Graduation Gifts 2011: Science Pens

Science is everywhere and yet a vast majority of folks tend to shy away from spending a great deal of time learning much about the laws of physics, the theory of relativity or the Copenhagen Interpretation. Not that I can blame them. The most science-y activity I’ve researched in the last few years was how to brew beer and really most of that came down to taste-testing. With that in mind though, we should really take the time to thank a graduate of a science program this year for taking on the task of learning all the minutia of how our universe works in order to make our world a more efficient effective and better place. And, a nice pen that speaks to their better qualities is a good start.

There are some really great pens on the Executive Essentials site that represent science in either name, look, feel or all of the above. Take a look at these five that I’ve selected for starters.

Image result for Acme Science RollerballAcme Science Rollerball

The writing tools of Acme Studios are created to commemorate the artistic achievements of the 20th century’s greatest contemporary artists, architects, and designers. This Acme Science Rollerball is made up of a high gloss peach colored resin decorated with Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. Not only was Da Vinci a great artist, but he was a great scientist-observer who created ideas for musical instruments, hydraulic pumps, reversible crank mechanisms, finned mortar shells, and even a steam cannon. This pen is great for that experimenter scientist.

Montblanc Starwalker

Space, they say, is the final frontier. With the shuttering of manned space flights into the foreseeable future, it’s important that we encourage the youth of today to keep looking up to the stars so that we can continue to learn more about the universe we live in. What’s more, many inventions that we use today stemmed from research coming from NASA scientists. I know that the Starwalker has nothing to do with space itself, but the name invokes the image of a person who’s an inquisitive, dreamer with a yearning to break boundaries.


Think Alla Moda Argyle Pen

To me, argyle most succinctly defines the history of the scientific profession in terms of fashion even more than a white lab coat. The sweet natured, sweater-vested scientist, festooned in argyle with unkempt hair is the go to the stereotype of cinema and TV. But, perhaps that’s just because I grew up in the 80’s? Regardless, this Think Alla Moda rollerball pen has a unique style with flamboyant color combinations which really make this pen the perfect writing tool for those that have a scientist’s eye for fashion.

119597583_amazoncom-krone-resonance-rollerball-pen-sorrento-office.jpgKrone Resonance Rollerball Pen

You know that when you are forced to hit up Wikipedia for the meaning behind a pens name that you’ve probably stumbled across some science. That was the case with the Krone Resonance. Krone is the name of the pen company that started in 1997 when it issued the unique and controversial Abraham Lincoln Limited Edition pen. What made this pen so unique was that it was embedded with the Civil War President’s DNA.  Yes, his DNA.  In addition, the term resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate with larger amplitude at some frequencies than at others. A great looking pen just waiting to help a young scientist release some of their potential energy.


Image result for FjaderI’ll be honest with you, I just happen to stumble across this pen and immediately loved it. It really has nothing to do with science at all. I mean, sure, I could talk about the shape of the feather and how it’s been used to help humankind create a myriad of inventions that have made life easier since we began to understand how they worked. But I’m not going to do that. Because what really struck me as science about it, was its futuristic appeal. Which of course brings to mind my favorite kind of science – science fiction.  Science fiction represents the best part of science. The dreamy part of science that makes our minds wander into thoughts of teleportation, faster than light travel, jet packs and healthy fast food. This pen is perfect for that visionary scientist in your life.

These are just a few of the many pens that Executive Essentials has in their store. There are much more for you to view. So take a look around and please, if you have any questions or need some information about a pen, just ask. We are happy to help.

