence prominent public figures such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr.,  and John F Kennedy.


Other great naturalist writers followed. Like Janine M. Benyus who wrote six books on bimimicry, the basic idea that humankind could look to see how nature solves problems and apply those designs and constructions to solve our own. Or Edward Abby, an American writer and advocate of the environment who brought the world, “The Monkey Wrench Gang”, credited with stirring the idea of environmental activism through civil disobedience. And there was Aldo Leopold who devoted his life to extending the constraints of ethics to include the non-human world of plants and animals. His works would eventually lead to the creation of the science of wildlife management. These are but a few. There are many others. All who have contributed to the way we see ourselves and nature.

Tonight (Saturday, March 19th) we have a chance to gain some inspiration of our own from nature when the moon reaches a phase called perigee. Perigee is the point in the moon’s orbit when it’s nearest Earth. The last time it happened was 18 years ago. At a staggering distance of just 220,000 miles away, tonight’s moon will appear much larger than most full moons — nearly 14 percent bigger than when the full moon is at its furthest from the Earth. And bigger means brighter, nearly 30 percent brighter. Which means you will have plenty of light to reflect on life and how we live it. And plenty of light to write by. But, which pen is best for such an occasion?

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I’d like to suggest the Omas 1969 Moon Platinum Plated Fountain Pen. This ogival shaped pen commemorates the American crew of Apollo 11’s space mission. The pen barrel represents the Moon, with the footprints of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, stamped in 3D on the surface. The flight path of the Apollo 11 module is carved on the pen clip. Their amazing journey is charted in a band that circumnavigates the barrel starting at Earth – represented by a lapis lazulis stone and ending at the moon. A fitting pen for a fitting moment in time.

College Graduation Gifts 2011: Business School Majors

Whether you are looking for college graduation gifts for her or college graduation gifts for him, you’ve come to the ‘write’ place. Over the last few weeks, Executive Essentials has put together a great little series on pen types and styles to fit the various types of graduating students and personalities. We know from years of experience that pens are highly popular graduation presents. We know that the many varieties and style’s of pens are the reason so many people feel excited giving them as gifts to graduating students. There is nothing like the thrill of writing with a fine instrument and a refillable pen, well crafted and honed, is a gift that can be cherished for a lifetime.

Today I’m going to show you the best graduation gifts for business school graduates. Or at least, the best pens to give to that business school major that is about to make their way into the big, brave world. My choices look a little something like this.

Montblanc Meisterstuck 149 Fountain Pen Gold & Black

In the world of fountain pens, Montblanc is renowned. In the world of Montblanc, the Meisterstuck 149 is legendary. The 149 is the flagship pen of a company that oozes with prestige and pride and for good reason. Montblanc has the delightful habit of producing artistic pens of high quality. A fresh to the world business graduate will make a big statement when they produce this simple, yet stylish writing instrument when they go to sign their first big deal.

Image result for Montblanc Meisterstuck 149 Fountain Pen Gold & BlackAs a side note, I’d like to mention something about Montblanc. In order to find out the price of this pen, you will have to request the price be sent to you via email. I’ve noticed that this has bothered or scared a few people away from purchasing pens from Montblanc. The truth of the matter is, is that Montblanc works hard to protect their brand. Because of this, they certify the companies that sell their pens. One of the rules is that the seller must only offer prices upon request. This doesn’t mean that the pens are so pricey that you can’t afford them. Be brave! If you are interested in a Montblanc pen, take the extra time to request a price. At Executive Essentials, your email will be treated with care (no spam) and you will be pleasantly surprised at the response you receive.

Visconti Wall S.T. Rollerball Pen Platinum

Image result for Visconti Wall S.T. Rollerball Pen PlatinumVisconti is quickly becoming one of my favorite pen companies. Unlike many pen companies, Visconti understands that pens should not only be durable and attractive but they should have character as well. Visconti makes sure that their pets have plenty of character to spare. A perfect example is the Wall Street. Created from a green, red or platinum celluloid and finished with silver accents, these pens are very similar to vintage celluloid pens of the past. This pen has a feel and spirit of the fast paced life on Wall Street and features a unique four sided barrel that allows it to be highly ergonomic and assures a comfortable feel. If you have a future stock trader entering the world of high finance, this is the perfect graduation gift.

Carene Rollerball Pen Black;Waterman Carene Contemporary Rollerball Pen Black

In the world of big business, presentation is everything. In that vein, the Waterman Carene Rollerball is a prime example of how to present yourself right. The Waterman Carene Contemporary Black and Gunmetal Rollerball Pen is inspired by the streamlined symmetry of the world’s finest yachts. The pen features a modern crisscross decor on the cap in line with Waterman history and a deep black lacquered barrel. A branded ring and glossy finish on the cap help distinguish this pen. It’s a powerful piece that exudes confidence and control, important traits for any aspiring business person.

