Timbuk2 Messenger Bags Invite Environment and Customer Approval

Timbuk2, a city in the Tombouctou Region of the West African nation of Mali…no that is Timbuktu; Timbuk2, a San Francisco based messenger bag company started in a garage, in the 1980’s…yes, that is the Timbuk2 I am talking about!

Who made the first messenger bag? New York based company Globe Canvas for telephone linemen.  However, New York City bicycle messengers soon realized the benefits of the design, and Globe Canvas “messenger bags” were soon spotted all over town.  Timbuk2 wasn’t far behind, and they soon began to capture the hearts of mainstream America. People walking down the street noticed the brightly colored, well-made bags, and wanted them for themselves.Image result for timbuk 2 D-Lux Messenger Bag

Timbuk2 is a young company that not only provides durable messenger bags but also is concerned with the environment. “Like rice and beans, we keep it simple when it comes to being pro-planet. We make durable bags that are tough as hell and built to last. So while our competition is piling up in landfills, we stay on your back, hugging you for a lifetime. Tales of Timbuk2 bags outlasting jobs, lovers, pets, and train wrecks are not uncommon. These stories give us the confidence to guarantee our bags will last a lifetime.”

Some of Executive Essentials’ best-selling bags include the:

  • D-Lux Messenger Bag
  • Netbook Messenger BagImage result for timbuk2 Netbook Messenger Bag

Along with all Timbuk2 bags, these are both made of rugged ballistic nylon, heavy-duty stitching, and waterproof liners.  Each bag comes with a padded adjustable shoulder strap, and many organizational features like a key ring tether. While the messenger bags share many desirable features, they also have characteristics that make each unique for the particular needs of their owners. Check them out at Executive Essentials!


Backpack Deals

Jester Backpack TNF Black;Most schools are back in session on Monday and the time to purchase a backpack for your child is now and Executive Essentials has a broad selection of backpacks at fantastic prices, 10-56% OFF!!

The most popular backpack brands this year are JanSport and The North Face. In particular the JanSport Plaids and The North Face Heckler.

Image result for JanSport PlaidsIf your child has a need to purchase a new backpack every year; the less expensive JanSport might be a better choice. For children who can use the same backpack for several years in a row; the more expensive, lifetime warrantied, North Face will be the better option. For even a greater value on a North Face backpack, check out the 25% off older styles that are currently available!

Womens Jester Backpack TNF Black Emboss / Petticoat Pink;Some children prefer messenger bags. Our most popular messenger bags by far, Timbuk2, are available in a multitude of different colors and styles and are also on sale at 20-25% off!

Get your child off on the right track this school year with the right backpack or messenger bag, by purchasing one today at exceptional prices at Executive Essentials!

Back To School: Messenger Bags and Backpacks

Even though it’s only early August, it’s time to start thinking about that special time of year that parents love and kids tend to forget about – back to school. There are still plenty of opportunities to swim, camp, travel, and vacation, but you don’t want to get caught at the end of August with all your back to school shopping to do and all the great sales behind you. Planning ahead can mean the difference between getting the school supplies you want rather the school supplies that are left over. More importantly though, getting an early drop on your back to school shopping means having the time to browse all the new bags, pens, notebooks and other school essentials that you will need in the coming year.

Here at Executive Essentials, we have a wide array of items that every back to school student – from grade school to college — could use. In particular, the Executive Essentials online catalog has a plethora of backpacks and messenger bags, including brands like The North Face, JanSport, Ed Hardy and Timbuk2, just to name a few. These are bags that are sure to inspire the creative side in anyone while exceeding the requirements for function and comfort. Take a look at my top 5 picks for backpacks and messenger bags that will make any student look forward to that first day of school.

Timbuk2 D-lux Messenger Race Stripe in Red and Cement

Image result for Timbuk2 D-lux Messenger Race Stripe in Red and CementIt’s hard to say enough good things about the Timbuk2 messenger bags. My wife purchased me one when my son was born to use as a ‘cool’ diaper bag. I immediately fell in love and long after the diapers disappeared I still strap it on daily and head off on down the road. In recent years I’ve used this bag for just about anything, including carrying live fish, which is possible because of the rubber-ish interior that holds water well – or keeps it out.

