Visconti Captures Famous Painter’s Iconic Style with New Collection

They already have Van Gogh, so why not add another monumentally important painter such as Rembrandt to the brand’s pen collections. While the Van Gogh pens mimic the deep color schemes and style of his impressionist paintings, the Rembrandt pens take a different approach. The pens are modeled after a technique of Rembrandt’s involving using the contrast of light to create volume and drama. Those, indeed, would be the two words I would use to describe the Rembrandt Collection.

I would expect nothing less than this impeccable attention to detail and new design from the brand. Visconti is known worldwide for being creative and technological innovators, and that is epitomized with the Rembrandt Collection.

Image result for visconti rembrandt collection

The 12 new pens in the series offer a vast array of colors and styles ranging from deep blue fountain pens to ivory-white rollerballs. All pens in the collection are accented with a palladium finish, a newly designed indestructible clip, and a finely and beautifully engraved metal cap ring around the center of the barrel.

Another brand that similarly combines new technology with flawless style is S.T. Dupont and the new Carbon Fibre pens are a testimony of that. These pens offer a smooth and unparalleled writing experience because of the lightweight technology used to construct the pens’ refills.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for an art collector, or a pen enthusiast, I would definitely recommend one of the Visconti or S.T. Dupont pieces. See for yourself at Executive Essentials!

Visconti Celebrates the Declaration of Independence

Turmoil, turmoil and more turmoil; the world is a very volatile place right now.  When you turn on the news or the radio and hear about all the difficulties going on in Libya, Egypt, etc; you have to feel more grateful than ever to be living in a country that strives to protect the rights and freedoms of all its individual citizens.  While we are far from being a perfect society, you have to appreciate the foundation on which our great country was built. Set up many years ago by some very wise men in the most sacred of documents, the Declaration of Independence. To help celebrate this all important collaboration of our forefathers, Visconti has created the limited edition Declaration of Independence 1776 fountain and rollerball pens.

The Visconti Declaration of Independence 1776 Pens are incredible. The barrels, through Visconti’s unique scrimshaw technique,are a replication of the full text of the Declaration of Independence and includes the many important signatures of the remarkable men responsible for drafting this priceless document. With aged sterling silver trim, a cap engraved with the American eagle (the symbol of our coveted freedom) and one of the coolest features, the mechanism of the plunger, operated by the Liberty Bell (an iconic symbol of American Independence); these pens are a great tribute to the cornerstone of our great nation, the Declaration of Independence.

Beautifully packaged, these pens would make an extraordinary gift for a public servant who has the privilege of protecting and interpreting the ideology behind this important historic document; or for that matter, all American citizens who can appreciate how critically important the Declaration of Independence was in the forming and sustaining of the United States of America today.

The Visconti Declaration of Independence fountain pen and rollerball pen, check them out today and start honoring and appreciating the many great freedoms we are afforded, “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”, in this precarious world we live in! Now available at Executive Essentials!

Graduation Gifts 2011: History Pens

The graduation countdown continues at a fast pace as students work hard to finish their last papers and tests, all-the-while navigating the finalizing paperwork that comes with commencement. If you’ve been following us over the last few weeks you know that we have been slowly working our way through a fun and informational 2011 graduation gift guide. We know from years past that pens are a popular graduation gift. The problem that we’ve noticed is that people become overwhelmed with the quantity of pen styles that are available.

We’ve already talked about the three basic pen types: the rollerball, the ballpoint and the fountain pen and we’ve already touched on what types of pens we think would be great for that science major in your life. So today, we are going to talk a little bit about history. Specifically, what types of pens a history graduate would appreciate.

Visconti Declaration Of Independence Fountain Pen Silver

Image result for Visconti Declaration Of Independence Fountain Pen Silver

To scholars with an emphasis in American history, there is no greater historic moment than the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Here, Visconti uses their sophisticated scrimshaw technique to replicate the full text of the Declaration of Independence into the barrel of the pen. The writing is small, just large enough to be legible to the naked eye but still small enough to leave room to inscribe the Founding Fathers who drafted the act. A specially engraved magnifying glass is included with each pen to pay closer attention to the intricate details.