Holiday Gift Pens

Here’s the story. You want to find the best holiday gift you can for those special someones in your life, so the first place you head is the internet to take advantage of comparison shopping, great deals and the collective wisdom of billions of people. But, what you find instead is a bunch of top ten lists rattling off the latest electronic gizmos that came from the ‘things you plug in’ section of Santa’s workshop. A Nook, a Kindle, an Ipad, an Android phone or even Mp3 sunglasses (because now the future is bright and soundtracked?) all find their way to the top of the must have list. And that’s fine. These are great gifts, but…

ipad-e1501001914819.jpgThe problem with electronic gifts nowadays is that instead of us consuming them, they consume us. And they do it everywhere. In the old days when we left our homes, we left our electronics behind. But now, our electronic devices come mobile and pre-packed with a constant stream of distraction. When it empties, we fill it again. This form of entertainment isn’t necessarily bad, but it doesn’t demand anything from us. It doesn’t challenge us or ask us to think – critically or otherwise. It just gives and gives until we either decide to turn it off or it runs out of batteries.


Element Rollerball Pen Carbon Black;
Think Element Rollerball Pen

To be absolutely, 100 percent clear. We at Executive Essentials do not hate mobile electronic devices. On the contrary, we love all they have to offer. We just think that gift giving should be an opportunity, not an excuse. It’s a moment you can take to offer a friend or a relative something more than a distraction. Something that has value beyond this year and well past the next. A gift that compels creativity, demands interaction and opens up our abilities to share, produce and imagine.


That gift is a pen.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we are going to share our thoughts on some of the best gift pens from a wide variety of brands with an even wider variety of prices. We’ll talk about fountain pens, mechanical pencils, rollerballs and ballpoints. We’ll roll out some staff favorites, talk about utility, fashion, design and of course style. So come back often this month to see what we’re talking about. But, if you just can’t wait, you can check out this catalog of wonderful holiday gifts.

Hidden Treasures: Vintage Pens

Spring is here and she’s gearing up to kick old man winter in the shorts. And, as he exits the scene everything will begin to bounce back to life and the great outdoors will be humming with a new generation of flora and fauna. Spring makes everything just a bit shinier, a bit more fun, and a lot more exciting. And pen collectors are not immune to the special feeling doled out by the sunshine and warmer weather.


Image result for garage sale
Springtime Means Treasure Hunting


Cloistered in their homes all winter, embraced by the warm glow of laptop monitors, winter sales, and eBay auctions, this is the time of year that pen aficionados gear up and get out into the real world. The time for browsing with your fingers is over. The time now to don the shoes of an explorer and discover hidden treasures with our feet. It’s time for garage sales!

All around my tiny town, garage sales are starting to surface. Earlier this week I helped a friend set up for a Saturday sale and was immediately reminded of how treasures lurk in the discounted piles of makeshift shopping opportunities in driveways everywhere. In fact, I found a model of Fenway Park that my friend had priced at $2 set out on the table. He’s a big baseball fan and I was curious why he didn’t want it anymore. He told me he was getting rid of stuff and that it wasn’t worth anything, then went about getting back to work.


Boston Red Sox Rollerball Pen;
Boston Red Sox Think Pen

Curious, I whipped out my phone and looked up the small model on the internet. Turns out the model was a limited edition and was selling for $60 on eBay. Granted, not a millionaire making a moment, but my friend was surprised to find out that even if the rendition of the famous park didn’t have sentimental value anymore, it did have some monetary value. He pulled it off the table, laughing as I offered to pay $2 for it.


Besides random and sundry knick-knacks of value, garage sales are also a great way to find vintage pens and pen treasures of all kinds. And the key to successfully identifying your treasure is having access to the internet via your phone so you can tap into websites like Executive Essentials and others to identify what it is you’re holding. Executive Essentials has names and pictures of a wide variety of pens that will help you identify a wide range of pens and get you close to placing a value on it as well.

So don’t hesitate. Spring doesn’t last long and the early bird gets the worm. Get out there and hunt down those forgotten pens from days of yore and put them back into operation, give them a place to shine and bring them back out into the glow of spring. And, if you don’t find any pens of interest out in the real world, Executive Essentials has pen sales that will always be here to help you get your fix.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is on June 17th this year. And, if you take a look at your calendar, you will notice that it is only several weeks away. That means you need to dust off the old idea box lying dormant between your ears and fire it into overdrive if you’re going to find a way to show your dad just how much you appreciate him in time for the occasion. But, don’t worry, because we here at Executive Essentials have a goldmine of ideas that we are willing to share with you over the course of the next few weeks.


