Top Ten Corporate Gifts Under $100

Century II Ballpoint Pen Medalist;The 2010 holiday season will soon be upon us and many companies are searching for the perfect gifts to thank their hardworking employees, while still keeping an eye on the all important bottom line. Executive Essentials is the perfect place for corporate gift orders, due to their volume discounts; monogramming, screen printing, and embroidery capabilities; practice of providing samples upon request; and wide selection of quality products for business personnel, with pricing to fit a 2010 budget.

Top companies that have already chosen Executive Essentials for their corporate gift giving include McDonalds, Phillip Morris, United Airlines, Motorola, Proctor & Gamble and more.

Top Ten Corporate Gifts under $100 include:

  1. Bosca Nappa Leather Letter Pad Black
  2. Cross Century II Ballpoint Pen Medalist
  3. Tumi Meridian Slim Card Case Black
  4. Bey Berk Small Globe On BaseColombian Leather Single Compartment 13” Slim Laptop Portfolio - Black;
  5. Parker Sonnet Rollerball Pen Stainless Steel GT
  6. Movado Crystal Sphere Clock
  7. Kenneth Cole Briefcases – Leather What’s The Bag Idea Computer Messenger Bag
  8. Bey Berk Bull Pen Holder
  9. Andrew Philips Leather To-do Flip Pad Black
  10. Johnston & Murphy Dividends Collection Passport Holder

Remember personalizing with monogramming and engraving can make all the difference! Contact Executive Essentials today!

Back To School: Ballpoint Pens

It’s mid-August and at least in the United States, summer seems to be slowing down. The rushing spring thaw has run its course and the rivers are returning to recreational normal. And, as if in inverse relation, the slower the rivers run the faster the back to school sales start to flow. That is if you live in the northern hemisphere, which typically sees a September to June school year. However, if you live in another country not aligned with the Northern hemisphere, your back to school season has either ended or is a long way off.

Being from North America, it’s interesting to think that in Australia, students attend school for 200 days a year from late January to mid-December. This is partially because Australia is in the southern hemisphere and they have their summer while it’s winter in the northern hemisphere. The school year in Australia has 4 terms.  Each of the terms lasts about 10 weeks. Between each term, students get roughly two weeks of vacation.  Other countries in the southern hemisphere have similar schedules with slightly different hours, such as Brazil, which only has school from 7 in the morning till noon.

But, just being in the Northern Hemisphere doesn’t mean that a country has a relaxed September to June schedule. China is in the northern hemisphere, but it has a summer school schedule that runs from the beginning of September to mid-July. Unlike the long summer vacations in the Americas, Chinese students spend their summer vacation in classes or studying for entrance exams. The typical Chinese school day runs from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., with most schools stopping for a two hour lunch break.

Regardless of where or when you go to school, one thing remains true: you’re going to need supplies. And here are Executive Essentials we have a great selection of back to school items like backpacks, messenger bags, laptop sleeves, pens, pencils and more. In fact, right now, Executive Essentials is having a ballpoint pen sale that includes a slew of great pens in all different styles from all different brands.

Yafa Poquito Ballpoint Pen in Red

Image result for Yafa Poquito Ballpoint Pen in RedThis extremely simple, yet sleek and stylish pen has a flair that cannot be extinguished or ignored. This mighty writer measures in at 3-3/4 inches long. It opens with a twist and has a refillable cartridge that will keep you in ink for a long time to come. The entire housing is made of solid brass to give this small pen a bit a weight. Besides red, this pen comes in white, black and gun metal. The perfect back to school companion for the pop quiz in you.

Fisher Bullet Ballpoint Pen in Black and Titanium

Back to school brings with it a lot of excitement, anticipation, learning, and…excuses. It seems that no matter how hard we try as teachers and parents, the kids always find a reason to go in the opposite direction we point them. Well, when it comes to homework, this Bullet Space pen from Fisher will narrow down their excuses to, “the dog ate my homework.” That’s because this pen can write in any direction, at any temperature, and in any liquid. It’s made out of brass with a titanium nitride finish, leaving it with a look that will make sure your student keeps it close at hand.

Image result for Fisher Bullet Ballpoint Pen in Black and Titanium

Caran d’Ache Yellow Ballpoint Pen

Image result for Caran d’Ache Yellow Ballpoint PenDigging around in the bottom of a backpack or messenger bag, looking for the right writing instrument for class can be a drag. So why not gather up a few pens that are so bright they will be hard to lose? Caran d’Ache makes great, lightweight, durable pens that have a hip style and a ton of utility. Made of aluminum with a polished metal push-button, these fabulous ballpoints can take a heavy workload of papers and tests the yearlong. Besides yellow, these pens also come in red, orange, green, blue and purple. And of course, black.