Delta Israel 60 Year Limited Edition Rollerball Pen

Image result for Delta Israel 60 Year Limited Edition Rollerball Pen

The Middle East’s constant struggle to resolve its myriad number of conflicts often overshadows the rich history of this diverse region. Many contemporary history students have turned their eyes to the Middle East, working hard to peel back the layers of complex systems and structures to understand the lessons that lay underneath. One piece of that Middle East history is embodied in the “Israel 60 Year Limited Edition Rollerball Pen” from Delta Pens which commemorates 60 years of Israel’s independence. The marbled blue body of this pen also contains a clip made of solid sterling silver reproducing the Yad. A Yad, literally “hand”, is a Jewish ritual pointer, used to point to the text during the Torah reading. It is intended to prevent anyone from touching the parchment, which is considered sacred.

Conway Stewart Wellington Rollerball Black Whirl

Many historians will comment that one of the values of studying history is so that we do not repeat history – at least the portions of history not worth repeating. This couldn’t be truer than in the category of politics and war. Although a pessimistic view might call-out that politics and war are merely two sides of the same coin, a true historian will ferret out the functions of both and realize the advantages as they’ve been revealed over the ages. For those graduates of history, the Conway Stewart Wellington Rollerball is a perfect gift.

Image result for Conway Stewart Wellington Rollerball Black Whirl

This classic, substantial pen is a tribute to the Duke of Wellington who is widely considered one of the leading military and political figures of the first half of the 19th century and an all around prominent figure in the history of England. He achieved many heights throughout his political career: an Anglo-Irish general and statesman, chief secretary for Ireland, ambassador to France, commander in chief of the British army, victor at the Battle of Waterloo, twice British prime minister and were one of the leading figures in the House of Lords.

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art Color Magic Rollerball Pen

bc10fe45bedc74757d4e064125331201-met-store-rollerball-pen.jpgSometimes we need to be reminded that history isn’t all about conflict, strife, and change. It’s not all about oversized textbooks filled with dusty facts and studied speculation. If you need convincing, just ask an art historian or the soon to be art history graduate.  They will tell you that history is about observation and reflection, specifically on the works of man from the beginning of time, in all forms. A great, inexpensive pen that captures the essence of the art history graduate is The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Color Magic Rollerball Pen. This inventive pen reminds us that in the hands of an artist, it takes only a few colors to mix almost every conceivable shade. This pen has a translucent outer lens that spins around the cap like a carousel. Like magic, the colors of the lens mix and transform the colors underneath, creating the hues of the rainbow in the palm of your hand.

George Washington Fountain Pen by Krone

I understand that by placing double emphasis on American history I run the risk of alienating those who chose to study some other historical topic, like women’s history, labor history, music history or any of the other various history topics. But, since this is a list of my 5 favorite pens for graduating history majors – I’m doing it.


On April 30, 1789, George Washington stood on the balcony of the Federal Hall on Wall Street in New York and took the oath of office as the first President of the United States. President Washington set the standards for all who followed by his wise and honorable leadership and unwavering devotion to the American people and the principles of the Constitution. Krone Pens honor George Washington, the father of our country, with an elegantly handcrafted writing instrument. Hand painted in rich presidential navy, the cap is adorned with ornate gold detailing featuring the Washington family coat of arms. The matte silver clip’s raised nail heads are reminiscent of the colonial era. Fine barley etching details both ends of the cap and barrel, as well as the nib casing. George Washington’s signature is engraved at the base of the cap. Hand painted to capture the victorious winter’s day, the barrel depicts General Washington gallantly leading the Americans at the Battle of Princeton. A coin atop the pen encapsulates fibers taken from Washington’s uniform decorated with ‘The Society of the Cincinnati’ emblem. ‘The Society of the Cincinnati’ originally a brotherhood of war veterans continues today as an organization dedicated to public interest in the American Revolution.

That ends this installment of pens for the History Graduate. For more ideas please check out the Executive Essentials online pen catalog. And as always, please feel free to comment or leave a question for us. We would be happy to help.

College Graduation Gifts 2011: Business School Majors

Whether you are looking for college graduation gifts for her or college graduation gifts for him, you’ve come to the ‘write’ place. Over the last few weeks, Executive Essentials has put together a great little series on pen types and styles to fit the various types of graduating students and personalities. We know from years of experience that pens are highly popular graduation presents. We know that the many varieties and style’s of pens are the reason so many people feel excited giving them as gifts to graduating students. There is nothing like the thrill of writing with a fine instrument and a refillable pen, well crafted and honed, is a gift that can be cherished for a lifetime.

