Waterman Clearance Pens

All brands of pens have ranges within their own hierarchy. It’s part of the marketing game to make sure that you have products in your lines that speak to those pen lovers in all economic brackets. I’m glad they do. It’s a good challenge for pen designers to push the limits of quality and aesthetics against the wall of everyday price points. What does a $50 designer pen look like, write like, feel like and smell like compared to a $20 version? How can the manufacturing process be tinkered with to create savings in the higher end pens? Experimentation is key and eventually, the results of those experiments trickle down to the users. Us.

But, there’s another way that pen collectors can get good deals on brand new pens rather than waiting for the brands to become more efficient or come out with a line that is more affordable. Quite simply you only need to take a look at the clearance section of the Executive Essentials online catalog.

Today I’d like to point you to the Waterman clearance pens. Although the current stock of Waterman pens on clearance isn’t bursting at the seams, you will find 6 great pens at prices that are worth considering. So take the time the time to check out a few of these great deals on Waterman pens. But remember, we also have a great deal more Waterman pens in the Executive Essentials catalog that are worth looking at as well.

Waterman Hemisphere Mars Black

Blending prestigious materials, color, and a distinctive, vibrant personal style, Waterman continues to create some of the most elegant and inventive writing instruments in the world today. The Waterman Hemisphere rollerball pens, with its timeless lines, are practical and discreet. It breathes modernity and a magnetic refinement. The simple contemporary elegance of this stylish chromed rollerball is made from lustrous black lacquer is as timeless as a little black dress or a tailored tuxedo. This particular pen is running $35 down from $75. A real steal.


WATERMAN 3-600x600
Waterman Hemisphere Mars Black Fountain Pen


Waterman Perspective Ballpoint

Waterman Perspective Ballpoint Pen

The Waterman Perspective celebrates the dynamic purity of modern architecture. This elegant expression of contemporary design has a slim cylindrical shape decorated with a delightfully dazzling chrome finish throughout each pen. This ballpoint is made a silver colored satin lacquer that creates a shimmering tone effect and is decorated with the sharp beauty of architectural lines. It comes with a three-year warranty and a twist action mechanism that is easy to use. Originally this pen cost $130, but now it is only $109 in the Executive Essentials catalog.


Waterman Exception Slim Fountain Pen Raspberry

The pen that breaks away from all expectations and changes the rules…the Exception. With its bold square design, the Waterman Exception has a powerful presence, finesse, and elegance. This fountain pen is the ultimate expression of seductive confidence. It is made of rich, luxuriant berry pink lacquer and bright white silver-plated trims for women who just love being women. To add to this stunning writing implement is an intricately engraved rhodium plated18-karat gold nib. Right now you can get a savings of $85 and have this pen in your hand for $300.


Waterman Exception Slim Fountain Pen Raspberry


These pens and variations are available in the Executive Essentials catalog. And don’t just dwell on Waterman, Executive Essentials has a plethora of great pens on clearance every day. Come on in and browse a little.