Pen Collectors

PensPen Collecting, Pen Clubs & Organizations, Pens Shows……The World of Pens. Who collects these wide assortment of writing instruments and how do they spend their time?

Now that I am submerged into the world of pens I’m kind of flabbergasted by the vast amount of ballpointsrollerballsfountain, felt-tip, erasable and limited edition pens available and the prices some people will pay to get these very coveted objects!

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Cross Ballpoint Pens

First I’m curious to know who these people are! Do they have a particular kind of personality?  Do they come from similar backgrounds?  I myself do not collect a thing. My mother was a depression child,  so she has a hard time throwing anything away…. as a result, in my household now that I’m all grown up,  you better not set anything down for too long or it will end up in a bag headed for Goodwill or some other charitable organization.

After doing a little research I’m finding pen collectors do not really stand out as any one particular personality type, in truth, I really cannot get a good answer about who these mysterious people are and why they like pens so much. From what I can gather, pen collectors come from all different walks of life, have all different types of personalities and are scattered all around the world!

Lamy Fountain Pens

Interestingly enough, I did come across a woman in Germany, Angelika Unverhau, the world record holder for ballpoint pens…. 220,000 ballpoints from over 146 countries!  Now that would be an interesting household to grow up in.  I wonder what affect she’s having on her kids?

With the emergence of the electronic age you think you would be hard pressed to find a pen show; not the case, you can still attend pen shows all over the world….from Chicago to London to New York and beyond.  There are vast numbers of pen online forums, clubs and trading sites as well.

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Parker Rollerball Pens

I don’t know what rock I have been under for the last four decades but it seems that these things we use to write things down with have quite the following.

You too can join the thousands across the globe that have joined the fascinating world of pens.  Where shall you begin?  MontblancWatermanCrossKroneAurora, Libelle, Fisher, Lamy….the list goes on and on!

Mother’s Day Gift Pens

Spring is here and the Easter Bunny has hopped off into the wild blue yonder making way for the months when we celebrate those that gave life to us – our parents. First up, Mother’s Day. And what a perfect time of year to celebrate the one person that gave us the opportunity to owe taxes, err, I mean life. The person who gave us life.

Seriously though, mothers around the world deserve our deepest gratitude and undying devotion, just as they gave us all they had to offer and just as they still give us all they have to offer. It’s a tough job, being a mother, and one that you’re not born into, but rather one that you give birth to. And from cradle to grave they will always be there for us when they are able.

This mothers day we at Executive Essentials have a few pen lines that we think would be the perfect gift for any mother out there. From sassy and charming to organized and intelligent and beyond, we have a wide array of pens that all mothers will love. So don’t just stand there thinking about what kind of quiche to make for dinner or whether daffodils or roses are more appropriate for dinner, take a look at these great pens deals and let your imagination (and gift giving) soar.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art:

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art collection was made for Mother’s Day. This entire pen collection has a lot to offer every type of Mom. But, this line of pens speaks very clearly to the experienced mom. The one that’s past diapers and baby yoga and more into soccer tournaments and PTA meetings. This entire collection cuts across a great many design styles, lending itself to various tastes. However, all of them lend a sense of organized authority, with just a hint of playfulness and independence. Check out this pen line and see if you find your mom in here.

The Good Bead Pens:

Fresh as a Pink Posy Bead Kit - Pen Not IncludedDoes your mom float just a little left of center? Does she make everyone laugh but you? Does she have an uncanny ability that allows her to turn a toilet paper tube, an old football jersey, and a Popsicle stick into an embarrassing craft? If this sounds like your mom then we have the pen for you. The Good Bead Pen Collection is filled with inspiration and hope. It is a true visionary pen, meant to inspire and entertain and it is just quirky enough to make heads turn when you pull it out. In a series of vibrant colors meant to grasp the imagination and run, these great pens will be the perfect addition for that mom that makes everything.

Yard-O-Led Esprit Collection

Image result for Yard-O-Led Esprit CollectionThere’s really no way around it. The Yard-o-Led Esprit collection is perfect for any mother. This glamorous collection of pens have a look and feel that is simple, yet elegant. Set in silver at the head and tail, with the barrel, body-lines that curve slightly along the shaft, these pens have a silhouette to remember. Dressed up in the middle with pastel fields of color, these pens speak to the mom that need function and beauty wrapped up into one writing instrument. There is a wide array of colors to choose from and the choice will be hard but know this, whatever you do choose will become your mom’s new favorite.

Aurora Talentum Collection

Aurora Talentum Finesse Rollerball Pen Pink;
Aurora Talentum Finesse Rollerball Pen

My own mom once trounced a group of kids that used to follow me home to pick on me when I was in 7th grade. Remember that scene from the Karate Kid, when Mr. Miyagi comes to Daniel’s rescue right when he’s about to get flying sidekicked in the face. It was a lot like that, only my attackers didn’t know martial arts and neither did my mom. And why do I mention this? Because my mom’s favorite color is pink. But, not just any pink, but the exact pink color that the Aurora Talentum Collection uses in its pink with chrome series. And what am I trying to tell you about that? Moms are tough and so is the color pink. If you have a tough mom. This just might be her pen.

Regardless of what type of mom you have, Executive Essentials has a great variety to choose from. So take a look around and find one that will go great with the mom in your life.