Today I’m going to show you the best graduation gifts for business school graduates. Or at least, the best pens to give to that business school major that is about to make their way into the big, brave world. My choices look a little something like this.

Montblanc Meisterstuck 149 Fountain Pen Gold & Black

In the world of fountain pens, Montblanc is renowned. In the world of Montblanc, the Meisterstuck 149 is legendary. The 149 is the flagship pen of a company that oozes with prestige and pride and for good reason. Montblanc has the delightful habit of producing artistic pens of high quality. A fresh to the world business graduate will make a big statement when they produce this simple, yet stylish writing instrument when they go to sign their first big deal.

Image result for Montblanc Meisterstuck 149 Fountain Pen Gold & BlackAs a side note, I’d like to mention something about Montblanc. In order to find out the price of this pen, you will have to request the price be sent to you via email. I’ve noticed that this has bothered or scared a few people away from purchasing pens from Montblanc. The truth of the matter is, is that Montblanc works hard to protect their brand. Because of this, they certify the companies that sell their pens. One of the rules is that the seller must only offer prices upon request. This doesn’t mean that the pens are so pricey that you can’t afford them. Be brave! If you are interested in a Montblanc pen, take the extra time to request a price. At Executive Essentials, your email will be treated with care (no spam) and you will be pleasantly surprised at the response you receive.

Visconti Wall S.T. Rollerball Pen Platinum

Image result for Visconti Wall S.T. Rollerball Pen PlatinumVisconti is quickly becoming one of my favorite pen companies. Unlike many pen companies, Visconti understands that pens should not only be durable and attractive but they should have character as well. Visconti makes sure that their pets have plenty of character to spare. A perfect example is the Wall Street. Created from a green, red or platinum celluloid and finished with silver accents, these pens are very similar to vintage celluloid pens of the past. This pen has a feel and spirit of the fast paced life on Wall Street and features a unique four sided barrel that allows it to be highly ergonomic and assures a comfortable feel. If you have a future stock trader entering the world of high finance, this is the perfect graduation gift.

Carene Rollerball Pen Black;Waterman Carene Contemporary Rollerball Pen Black

In the world of big business, presentation is everything. In that vein, the Waterman Carene Rollerball is a prime example of how to present yourself right. The Waterman Carene Contemporary Black and Gunmetal Rollerball Pen is inspired by the streamlined symmetry of the world’s finest yachts. The pen features a modern crisscross decor on the cap in line with Waterman history and a deep black lacquered barrel. A branded ring and glossy finish on the cap help distinguish this pen. It’s a powerful piece that exudes confidence and control, important traits for any aspiring business person.

Omas 360 Mezzo Rollerball Pen Black

Image result for Omas 360 Mezzo Rollerball Pen Black

There are plenty of pens that demand your attention by their looks. But more often than not, you don’t know a pen’s true qualities until you interact with it. This holds true in the world of business as well. Fast talking and hard selling is the mantra of mainstream business in the modern world, but I think I speak for a lot of consumers when I say it’s nice to run a business that has a slow pitch but delivers in spades. The Omas 360 Mezzo is a great, simple looking pen, dressed in black, but it’s usability far outshines its modest attire. The 360`s triangular body is based on ergonomic principles and combines a perfect grip and nib angle to permit fluid, uniform calligraphy with uninterrupted ink flow. This pen is perfect for those soft spoken, hard working graduates in your life.

Namiki Vanishing Point Fountain Pen White

In every graduating class, regardless of the field, there is one student that decides they are going to remake their profession in their own mind. They are going to do things just a little bit different. And usually, they end up changing the world. If you have a graduate that reads the text books and goes right when the rest of their class goes left, this Namiki Fountain Pen is for you.

Image result for Namiki Vanishing Point Fountain Pen White

The Vanishing Point retractable (yes retractable!) fountain pen has experienced an amazing evolution since its inception. Its brilliant design and ingenious technology make it a pen for the new age. A larger size, durable metal body, and attractive appointments make the Vanishing Point unmistakably unique. This white model has a sleek, clean look that invokes the purity of mind necessary to break all the rules and come out on top.

These are my suggestions for that business school graduate in your life, but don’t take my suggestions as the end all. Take some time to look at the Executive Essential catalog and have some fun finding the pen that will fit your special graduate perfectly.

