Montblanc Generation Pens

“We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the vitriolic words and actions of the bad people, but for the appalling silence of the good people.”

“We have the power to make this the best generation of mankind in the history of the world or to make it the last.”

“Each generation should be made to bear the burden of its own wars, instead of carrying them on, at the expense of other generations.”

Since 1906 Montblanc has passed the art of pen manufacturing from one generation to the next; resulting in the creation of the finest pens available in the world. So what better name for a pen collection from Montblanc than the Montblanc Generation Collection!

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Montblanc Generation Pens comprise all the best characteristics of fine writing instruments that Montblanc has developed generation after generation.  The stainless steel tips, the precious black resin barrels and caps and the platinum plated rings and clips all contribute to the superiority of these pens! As Montblanc declares “the Montblanc Generation Collection is sure to please first-time Montblanc purchasers as well as long-time fans. Exquisite craftsmanship and superb materials are the hallmarks of this sophisticated collection.

Montblanc the symbol of excellence, generation after generation!

The Montblanc Masterpiece

Meisterstuck, German for masterpiece.  “Masterpiece in modern usage refers to a creation that has been given much critical praise, especially one that is considered the greatest work of a person’s career or to a work of outstanding creativity, skill or workmanship.” Undisputed, the Montblanc Meisterstuck Pen is well deserving of its name!

First developed in 1924 by Montblanc, these pens have continued to represent the best Montblanc has to offer, making these pens a favorite amongst pen officiates all over the world.  The classic styling, the use of higher quality materials including black resin, gold, platinum, and silver as well as the pens smooth writing capability all contribute to these pens’ well-deserved name. In fact “the Montblanc Meisterstück 149 fountain pen is considered one of the best-known and most famous writing instruments of our time.”


Meisterstuck, German for masterpiece………. Experience the Meisterstuck that is Montblanc!

Montblanc Pays Homage to Queen Elizabeth I with New Pen

Strong. Defined. Powerful. Innovative. These words describe the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, and what’s more impressive is that they also apply to Montblanc’s new pen dedicated to her throne.

Image result for Queen Elizabeth IMontblanc released two limited edition fountain pens that capture the essence of 16th century England. Thanks to Queen Elizabeth I, England was a world super power that created the foundation for a historic age of culture. Montblanc recognizes this epic era with its pens.

The brilliant lacquer of both writing instruments is modeled on the royal garments of the Queen. The royal insignia is well represented on the cap by the Tudor rose and the cross of the British Crown, along with a green cabochon on the clip. To finish off the adorned cap, the words “Video et taceo” meaning “I see and say nothing” are engraved as a reminder of the famous Queen’s signature motto.

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The Queen Elizabeth I fountain pens come in two editions; one is limited to 4810 pieces while the other has only 888. If you are a fan of British History, this pen is the perfect collection piece. This pen is also a worthy addition to any desk or collection and is sure to spark conversation.

Help honor the spirit of the Queen’s dynasty with the new Montblanc fountain pen!

The New Cross C-Series: Pen or Sports Car?

Car enthusiasts, get ready. Cross released a new collection, the C-Series, modeled after sports cars. The collection features fountain and rollerball pens in your choice of blue, champagne and black, with the black coming in two finishes.Image result for cross pens c-series 2010

The body of the pen is inspired by sports cars while the appointments are designed to reflect lug nuts. The fountain pens are equipped with a twist off cap and a rubberized grip section for optimal comfort. To top it all off, the pen is finished with an 18 karat gold nib with rhodium plating.Image result for cross pens c-series 2010

The rollerballs use a twist to engage the pen, and the capless design makes for a high tech look. As with the fountain pen, the body brings to mind a sports car, and the appointments scream lug nuts. The pen takes either gel ink or jumbo ballpoint refills, and both are included with your purchase.

I know you’ve been eying that new Audi A5 and that Infiniti G37, but who has the money for them these days? The new Cross C-Series is a great alternative, and the price won’t give you that pit in your stomach…or wallet.

Namiki’s Vanishing Point: Newer, Sleeker and Better Than Ever

The vanishing point. Nope, not as in the movie or part of a painting. I’m talking Namiki. The vanishing point is one of the brand’s most famous pens, and they’ve vamped it up to go with modern times.