The exterior of these bags is made out of ballistic rubber an extremely durable substance. There are a ton of different sized pockets that accommodate everything from pens and pencils to bicycle helmets. The straps are ultra comfortable and adjustable, so no matter what your body size you can keep the bag tucked to you firmly regardless of how over stuffed you have it with groceries. Perhaps the best aspect of these bags are the colorful and unique designs that they all come it. Truly a unique and wonderful bag that does it all. And right now they are on sale at Executive Essentials.

JanSport SuperBreak Backpack Blinded Blue Block Check

Image result for JanSport SuperBreak Backpack Blinded Blue Block CheckJanSport is a company that has been sending kids to school for decades. It makes sense then that they understand how to make a reliable, comfortable backpack that can make it through a school year and still have use left over for the summer. JanSport backpacks have a great design that screams function. The backpack itself is wide, with a squared bottom to more easily accommodate books. The inside is uncluttered and cavernous, perfect for younger students who often loose items in more complexly designed backpacks. The outside pocket is great for carrying pens and pencils and the padded back-rest gives enough comfort to walk to and from school. And they have many patterns and styles to choose from.

David King Leather Jumbo Backpack

Image result for David King Leather Jumbo BackpackFor those older students with a taste for leather, you should take a look at David King Leather Backpacks. These leather backpacks have a great stylistic flair, reminiscent of the Indiana Jones era. These vacuous bags have an astonishing 962 cubic inches of storage capacity, wrapped up into 5 simple compartments for neat organization. The handy oversized flap keeps unwanted weather elements away from what needs to be kept safe. This bag has everything you need for your daily routine. And it comes in 4 great colors to match any mood and taste.

The North Face Borealis Computer Backpack

Borealis Backpack TNF Black;If your college bound these days your biggest expense is no longer books – it’s your laptop. And in order to keep that laptop safe from the world, you need a well functioning laptop bag that can also double as a backpack for everything else you need to learn. Even though The North Face is well known for their outdoor gear, their more urban equipment holds up just as well to coffee stains and road rash as it does to bear encounters and mountain climbing. This spacious, but light pack has a padded laptop compartment and a secondary compartment to carry additional supplies. The backrest is a breathable mesh to keep you cool on those daily commutes. It also has dual water bottle compartments, a sturdy top handle, and reflectors for when you have to stay late at the library.

Briggs & Riley Verb Go Messenger Bag Moss

Image result for Briggs & Riley Verb Go Messenger Bag MossI’ll admit, I’m a bit hesitant to even mention other messenger bags when Timbuk2 has all the bases covered. But, after checking out this moss colored Briggs and Riley bag, I have to say there might be room for more than just one messenger bag in the Executive Essentials catalog. Besides having a more elegant, less young-urban look, the Briggs and Riley messenger has a considerable number of features and pockets allowing it to accommodate a number of lifestyle needs. It’s water repellent and scratch resistant, has a buckle clip and magnet front flap closure, an adjustable shoulder strap that can convert to cross body and it fits laptops up to 15 inches. At 2.7 pounds empty this bag is light and just waiting to be filled.

So that’s a quick look at just a small fraction of the backpacks and messenger bags you can find at Executive Essentials. So don’t delay. Back to school will be here before you know it and be prepared for it, is the first step in succeeding.

Back to School: Laptop and iPad Sleeves

Getting your school supplies ready for the new school year used to be a fairly simple endeavor. If you were in K-8, you went to your local department store with your folks, picked up the school supply list and shopped for the items you needed to start the year off right. The simple supply list usually contained a few pens and pencils, some notebooks, a backpack, a lunch bag, a ruler and some glue. For high school and college though, the list can get a bit more complicated.

These days a high school student can’t get away with just a few pens and pencils and a notebook. In this new age of multimedia learning and exploration, it’s becoming more necessary for students to have electronic devices not only to learn from but to compete with. Desktop computers at home have replaced (or are quickly) replacing the TV as the entertainment center, which the home revolves around. But, more than that, the home computer has become the new library and study station. It’s become a home tutor for many students for better or worse.