Graduation Gift Ideas: Literature and Creative Writing

Not to state the obvious, but today is the last day of April. That means that tomorrow is the 1st day of May. And May is graduation month all around the country. This is an exciting time for those who are graduating from college and equally as exciting for those of us who know someone graduating. It means that when we call and ask that person to go with us to $1 Sushi night downtown, they can finally say ‘yes’, instead of, ‘I have to write a 10 page paper on the global, socioeconomic effects of the song Friday, by Rebecca Black, on the Eastern European import of lamb’s wool to the United States.’ If you know someone that is graduating then you of this paper that I speak.

Regardless, this year don’t just get a good graduation gift, get a great graduation gift. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been discussing the types and styles of pens that would go well with certain personalities and college majors. So far we’ve tackled Science, History, and Business. Today, I wanted to pick out my top 5 graduation pen gifts for Literature and Creative Writing Majors.  So without further adieu…

Montblanc Mark Twain Fountain Pen


There are many great American writers, but few enjoy such a large audience as Samual Langhorne Clemens or as he was better known—Mark Twain.  Twain was a man of wit and satire, an author and a humorist that wove plain characters into intricate stories with expert precision and intent that revolved around his birthplace of the deep south. The Montblanc Mark Twain Fountain Pen is a writing instrument inspired by the river that had a lasting influence on Twain and his work: The sinuous curving lines on cap and barrel, made of deep-blue precious resin, reflect the shallow waves of the river. The top of the cap is shaped to resemble the Mississippi steamboat chimneys, whose steam is illustrated by ivory-coloured precious resin.  This pen is a perfect gift for that creative writer that can use humor to illustrate the foibles and triumphs of mankind.

mv_wd82805-monteverde-walt-disney-signature-fantasia-blue-agate-rb-01Monteverde Walt Disney Fantasia Collection Rollerball Pen

Walt Disney, the man, not the monolithic entertainment organization, had an absolute firm grasp on the story and character development. He understood the power and thrill of fantasy and dreams and how to reach into ours to make them come true. It’s been 70 years since Fantasia received two honorary Academy Awards for outstanding contribution to the advancement of the use of sound in motion pictures and unique achievement in the creation of a new form of visualized music. But what’s more, it’s been 70 years of wonderful stories and dreams come true. Like the film, the Monteverde Walt Disney Fantasia Rollerball pen’s design is meant to inspire the untapped creativity within us all and is the perfect pen for those writers inspired to capture their dreams.

Tarzan Limited Edition Rollerball Pen;Krone Tarzan Limited Edition Rollerball Pen

The Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan pen from Krone Pens honors one of the greatest fiction writers of all time with this outstanding, handcrafted writing instrument. The cap is meticulously hand-painted with a leopard design while jungle vines are three-dimensionally sculpted around the bronze clip. There are two bands at the base of the cap; one in African Wenge wood and the other in bronze engraved with Edgar Rice Burrough’s signature. Hand painted in rich vintage color, the barrel depicts the infamous scene of Tarzan swinging through the jungle carrying Jane under one arm. This pen captures the essence of adventure writing and speaks to those that would dare set us on great adventures with their mind.

Visconti Homo Sapiens Lava Fountain Pen

Image result for Visconti Homo Sapiens Lava Fountain PenAll writing draws from the emotions, knowledge, and condition of one species: Home Sapiens. Writing is a way for the human race to express desires and confusions, to chase dreams, confront demons and make sense of this wild ride we call life. The Homo Sapiens Lava Fountain Pen by Visconti is made of a material nearly as unique as the human condition; lava from the Etna volcano. Made of this rare material, the pen has characteristics that render it unbreakable, flameproof and slightly hygroscopic (the ability to extract moisture from the air).

Don Quijote Fountain Pen;Delta Don Quijote Fountain Pen

The year 2005 celebrated the 400th anniversary of the publication of “Don Quijote de la Mancha”, a novel that is by far the most well known Spanish literary piece ever written. Delta Pens celebrates this influential piece of literature with the Don Quijote limited edition. The pens are made from a special red hand turned resin and the barrel features an expertly crafted etching of Don Quijote’s memorable adventures. A sterling silver trim and lance shaped clip add the final touches. The fountain pens are an 18 karat gold nib with a depiction of a characteristic element of the Don Quijote story. What makes these pens even rarer is that there are only 1605 Fountain Pens in this edition.