The collection is now bigger and better and available in a fountain pen or ballpoint pen. The fountain pen is larger, but the durable metal body and attractive appointments still keep the pen looking unique. You have the choice of an 18 carat gold fine, medium or broad nib, along with a vast array of deep and rich color finishes. All combinations are completed with rhodium accents to make the look sleek and contemporary.

While all the colors that the pens come in are beautiful, one in particular stands out as particularly new and eye-catching; it’s black, but the middle of the pen looks almost splatter painted in all sorts of fun colors. There are little tiny spurts of blue, pink, yellow and green paint that looks like either spin art or a picture of a starry and clear night sky. I would definitely go with this one if you’re looking for something new and different.

Namiki’s new design also comes in a retractable ballpoint pen that boasts many similar features to the fountain pen. However, the body of the ballpoint is slimmer than the fountain pen, and can be yours in either blue or gun-metal. As with the fountain pen, the ballpoints are finished with rhodium accents to ensure the same modern, clean and classy look you’d expect from these Japanese artists.

One thing is for sure: Namiki is here to stay, and the vanishing point is proof of that. Check them out at Executive Essentials!

Great College Pens

What do Elvis, bullets, safaris, and grips all have in common? They are all popular collections of “college friendly” pens. Each of these collections is unique, reasonably priced, write fantastic and are the perfect pens for college bound students.

Acme Studios now has an Elvis Collection. Expertly crafted with state-of-the-art components, each Acme Studios model comes in its own impressive presentation case.  Fun, colorful and highly expressive, these Acme Studios writing tools are sure to provide their owners with plenty of creative inspiration…..which everyone could use as they head off to class.

Image result for Fisher’s Bullet CollectionDo you sometimes like to escape to the far corners of the library or to the back of the local café in order not to be tempted by all the fun things that accompany college life?  Are you not one to be sitting at a conventional desk either,  rather on the floor or in bed with your pen facing upward?  You may want to consider Fisher’s Bullet Collection.  These Bullet pens are considered space pens because they have been selected by NASA for spaceflight; they were the only pens after rigorous testing to work in the extreme conditions of space so no matter where or how you end up studying you’ll know your pen will be reliable.

Image result for lamy pens safari collectionEach year of college is like going on a new safari.  You don’t know what strange creatures you’ll meet or circumstances you might find yourself in. Similarly, dorm and campus living can be a little more rigorous without all the comforts of home. Lamy Pens now has the Safari Collection. Safari pens are designed in sturdy ABS plastic, so they’re rugged yet light weight. They have a contoured grip which makes them easy to hold. The spring-wire clip slides into and out of any pocket with ease and they come in great eye-catching colors.  Why not be ready for the jungle this year?

Image result for Grip 2011 CollectionFinally, you’ll need to “get a grip”  as you prepare for another tough year of studying, completing papers and having to spend many a late night at the lab. Faber-Castell now offers the Grip 2011 Collection. “The silvery pencil with the black grippy dots has acquired two functional and good-looking brothers: the Grip 2011 ball pen and mechanical pencil. They have the same ergonomic triangular cross-section as the Grip 2001, while the non-slip grip zone helps provide a comfortable and relaxing hold for those marathon writing sessions. The mechanical pencil has a very tough 0.7-mm lead; a twist-out eraser is ever at the ready under the end cap. Thanks to the retractable guide tube, the pencil will not make holes in a breast pocket. ”

Well here’s to another year of academia, I wish you the best.  Remember to truly be successful in college you must both work hard and play hard and what better way to equip yourself then having the best college friendly pens close at hand!

The Best Pen for School Children

Screen Multi System Pen Red;Now that the school year is upon us, it is once again time to purchase writing instruments for our children as they head into another year of academia.

Instead of the same old routine of buying a package of ballpoint pens, pencils, stylus pens and highlighters; why not get one perfect pen to handle all four of these functions.

Not only will you keep your child more organized, you will help the environment by reducing the number of pens purchased and because these pens are refillable, you are reducing the future purchasing of pens as well!

Simplify your life and your child’s life and by purchasing a Multi-Function pen today!