Tribeca Collection Trifold Black;
Bosca Trifold Wallet

Now according to research done by the people that love numbers, it turns out that more phone calls are made and more gifts are given on Mother’s Day than Father’s Day. Unfortunately, the people with all the numbers don’t bother to tell us why it is this way. Do Mother’s just love gifts more? Are they easier to buy gifts for? Do we love them more? I would assume that the answer in most cases is no. Or at least not so much more than we actually buy a gift for one parent and not the other.  Regardless, let’s all get together and raise the numbers and give Mother’s Day a run for their money! (who says that?)


Here at Executive Essentials, we have a great line-up of gifts in all price ranges and categories to give to the special dad in your life. From briefcases to inexpensive pens, we have you covered. So make sure you check out what we have below and also come back to see what we outline in future posts leading up to the big Sunday on the 17th of June.

Father’s Day Pens


Johnny Cash Limited Edition Rollerball Pen Black;
Think Johnny Cash Limited Edition Rollerball Pen

I’m going to get into this in more detail in coming posts, so check back, but in general, a pen is a great gift for a dad. With so many brands, types and price ranges to choose from you won’t have a hard time finding one that is perfect for that dad in your life. We will, however, have a hard time figuring out what kinds to showcase and talk about.


To get you started, I’d take a look at Retro 51 for that goofy dad in your life, Montblanc for that sophisticated father who hangs out in his den all day, perhaps a nice Fisher for a father on the go, and check out Krone Pens for the dad who literally has everything. (Don’t be afraid to request a price!)

Father’s Day Briefcase

Sacks, satchels, cases, bags, duffels, briefcases. It doesn’t matter what he uses, we just know that dad has stuff to carry around. If your dad doesn’t have any baggage at this point in his life, it’s time you gave him some. And we have some of the nicest briefcases on the internet at prices that are hard to imagine.


Profile Collection 3" Slim Computer Brief Black;
Zero Halliburton Briefcase

Does your old man do a lot of traveling to and fro? Get him a nice TSA approved briefcase from Tumi. Is he a bit more rugged, but still likes to travel in style? How about a nice leather briefcase from Passage 2, with its Indiana Jones-esque appearance.  Is your father an international man of mystery? Well, make him feel like one with an attaché case from ZERO Halliburton. Finally, is he a jack-of –all-trades kind of guy? Then just look through the extensive collection of briefcases and decide for yourself. He’ll be happy with any of them, rest assured.


For other great ideas, try looking at our collection of walletsdesk accessories, and leather goods. With such a wide selection, you’re bound to find something that your father will cherish for years. Happy hunting.

John Wayne: Think Fountain Pen

When people from all over the world think of John Wayne, they don’t often think of pens. In fact, on screen, Wayne was more of a fighter than a writer, more comfortable shooting from the top of a horse than writing prose or poetry. But, as an icon of the old west, John Wayne is a perfect topic for a tribute from Think Pens.


John Wayne
Old West American Icon – John Wayne

Think is the company that reaches out into our pop culture in order to bring us snippets and tributes to those who have amazed and entertained us throughout the years. Previous examples include their tributes on Johnny Cash and Bruce Lee. Both pens made of high-quality materials about icons in their own respective fields. The Think John Wayne fountain pen is just another addition to this already great line-up of commemorative pens. (See also the Think John Wayne rollerball pen.)


With their latest offering, Think has created a pen that reflects the best of the ‘Old West Americana’. A pen that not only touches on some of the highlights of Wayne’s career but also invokes the nature and independence that have come to uniquely identify the great western states that Wayne so often lived in on screen. It’s a hard essence to capture, but like so man pens before it by Think, it is done well, with caution and good taste.