And that is the run-down of my top five picks for literature and creative writing majors. There are much more to choose from in the Executive Essentials catalog. Take some time to browse the site and see if you can find a pen that fits the graduate in your life.

Graduation Gift Ideas 2011: The Other Majors

College graduation presents are on everyone’s mind right now and for good reason. Graduation in most areas of the country is in a few weeks. As students scramble to finish up long ignored final papers and try to figure out how to patch that hole in the wall or finally get that (insert food item here) out of the carpet the rest of us tagging along in their lives are trying to find the best graduation gift. There is a multitude of possibilities out there and frankly, the easiest is cash. But, what is easy doesn’t always do a good job of representing how proud we are of them and doesn’t nearly convey the good wishes we want to send their way. Finding a graduation present that says something and can be cherished for years to come will beat out money any day of the week.

We know, from years of experience that fine writing instruments make great gifts for college graduations. In fact, a fine, executive pen is a great way to start a freshly minted graduates career. With that in mind, we have set our sights on revealing some of our favorite pens here at Executive Essentials. In recent blogs, I tackled Science, History, Law, Medical, and English degrees. Today, as one of the last blog posts on the issue I’m going to jump around a bit and pick 5 of my favorite pens for different degrees. Let’s get started.

Nursing Graduation Gift Pen — Lamy Studio Ballpoint Pen in Black

Image result for Lamy Studio Ballpoint Pen in Black

Nursing is a profession that dates back to the fifth century B.C. when Hippocrates became, “the father of modern medicine.” Over the centuries, the profession has grown and changed, but the people who practice have not. It takes a dedicated, smart, caring person with a superhuman ability to multi-task and pay attention to be an effective nurse.  Focus and concentration are vital when dealing with multiple patients and their treatments while juggling the emotional dilemmas involved with the opinions of families, doctors and other co-workers. For these hard working folks, I’d suggest the Lamy Studio Ballpoint Pen in Black.

Nurses are on the go and they need a pen that can move with them. A ballpoint is durable and functional, easy to take out and put away. This twist pen makes it easy to jot quick notes while on the go. The clip is specially designed for, well, clipping to your pocket faster and easier than other narrow, tight clips. And, overall, the pen has a great shape with an excellent matte finish. Function and looks.

Music Major Graduation Gift Pen — Visconti Opera Rollerball Pen


Music majors have a deep understanding of how music works in ways that can have us standing on our feet chanting in joy, or sobbing into our pillows morning the end of the world. In all the types and forms of music, the oft misunderstood opera is by far one of the most complex and glorious expressions of vocal and instrument arrangements created. The intricate symphonic scores, interwoven into vocal storylines filled with passion, betrayal, love, and hate have churned the souls of listeners for hundreds of years. The best pen for that music major graduate in your life is the Visconti Opera Rollerball Pen.

This Visconti Opera Pen is a distinguished black tie affair made out of richly vivid resins. Like the musical operas, this pen has a depth of character that is subtle, yet bold. The banded silver cap gives it a sense of playfulness and breaks up the otherwise monotone exterior.  It’s a pen that won’t distract the user from writing the next big number.

Religious Studies Major — Visconti Christian Bible Fountain Pen Vermeil


The study of religion is more than Sunday sermons and interpretations of thousand-year-old languages. It’s the immersion into a culture and a way of life that has long since evaporated, yet remains in an evolved and powerful belief system.  It is the study of politics, culture, humanity, and compassion. And although there are many religions in the world, what better way to commemorate a Religious Studies Major than with a pen that symbolizes one of the most prominent religions in the world.

The Visconti Christian Bible Fountain Pen has a sepia Scrimshaw with New Testament scenes of Jesus Christ’s life on the cap and Old Testament parables on the barrel.  The scrimshaw is painted with aerograph technique by Claudio Mazzi. This limited edition has only 99 pieces. The barrel is made of an ivory colored resin. The nib is made out of 18-carat gold with an ivory feeder.

Architects and Engineers — Caran d’Ache Metal X Mechanical Pencil


Pens, Pens Pens – you’d think that was all we cared about at Executive Essentials. Well, it’s not true. There are a great many pencils floating around the site catalog, although they are fewer in number. When I think of pencils, I think of architects and engineers. These two professions do a lot of scribbling and scratching, theorizing and testing. I’ve noticed that both of these groups seem to attach their hand directly to an inner part of their brain that circumvents consciousness.  They invent and draw from a realm of thought that defies intent. Miracles of structure and science can spring forth from this reservoir of creative mastery, but so can mistakes.

