Waterford and Waterman on Sale Now!

I didn’t always understand the demand for nice pens. Throughout my entire school career, I used whatever I bought at Walgreens or office depot, and they worked just fine. It wasn’t until I started seeing these other types of pens that it hit me. Pens can truly be beautiful accessories to any desk, and there is a monumental difference between the Walgreens Bic and a Waterman or Waterford fine writing instrument.

Waterman and Waterford Pens have elegantly and intricately designed pens, and they are now on sale at Executive Essentials. If there was ever a time to invest in this type of product, it’s now. Whether you need a gift for Father’s Day, a graduation present, or just think it’s time to add some class to your desk, Waterman and Waterford have the pens and prices for you.Image result for Waterford Rainbow Arista Prism Rollerball Pen

Just to highlight a few, the Waterford Rainbow Arista Prism Rollerball Pen is a good pick. Its contemporary colors and shape come in your choice of multicolored mocha or rainbow, and marbled caramel or purple. Polished chrome appointments accompany each pen to make them stand out from any other design.

Another good choice would be the Waterman Expert II Ballpoint Pen in Dune Blue. The vibrant gold trims, deep blue lacquer, and mesmerizing reflective effect ensure a distinct elegance and originality.


Of course, you should browse the selection for yourself because there are more than 20 designs on sale. With colors ranging from fire engine red to deep sea blue, there is sure to be a pen for you.

Waterman Clearance Pens

All brands of pens have ranges within their own hierarchy. It’s part of the marketing game to make sure that you have products in your lines that speak to those pen lovers in all economic brackets. I’m glad they do. It’s a good challenge for pen designers to push the limits of quality and aesthetics against the wall of everyday price points. What does a $50 designer pen look like, write like, feel like and smell like compared to a $20 version? How can the manufacturing process be tinkered with to create savings in the higher end pens? Experimentation is key and eventually, the results of those experiments trickle down to the users. Us.

But, there’s another way that pen collectors can get good deals on brand new pens rather than waiting for the brands to become more efficient or come out with a line that is more affordable. Quite simply you only need to take a look at the clearance section of the Executive Essentials online catalog.

Today I’d like to point you to the Waterman clearance pens. Although the current stock of Waterman pens on clearance isn’t bursting at the seams, you will find 6 great pens at prices that are worth considering. So take the time the time to check out a few of these great deals on Waterman pens. But remember, we also have a great deal more Waterman pens in the Executive Essentials catalog that are worth looking at as well.

Waterman Hemisphere Mars Black

Blending prestigious materials, color, and a distinctive, vibrant personal style, Waterman continues to create some of the most elegant and inventive writing instruments in the world today. The Waterman Hemisphere rollerball pens, with its timeless lines, are practical and discreet. It breathes modernity and a magnetic refinement. The simple contemporary elegance of this stylish chromed rollerball is made from lustrous black lacquer is as timeless as a little black dress or a tailored tuxedo. This particular pen is running $35 down from $75. A real steal.


WATERMAN 3-600x600
Waterman Hemisphere Mars Black Fountain Pen


Waterman Perspective Ballpoint

Waterman Perspective Ballpoint Pen

The Waterman Perspective celebrates the dynamic purity of modern architecture. This elegant expression of contemporary design has a slim cylindrical shape decorated with a delightfully dazzling chrome finish throughout each pen. This ballpoint is made a silver colored satin lacquer that creates a shimmering tone effect and is decorated with the sharp beauty of architectural lines. It comes with a three-year warranty and a twist action mechanism that is easy to use. Originally this pen cost $130, but now it is only $109 in the Executive Essentials catalog.


Waterman Exception Slim Fountain Pen Raspberry

The pen that breaks away from all expectations and changes the rules…the Exception. With its bold square design, the Waterman Exception has a powerful presence, finesse, and elegance. This fountain pen is the ultimate expression of seductive confidence. It is made of rich, luxuriant berry pink lacquer and bright white silver-plated trims for women who just love being women. To add to this stunning writing implement is an intricately engraved rhodium plated18-karat gold nib. Right now you can get a savings of $85 and have this pen in your hand for $300.


Waterman Exception Slim Fountain Pen Raspberry


These pens and variations are available in the Executive Essentials catalog. And don’t just dwell on Waterman, Executive Essentials has a plethora of great pens on clearance every day. Come on in and browse a little.

The Waterford Pen Clearance Leap Day Event

It turns out that calendars are fairly complicated instruments when used to track the days of our lives. For the most part, it’s pretty straight forward. All that is required of us is to purchase a pre-made calendar, write down our favorite events throughout the year and check it once in a while to make sure we are on course. But, for the folks who put those calendars together and watch over the relationship of our earth years in relation to our calendar years – well, they have their job cut out for them.

leap-day-featured-image_1456735997582_619535_ver1.0Turns out that even though there are 365 calendar days in a year, there are really only 364 and some odd actual hours in a year. In order to synchronize the way we represent the passing of time with the way time actually passes we need to add an extra day every 4 years. If this didn’t happen, the seasons would slowly (and I mean slowly) shift so that at some point the months that we typically associate with summer would be winter. Mass hysteria, dogs, and cats, living together.