Omas 360 Mezzo Rollerball Pen Black

Image result for Omas 360 Mezzo Rollerball Pen Black

There are plenty of pens that demand your attention by their looks. But more often than not, you don’t know a pen’s true qualities until you interact with it. This holds true in the world of business as well. Fast talking and hard selling is the mantra of mainstream business in the modern world, but I think I speak for a lot of consumers when I say it’s nice to run a business that has a slow pitch but delivers in spades. The Omas 360 Mezzo is a great, simple looking pen, dressed in black, but it’s usability far outshines its modest attire. The 360`s triangular body is based on ergonomic principles and combines a perfect grip and nib angle to permit fluid, uniform calligraphy with uninterrupted ink flow. This pen is perfect for those soft spoken, hard working graduates in your life.

Namiki Vanishing Point Fountain Pen White

In every graduating class, regardless of the field, there is one student that decides they are going to remake their profession in their own mind. They are going to do things just a little bit different. And usually, they end up changing the world. If you have a graduate that reads the text books and goes right when the rest of their class goes left, this Namiki Fountain Pen is for you.

Image result for Namiki Vanishing Point Fountain Pen White

The Vanishing Point retractable (yes retractable!) fountain pen has experienced an amazing evolution since its inception. Its brilliant design and ingenious technology make it a pen for the new age. A larger size, durable metal body, and attractive appointments make the Vanishing Point unmistakably unique. This white model has a sleek, clean look that invokes the purity of mind necessary to break all the rules and come out on top.

These are my suggestions for that business school graduate in your life, but don’t take my suggestions as the end all. Take some time to look at the Executive Essential catalog and have some fun finding the pen that will fit your special graduate perfectly.

Affordable Pens

The federal government is at the end of its second week of being shutdown, with over 800,000 federal employees out of work. These folks include a portion of those who work in the District of Columbia, those who work at the Smithsonian museums, Pentagon workers, NASA employees, anyone who has a job at the many state parks around the nation, those who help facilitate the food stamp program, the good folks at the Justice Department, non-essential employees of The White House, workers at the State Department, those at the IRS and many, many more. Although these agencies still have some employees carrying on the daily duties, it’s clear that with 800,000 workers not at their desks, much is being missed.

The effects of a government shutdown aren’t always clear to the general public at first. In fact, the effects of a shutdown grow over time. The first week we might not notice anything more than an overactive 24/7 news cycle spinning and re-spinning pundit comments like stones in a rotating drum until each one comes out polished and perfect. The second week brings more of the same, but with a little bit more urgency. When exactly those of us not in the government begin to feel the drag of these decisions is not clear. What is clear is that we will feel it if it isn’t fixed.

In a tiny effort to keep our minds on what binds us, instead of what pulls us apart, Executive Essentials is highlighting a ‘few good pens’ of the red, white and blue variety that are currently on sale. Pens that even furloughed government workers can afford and that could be used to write letters to Congressmen in hopes of urging them to do what’s right for their country, instead of what’s right for their politics.



Omas Arte Italiana Midi Milord Fountain Pen Red

The Arte Italiana Collection is a tribute to the original twelve faceted model designed by Armando Simoni in 1930. This pen is made with highly modern materials giving it a glossy glow and exquisite finish. Practical, yet refined, this pen is currently a fraction of its original cost. The platinum-plated finish on the highlights brings a subdued richness to the overall look that is designed to mimic a twelve-sided Doric column. The rolling wheel clip makes it easy to stow and retrieve for those busy days.

faberFaber-Castell Design Ambition Ballpoint Pen in Stainless Steel

Every politician has it in spades, but it’s not a trait reserved solely for those who seek office. Ambition is a trait that dwells within all of us and guides our hand on a daily basis. Those who have buckets of ambition can manage great feats or fumble hard, ruining their lives and the lives of those around them. Ambition needs temperance and this Faber-Castell fountain pen has it. A sleek barrel of stainless steel comes off as modest, but the pen clearly exudes a higher calling. Nearly futuristic it has a calm and cool vibe, but a clear purpose.


Waterford Claria Rollerball Pen in Catalina BlueWF-PB-752-CAT-BLUE-127x300

The Waterford Claria is a great looking pen at a fabulous price that most can afford. From the Marquis Collection, this pen has silky smooth contours and a hearty, substantial feel. It’s a durable pen with a body smothered in lacquered finishes making it resilient and good for daily use. With gleaming chrome appointments and a lift-off cap, it’s a perfect blue in our tribute to the triad of the flag.

These fine pens and much more are available at Executive Essentials, so take some time and look around.