This Caran d’Ache Mechanical Pencil is the perfect pen for them to channel that creative energy though.  Made in Switzerland, it has an aluminum body that is durable and lightweight. The color of the pen is done by electrostatic powdering which makes it wear resistant. This mechanical pencil has an eraser and spare supply of leads, with a diameter of 0.7 mm, integrated at the back of the pencil. The eraser and leads are accessible by removing the pushbutton.

Engraved Graduation Gift Pens

My last suggestion to you isn’t a single pen, but rather a group of pens; engraved pens. There is a huge selection of great pens that you can have engraved with your graduate’s name and an inspirational message. This is a great way to personalize your gift and give them something that they can remember you by for years to come.  Take the time to check them out and you won’t be disappointed.

And that is all for now. I hope we have given you some college graduation gift ideas that you can use. And as always, please contact us or leave a comment if you have any questions at all about our pens or our service.

Pen Sets and a Unique Wedding Gift

The only thing better than receiving one pen as a gift is receiving a pen set as a gift. Here at Executive Essentials, we have 29 amazing pen sets available from 12 different manufacturers. Like the single pens sold at EE, each of these pen sets is unique pens that hold a unique character and quality to reach a broad range of styles and interests. So, it seemed like the right time to browse the EE catalog and pick out my top 5 favorites and tell you what they are all about. So sit back and relax and feast your eyes on these great executive pen sets.

Cross Windsor Ballpoint Pen And Pencil Set Polished Chrome

I wanted to start with this pen and pencil set from Cross, because I couldn’t believe the price when I saw it. Cross makes a wide range of wonderful pens and pencils, but getting two for $20 just blew me away. I know that these are on the lower end of the pen spectrum, but a cross pen from any part of their spectrum is a worthy investment.  This set comes in polished chrome with gold appointments to provide a smooth, elegant writing experience.


Retro 51 Disney Tinkerbell Pen & Pencil Set

My daughter’s birthday was on the 10th of this month and I’m sad that I didn’t see this pen set before hand. Even though at 10 years old she has long outgrown the Disney princesses obsession she is still a sucker for Tinkerbell and all fairies. In fact, she makes fairy food out of clay for her small fairy home filled with her tiny fairies. It’s a fairy world up in here. Regardless of if you are a true lover of fairies or just a casual fairy friend, this whimsical Disney pen and pencil set is a perfect addition to your writing instrument collection.  And the price is just right for those younger writers who might not have the best pen care habits at their young age.

Visconti Ragtime 20th Anniversary 3 Piece Set

41acqmm0-l-_sy355_.jpgVisconti writing instruments are handmade in Florence, Italy from precious and unique materials. With an eye toward re-discovering and preserving forgotten artisan traditions, toward devising and implementing advanced technology, and toward fitting inspired form to function, Visconti is the world leader in the design and technical innovation. This specific Ragtime pen set jumps up the scale from affordable to decadent, but the design and feel are worth it. This is a three pen set that includes an individual fountain pen, rollerball, and ballpoint.

Montblanc Mark Twain Pen Set Fountain Rollerball & Pencil

Image result for Montblanc Mark Twain Pen Set Fountain Rollerball and PencilSo much has been said about Mark Twain, that it’s hardly worth repeating. What is worth mentioning, however, is the blending of Montblanc and the Fabled American writer that used the mighty Mississippi as the backdrop to his novels and short stories. This exquisite fountain pen, rollerball and pencil set has look, feel and history. There are two different sets that have two different looks, but my favorite is the blue, which has all the qualities of Montblanc, with the color of Samuel Clemens eyes.

Omas 360 Wedding Set

Image result for Omas 360 Wedding SetOmas has a great pen ethic and I was happy to find this wonderful pen set made specifically for Weddings. Since North America is firmly entrenched in the wedding season it seemed only fitting to include this wonderful pen set as a unique wedding gift for those couples who love life and literature with equal passion. As wedding gifts go, this will be a piece that stands out for the bride and groom long after the casserole dishes have been sent off to Goodwill.

These were just five of the 29 pen sets available in the Executive Essentials catalog. Take a look in the pen set section for many more unique writing instruments by world renowned manufacturers.