It’s only natural that with the advent of the laptop, that same home computer mentality would begin to hit the road with the many students around the world. As laptops have become cheaper, a high percentage of students have begun to take them into the class room in high school and college. They serve as part notebook, part dictionary, part encyclopedia and part entertainer. But taking your laptop out into the great big world can be a dicey proposition with all the hustle and bustle going on. That’s why it is important to invest in a durable and reliable laptop case.

Here at Executive Essentials, we have a wide array of laptop sleeves and TSA approved laptop cases that work just as hard to protect your laptop as they do making you look good. A few favorites:

Clark and Mayfield Camen Laptop Sleeve in Coral Red

Image result for Clark and Mayfield Carmen Laptop Sleeve in Coral RedThis netbook/laptop sleeve in coral-red from Clark and Mayfield is a steal right now at Executive Essentials during the back to school sale. This sleeve fits laptops with screens that are 9 to eleven inches wide. This particular sleeve comes with thick padding to keep your laptop safe from bumps and jostling. The exterior has a mild 70’s overtone with a stylish faux snakeskin look. This bag is simple and effective. A perfect melding of utility and fashion. Best of all it comes in Red, Ivory, and Turquoise as well. All for under $15 right now!

Timbuk2 iPad Envelope Sleeve in Black/Gray/Lime

iPad Envelope Sleeve Black / Gunmetal / Lime-Aid;If I have something (anything!) to carry around in the big, bad world, you can do no wrong by choosing a Timbuk2 product. Absolutely amazing construction and a style that never goes out. This particular case is made for the iPad –the new laptop. The guts of this sleeve are made of high-density foam with a unique seaming system that braces against impacts better than your average bag. The inside is also made of a softer material to keep the screen of your Ipad safe and clean. It has a nice snug fit so your Ipad doesn’t jostle around and just in case you plan to travel soon, it’s TSA approved. Once again, a minimalist design that delivers on protection and style. Right now at Executive Essentials, you can have this protective case for under $23.

Harold Feinstein iPad Case with Orange Mum

My daughter is a huge fan of the color orange, so this iPad case stuck out as I was looking through the Executive Essentials catalog. I wasn’t surprised that on further inspection it turned out to be a Harold Feinstein case. This company has a great sense of fashion and a flair for helping people stand out in a crowd. Not only that, but they make great products that last. The mum image decorates both sides of this iPad case. The outside is a durable neoprene material, while the inside is soft fabric to protect and coddle the iPad screen. Like many bags of its kind, it is TSA friendly and has an extra long zipper to make retrieval and storing easily in tight spaces. The outside also cleans up easily with a wet towel. With the back to school sale, you can have this sleeve hugging your iPad for under $22.

Built NY Netbook Sleeve in Black

Image result for Built NY Netbook Sleeve in BlackBuilt NY is quickly becoming one of my favorite companies at Executive Essentials and this netbook sleeve in black is a perfect example why. Made from protective Neoprene this sleeve stretches to custom fit a range of 9–10-inch netbooks. The proprietary hourglass design secures any fitting netbook firmly in place. The shark gill grips on the side make gripping the sleeve easier and yes, it is TSA friendly so it will make any traveling checkpoints easier to navigate. Throw in the fact that the outside of this netbook sleeve is stain resistant and machine washable and it’s hard to say no. Especially at the back to school price of under $15.

OGIO Neoprene Laptop Sleeve Blubinski

51aswuk2gyl-_sy300_.jpgAt nearly 18 inches in width, this Ogio laptop sleeve is great for protecting laptops larger than the iPad and smaller netbooks. It can be used as a business case, luggage, or on its own. The clean, simple design has a hint of blue on a background of black and gray. On the inside, this bag is all about protection, which makes it a little bulkier than other sleeves, but also makes it extremely protective. Carry this bag as a stand alone, or use it in conjunction with your OGIO messenger bag. Right now at the back to school sale, this laptop sleeve is under $30.

Well, that’s a quick look at some of the great back to school sale savings you can find on laptop sleeves at Executive Essentials. And don’t forget, the EE catalog is chuck full of great deals on pens, pencils, backpacks and lunch totes. Stylish savings are just a click away.