Coated in a fine resin tinted the color of wet, desert sand and shaded mountain sides, the pen also has a series of stripes in red, black and orange that capture the frequent colors of western landscapes. The cap of the pen is loaded with gold, like the stagecoaches of Wayne’s famous movies. The golden band around the cap is a relief of Monument Valley Butte rising onto the pen from the base of the cap. The clip is another hunk of gold in the shape the river waves of the Red River D brand from the 1948 film ‘Red River’. Scrawled across the golden band on the clip is the signature of John Wayne himself, bringing the whole pen together in a tidy, western package that feels both dangerous and comfortable.


Image result for Think John Wayne fountain pen
John Wayne Think Pen

This pen is limited to 888 pieces and comes in a luxuriously lacquered John Wayne box, ready for a gift (perhaps Father’s Day) or just for hoarding away for yourself. So what are you waiting for ‘pardner’ — saddle up and let’s get this wagon train moving. You don’t want to let the Duke down.stripes in red, black and orange that capture the frequent colors of western landscapes. The cap of the pen is loaded with gold, like the stagecoaches of Wayne’s famous movies. The golden band around the cap is a relief of Monument Valley Butte rising onto the pen from the base of the cap. The clip is another hunk of gold in the shape the river waves of the Red River D brand from the 1948 film ‘Red River’. Scrawled across the golden band on the clip is the signature of John Wayne himself, bringing the whole pen together in a tidy, western package that feels both dangerous and comfortable.


Think Camo Fountain Pen and Other Oddities

Oddities attract our attention. The sight of something ordinary, but with a twist that challenges our ideas of how that object should appear gives us pause to think and then to rethink and categorize. Oddities literally stun our senses. Odd objects cause our brain to fire all ‘pistons’ at once, but still, there is no conclusion. Like fish out of water, we flop around until our senses can come back into focus. We struggle until we realize that we do not need to struggle, but only relax.

There are many oddities out there in the great big world. Objects and even people, that challenge our view of the world simply by existing. These are the point-zero-one-percent. They are the pieces of our world that fall off the curve of statistical averages. And, depending on their appearance they either cause us to marvel in awe and wonder, or shy away in fear and disgust. Below is a trio of unordinary structures, creatures, and objects that cause pause. That allows us to rethink what we’ve already thought so that we can realign our own scales of normal and what is expected.

Chapel Of The Holy Cross


chapel of the holy cross
Chapel of The Holy Cross

Designed by Marguerite Brunswig Staude, this structure was completed in 1956 as a working Roman Catholic chapel in Sedona Arizona. Built within the Coconino National Forest for a grand total of $300,000, the structure perches above the natural landscape with straight edges and a majestic, yet alien form. The building itself seems to rise from the earth or, perhaps, it is sinking into the earth, depending on your philosophy and disposition on that given day. Because of its striking appearance among the natural, red rocks of the Arizona countryside, this church is a wonderful example of a structure that causes the senses and causes us all to rethink our expectations.


The Blobfish

There are times when oddities repel rather than attract. Not because they are inherently evil or lack value, but rather because their appearance challenges our own assumptions too quickly. Like an electrical circuit with a surge of electricity, the fuse pops so the entire system doesn’t get fried. That may be the case with the blobfish.


The Blobfish

The blobfish is a nearly muscleless fish that inhabits the deep, deep waters off the coasts of Australia and Tasmania. Because it lives on the ocean floor, in pressures many times that of what humans are used to, the Blobfish is not a common sight. And that may be for the best. It looks like a cross between a mound of gelatinous flesh and a discarded Maurice Sendak creature. Although it may sound uncharitable a description, the Blobfish is unique in many ways and deserves a great deal of respect in the fact that it has evolved to fill a niche in the circle of life along the bottom of the ocean floor.


Think Camo Fountain Pen


Camo Rollerball Pen Flint;
Think Camo Rollerball Pen Flint

In the world of pens, there are oddities as well as there are in nature. In the Executive Essentials catalog, I would give this honor to the Think Camo Fountain Pen. Part Blobfish, part Chapel of the Holy Cross, these pens have a very distinct pattern, look and feel. At first, the solid colors amidst the body cut a bold line between the outer camouflaged portions of the pens. You won’t reel in disgust when you first see them, but it will challenge your senses. But wait, because the more you take in the appearance of these pens the more you will appreciate what Think has once again done.