To make matters even more confusing, what I’ve described above relates to the Gregorian calendar. This is the calendar that we use here in the United States as well as other parts of the world. Commonly referred to as a solar calendar. But, there are other calendars out there that have different ways of dealing with “real time”. There are Julian, Hebrew, Hindu, Chinese and a Solar Hijri calendar all of which have their own special ways to account for times passage and how to rectify discrepancies.

Here at Executive Essentials the only thing we take the time to mark on our calendars are our upcoming sales. And we have a lot of them. In fact, right now, we have 50 percent off on Waterford Pens. And don’t be fooled by the title, the Waterford Pen Clearance is not a sale that comes every four years or lasts for only one day. But, supplies are limited and it wouldn’t hurt to take a quick look to make sure your not missing out on some great clearance pen deals. To give you an idea of what we have right now, here are a few items.

Waterford Pallas Fountain Pen Tortoise

Image result for Waterford Pallas Fountain Pen TortoiseThe Pallas (pronounced ‘palace’) is a clear standout in the list of Waterford Pens on clearance at Executive Essentials right now. The barrel of this pen is crafted from a single piece of hardwood and polished by hand for a smooth, delicate and beautiful surface. The intricate design is natural and pulled out from the wood through the polishing process. This particular pen comes with gold trim all around for a very regal look and feel. At 50 percent off, this pen comes home for a low price of $64.99.

Waterford Alana Ballpoint Pen Blue


The Alana is a slim specimen of a pen, with simple distinct lines. This pen speaks to the organizer in us all, with a clean design that orders clear the mind. The barrel of the body is a sterling silver field with the Waterford Seahorse logo etched gently into the center. The metal clip has a subtly curve, bringing a bit of excitement to the easy lines. The blue of the pen on either end invokes a clear sky or a calm ocean and enhances the overall peaceful feeling of this elegant ballpoint. Put all together and you have a pen worthy of writing with. And it’s on sale now for $58.99.

These are just two of the many Waterford pens that we have at Executive Essentials. Take the time to browse these and other great pens available.

Hidden Treasures: Vintage Pens

Spring is here and she’s gearing up to kick old man winter in the shorts. And, as he exits the scene everything will begin to bounce back to life and the great outdoors will be humming with a new generation of flora and fauna. Spring makes everything just a bit shinier, a bit more fun, and a lot more exciting. And pen collectors are not immune to the special feeling doled out by the sunshine and warmer weather.


Image result for garage sale
Springtime Means Treasure Hunting


Cloistered in their homes all winter, embraced by the warm glow of laptop monitors, winter sales, and eBay auctions, this is the time of year that pen aficionados gear up and get out into the real world. The time for browsing with your fingers is over. The time now to don the shoes of an explorer and discover hidden treasures with our feet. It’s time for garage sales!

All around my tiny town, garage sales are starting to surface. Earlier this week I helped a friend set up for a Saturday sale and was immediately reminded of how treasures lurk in the discounted piles of makeshift shopping opportunities in driveways everywhere. In fact, I found a model of Fenway Park that my friend had priced at $2 set out on the table. He’s a big baseball fan and I was curious why he didn’t want it anymore. He told me he was getting rid of stuff and that it wasn’t worth anything, then went about getting back to work.


Boston Red Sox Rollerball Pen;
Boston Red Sox Think Pen

Curious, I whipped out my phone and looked up the small model on the internet. Turns out the model was a limited edition and was selling for $60 on eBay. Granted, not a millionaire making a moment, but my friend was surprised to find out that even if the rendition of the famous park didn’t have sentimental value anymore, it did have some monetary value. He pulled it off the table, laughing as I offered to pay $2 for it.


Besides random and sundry knick-knacks of value, garage sales are also a great way to find vintage pens and pen treasures of all kinds. And the key to successfully identifying your treasure is having access to the internet via your phone so you can tap into websites like Executive Essentials and others to identify what it is you’re holding. Executive Essentials has names and pictures of a wide variety of pens that will help you identify a wide range of pens and get you close to placing a value on it as well.

So don’t hesitate. Spring doesn’t last long and the early bird gets the worm. Get out there and hunt down those forgotten pens from days of yore and put them back into operation, give them a place to shine and bring them back out into the glow of spring. And, if you don’t find any pens of interest out in the real world, Executive Essentials has pen sales that will always be here to help you get your fix.