Tumi Classic Ballpoint Pen in White

Coming in on the high end of the price chart is a wonderful ballpoint from Tumi Pens. At 50 percent off, this classic in white demands a student that understands the value in having a pen for the long haul. The ivory and silver colors combine to form a pen that exemplifies the word collegiate. The striking beveled pattern of the barrel-grip adds a sense of Victorian importance, while the slim, chiseled clip adds utility, without detracting from the pens overall, unique presence. By far, one of the best pens in the clearance section of the Executive Essentials catalog.

Retro 51 Disney Ballpoint Pen

Simply put, Retro 51 Pens is a fun pen company. They redesign our childhoods and our histories and roll them up into one of kind writing instruments that speak to us on a level like that of a good friend who we haven’t seen in a long time. This particular black Mickey Mouse pen is playful without being over done.  Its modern look and feel give it a place in the hands of those who aren’t just yet ready to let all work turn into no play. And, if you happen to be looking for other Mickey Mouse and friends pen, Retro 51 has a wide variety of colorful pens just waiting for you.


Take some time and look around the Executive Essentials catalog and find some great back to school savings on ballpoint pens, messenger bags, backpacks and many other items.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is on June 17th this year. And, if you take a look at your calendar, you will notice that it is only several weeks away. That means you need to dust off the old idea box lying dormant between your ears and fire it into overdrive if you’re going to find a way to show your dad just how much you appreciate him in time for the occasion. But, don’t worry, because we here at Executive Essentials have a goldmine of ideas that we are willing to share with you over the course of the next few weeks.


Tribeca Collection Trifold Black;
Bosca Trifold Wallet

Now according to research done by the people that love numbers, it turns out that more phone calls are made and more gifts are given on Mother’s Day than Father’s Day. Unfortunately, the people with all the numbers don’t bother to tell us why it is this way. Do Mother’s just love gifts more? Are they easier to buy gifts for? Do we love them more? I would assume that the answer in most cases is no. Or at least not so much more than we actually buy a gift for one parent and not the other.  Regardless, let’s all get together and raise the numbers and give Mother’s Day a run for their money! (who says that?)


Here at Executive Essentials, we have a great line-up of gifts in all price ranges and categories to give to the special dad in your life. From briefcases to inexpensive pens, we have you covered. So make sure you check out what we have below and also come back to see what we outline in future posts leading up to the big Sunday on the 17th of June.

Father’s Day Pens


Johnny Cash Limited Edition Rollerball Pen Black;
Think Johnny Cash Limited Edition Rollerball Pen

I’m going to get into this in more detail in coming posts, so check back, but in general, a pen is a great gift for a dad. With so many brands, types and price ranges to choose from you won’t have a hard time finding one that is perfect for that dad in your life. We will, however, have a hard time figuring out what kinds to showcase and talk about.


To get you started, I’d take a look at Retro 51 for that goofy dad in your life, Montblanc for that sophisticated father who hangs out in his den all day, perhaps a nice Fisher for a father on the go, and check out Krone Pens for the dad who literally has everything. (Don’t be afraid to request a price!)

Father’s Day Briefcase

Sacks, satchels, cases, bags, duffels, briefcases. It doesn’t matter what he uses, we just know that dad has stuff to carry around. If your dad doesn’t have any baggage at this point in his life, it’s time you gave him some. And we have some of the nicest briefcases on the internet at prices that are hard to imagine.


Profile Collection 3" Slim Computer Brief Black;
Zero Halliburton Briefcase

Does your old man do a lot of traveling to and fro? Get him a nice TSA approved briefcase from Tumi. Is he a bit more rugged, but still likes to travel in style? How about a nice leather briefcase from Passage 2, with its Indiana Jones-esque appearance.  Is your father an international man of mystery? Well, make him feel like one with an attaché case from ZERO Halliburton. Finally, is he a jack-of –all-trades kind of guy? Then just look through the extensive collection of briefcases and decide for yourself. He’ll be happy with any of them, rest assured.


For other great ideas, try looking at our collection of walletsdesk accessories, and leather goods. With such a wide selection, you’re bound to find something that your father will cherish for years. Happy hunting.