These one-of-a-kind designs challenge the everyday look of all the pens that have come before them. The jarring colorations at once entice and reject the senses. All three colors add their own ambiance to the pen, giving it an odd, yet comfortable presence. A true tribute to what makes Think pens so great. You can get yours in SignalBeryl or Flint. Check these great pens out now and embrace what is odd about your life.

Unique Father’s Day Gifts

Pens are fun gifts for Father’s Day. Let’s just get that out of the way in case you had any doubt. Dad doesn’t need another tie or a mounted plastic fish that sings ‘Take Me To The River’ when you push a button. He doesn’t need items that will make his ‘chores’ any easier – because regardless of the help he receives, it’s still just a reminder that he has chores. What dad really wants is an item that is as unique and inspiring as he is and you have the chance to get him that from Executive Essentials.

Dad’ come in all shapes and sizes and no two are alike – although they may all have similar qualities. Some dads are quiet and introspective and some are loud and yell at the TV. Some dads can’t remember where they put their car keys and some are so organized the house looks like a museum. And then there are those dads that live in the past, while others seem to be leading the charge into the future. Make sure you get your dad something that reflects who he is.

Think is a company that makes Limited Edition Pen lines that suit a variety of tastes and a variety of dads. They have a plethora of lines that range from wacky and fun to sophisticated and unique. Here are just a few of the ideas we have to get you started on picking out the perfect pen for your father on his special day.

Think Bruce Lee Pen

Think Bruce Lee Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Bruce Lee was a master of the martial arts as well as a master entertainer. His pursuits in strength agility and feats of the mind are legendary. Let your dad know that you think he is just as cool with this ‘striking’ commemorative pen from Think. The Bruce Lee Limited Edition Fountain Pen has a jet black barrel with a vibrant red cap. The cap is banded in gold with Bruce Lee embossed in raised lettering. To top it all off, the piece is appointed with a golden dragon clip that brings to mind the many great movies Bruce starred in over his reign. Take a look at this amazing pen and see if it’s right for your father on his special day.

Think Hippie Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Think Hippie Pen

A  lot of things happened in the 60’s and 70’s that your father probably doesn’t remember. But, that just means he had a good time. If your dad is the type that is still trying to give peace a chance and is reluctantly trudging into the great unknown that is tomorrow, then he might like the Think Hippie Limited Edition Fountain Pen. At first glance, this pen is nothing more than an homage to the drug culture of yesteryear with its unique hemp-colored matte Italian resin that pays homage to this subculture. But, it’s more than just a nod to the plant that defined those decades. It’s a tribute to a generation of radicals that shaped the laws and norms of the United States of America. As the band on the matte silver band declares, “Absof*ckinglutely.

Think Major League Baseball Collection

Chicago White Sox Rollerball Pen;
Think Baseball Pen – Chicago White Sox

Baseball, Baseball, Baseball! Need we say anymore? If your father is a baseball aficionado then the Think Major League Baseball Collection pens are just what you need to make your dad proud this Father’s day. Take him out to the ballgame with a pen that represents his favorite team. Each pen comes in the colors of the chosen team as well as a pattern to suit the uniforms. The clip of each pen details the team’s logo and/or mascot. Don’t pass up on this great opportunity to score major league points with dad!

Think Nebula Fountain Pen Lobster

Nebula Rollerball Pen Lobster;
Think Nebula – Lobster

For the science fiction and science fiction fathers we bring you the Think Nebula Fountain Pen in glowing lobster color. This marbled wonder models the brilliant colors contained in the gassy nebulas that float gently in outer space. As the final frontier, space embodies both the hopes and fears of mankind. It is a source of intellectual endeavors and spiritual contemplations. If your father is cut from the same fabric as the scientists that study the vast unknown, then this pen might be right for him.

These are just a few of the many great pens that would make your Dad smile this Father’s day. So go ahead and take a look around at the Executive Essentials catalog and see what you can find for him.