Retro 51’s New Harley Davidson Pens Will Get Your Engines Running

Harley Davidson, Disney, and Tornadoes. What do all three have in common? They’re all Retro 51 pen collections, of course. Established in 1991, Retro 51 is redefining the way we think about pens. The company makes affordable, unique and original pieces that anyone would want. From Tinkerbell and Mickey Mouse to Full Throttles and Road Writers, Retro 51 has a pen for you, especially with the addition of new pieces to the already popular collections.

Image result for retro 51 harley davidson collection flathead lineIn continuation of the distinctive Harley Davidson collection, Retro 51 released the Flathead line. This includes three new pens designed around Harley’s Flathead engine. Like the flathead engine, the pens are powerful in their simplicity.

Along with the new line of Harleys, Retro 51 also added the Abbondonza pens. This collection was named for the Italian word meaning, “more of everything,” which pretty accurately describe these pens. They are made from acrylic resin to ensure their beauty and long life.

As if the Harleys and Abbondonzas weren’t enough, the company also updated some classics. The Scriptmaster is now available in the second series, and the Tornado Rollerballs now come in five new colors including ice blue, Venetian marble, purple, charcoalium and Verona marble.


One thing remains constant with these pens; they are unlike any designs I’ve ever seen. Check them out at Executive Essentials.

Back to School Pens


Lamy Dialog Ballpoint Pen

August is typically the hottest month of the year, making it the ultimate ambassador of summer. It’s the month when the sun settles in and pushes away the cares of the world. Lazy, cool mornings greet us when we wake, mid-afternoons involve hammocks and swimming and our nights are filled with mild-mannered temperatures, accented by the scent of BBQ and a hint of laughter and conversation. It’s a few weeks of heaven on earth, reserved for those who are willing to let themselves enjoy it. But, even if you are the type that chases the endless summer, there is no way to stave off the impending dismay that is the ‘back to school’ season.


As joyous a feeling that the end of school brings, equal is the dread that blankets all who must attend a new semester of thought provoking academia. It is September that plagues those who are trapped into a new season of school, whether it be compulsory or for some higher goal of learning. It is September that teases us in those first weeks with fine weather and last minute jaunts to places unknown. Because, as September moves on through the weeks, school looms with its books and its teachers and its cafeteria food. But, back-to-school doesn’t have to mean back-to-sorrow. Just as with everything else, as one adventure ends, a new adventure begins.

The key to getting back to school is to make sure that you or your student have a reason to enjoy the new endeavor. Don’t think about the endless amount of homework or the boring class and stuffy teachers. Instead, think about ways that will make your experience more enjoyable. You could invest in a new backpack or briefcase, you could invest in new school clothing promise yourself a special treat a few times a week at the new bakery that opened up around the corner. Or, you could invest in a new fountain pen that is fun, exciting, stylish and makes you feel like learning might not be that bad.


Retro 51 Tornado Rollerball Pen

Or perhaps you would like to try something from Retro 51. For under $20 you can get yourself a stylish rollerball pen in a number of colors from their Tornado series. These pens have a great shape and feel that will keep the student in you studying all night long.There are many pens that might suit your fancy in the Executive Essentials catalog, but to get you started you should take a look at something by Lamy. Lamy has a great array of pens in a number of price ranges. Take a peek at the Lamy Dialog Ballpoint pen. A space-age looking instrument that goes great with that science class.



Rotring Rapid PRO Mechanical Pencil

Don’t like pens? Then get a new Rotring pencil. These mechanical pencils have what it takes to get massive amounts of writing done all while keeping a consistent, tight line on the paper. Especially perfect for those long math problems that always seem to crop up at the beginning of the year.If you want to turn heads with something unique then check out Tombow. Their Zoom 707 pens come in under $20 and are sure to turn heads. With their ultra thin barrels and large grips, they will be a sure conversation starter with your new classmates.


Also on our list of must have writing instruments are those from Monteverde, especially the Poquito. These tiny powerhouses may be small, but they have a lot of ink when it comes to marathon studying sessions and cramming for tests. Don’t let the size fool you – the price is right.

So as always, get over to the Executive Essentials catalog and get acquainted with some fine writing instruments for the new year!

What Makes a Limited Edition Pen Special

There’s something about a fine writing instrument. It makes you feel important. It makes your words special. It adds a touch of elegance and class to your everyday routine. If you are not a pen collector, you understand the significance of a fine pen the first time you pick one up. If you are a collector, you already appreciate the value. Regardless of your familiarity with the world of fine pens, we can all see the beauty of limited edition pens. Brands like Lamy, Montblanc, and Parker produce fantastically advanced, sophisticated and streamlined writing instruments, and when you add in the title of limited edition, the end result is truly a masterful work of art.

Limited edition pens act as thoughtful and unique gifts as their beauty is undeniable. You can complement someone’s personality or inspire them with a limited edition pen. We’re taking some time today to highlight a few of our favorites and bestsellers to make that purchase even simpler.

First on our list is the special edition 25th anniversary pen from Retro 51. The popular brand created a special acid-etched Tornado. The pen features “25” in a plated stonewashed pewter finish as the pattern as well as a barrel complemented with glossy rhodium accents. The pen contains a rollerball refill and is packaged in a special tube with the number inscribed on the top ring. This pen is on track with the brand philosophy of life being “too short to carry an ugly pen.” They infuse character and playfulness into quality writing instruments thereby making them more accessible and approachable.

Next up, we have the Dialog 1 from Lamy. The powerhouse teamed up with world-renowned designer Richard Sapper to craft this futuristic pen. The ergonomic instrument combines durability with a modern sleekness. The ballpoint Dialog 1 is coated in matte titanium making its triangular body and rounded edges appear like something Tony Stark himself would pick up and sketch his next bodysuit with.


Parker Pens is synonymous with elegance, quality, and talent. It is no surprise that the Ingenuity 5th Technology Year of the Dragon pen is streamlined, bold and beautiful. The Ingenuity collection is the next generation in fine pens. It combines a cutting-edge refill tip and engraved metallic hood that provides a smooth and smart glide feeling. While not a fountain pen, it acts and looks like one.

Choosing the right fine pen is not an easy task. The good news is that you can’t go wrong with a limited edition piece– especially these pens.