Waterford and Waterman on Sale Now!

I didn’t always understand the demand for nice pens. Throughout my entire school career, I used whatever I bought at Walgreens or office depot, and they worked just fine. It wasn’t until I started seeing these other types of pens that it hit me. Pens can truly be beautiful accessories to any desk, and there is a monumental difference between the Walgreens Bic and a Waterman or Waterford fine writing instrument.

Waterman and Waterford Pens have elegantly and intricately designed pens, and they are now on sale at Executive Essentials. If there was ever a time to invest in this type of product, it’s now. Whether you need a gift for Father’s Day, a graduation present, or just think it’s time to add some class to your desk, Waterman and Waterford have the pens and prices for you.Image result for Waterford Rainbow Arista Prism Rollerball Pen

Just to highlight a few, the Waterford Rainbow Arista Prism Rollerball Pen is a good pick. Its contemporary colors and shape come in your choice of multicolored mocha or rainbow, and marbled caramel or purple. Polished chrome appointments accompany each pen to make them stand out from any other design.

Another good choice would be the Waterman Expert II Ballpoint Pen in Dune Blue. The vibrant gold trims, deep blue lacquer, and mesmerizing reflective effect ensure a distinct elegance and originality.


Of course, you should browse the selection for yourself because there are more than 20 designs on sale. With colors ranging from fire engine red to deep sea blue, there is sure to be a pen for you.

Company Logo Pens for Christmas

The ovens are far from heating up for this 2011 Thanksgiving dinner, but that doesn’t mean that Christmas is content to wait on the sidelines until we are all done digesting. In fact, ho-ho-ho tinged commercials have already infiltrated the airwaves and local shops are already trimming their newly frosted windows in red and green. It is clearly time to start thinking about the gifts we choose to say ‘thank you’ to those around us in our daily lives. And there is no better way for a business to say thank you to its employees and customers than with a high-quality pen that is stylish and affordable.

Executive Essentials makes gift giving easy by offering a wide selection of personalized pens from top name brand companies like Cross, Waterman, Waterford, Parker, and Dunhill. The pens in the EE catalog come in a wide variety of styles and prices to fit the needs of just about any company’s budget. At Executive Essentials, we have the ability to offer substantial discounts for high volume orders and with a little extra time, we can let you see a finished sample of your logo pen prior to your order. We know that you want the very best when you give gifts and we have the pens you need and the service to make it come true. And, unlike cheap custom pens, our pens come from name brand, well-respected companies that offer quality, style and satisfaction guaranteed.

Take a look at a few of the amazing pens in the Executive Essentials catalog that come with the option of being engraved.

Parker Sonnet Ballpoint Pen in Stainless Steel

This streamlined pen from Parker has a stainless steel body that is brushed to give it a textured effect before it is buffed to smooth gloss finish. Although the shape is simple, the pen itself is designed for a comfort and feel that is appreciated by both men and women. The gold accents give it a flair that is striking without being gaudy or garish. Listed at $65 with another $14 for engraving, the Parker Sonnet is a gift worth giving and worth receiving.

Parker Sonnet Ballpoint Pen in Stainless Steel

Waterman Carene Ballpoint Pen

One look at the elliptical shape of the Waterman Carene Ballpoint brings to mind an object of speed and grace. The almost bullet like design has a simplicity that is understated and mired in a long standing tradition of craftsmanship. It all makes sense though when you find out that the Carene is modeled after the world’s finest Yachts. The barrel is a high-gloss lacquer and is trimmed in gold for a dynamic look with a weight that feels good in all hands. This executive pen carries a $150 price tag and costs $16 to personalize, but it’s not a gift soon forgotten.

Waterman Carene Ballpoint Pen

Waterford Claria Chrome Ballpoint

Image result for Waterford Claria Ballpoint Chrome
Waterford Claria Chrome Ballpoint Pen

At the lower end of the price spectrum is the Claria in chrome from Waterford Pens. But, don’t be fooled by the $31.99 price tag. This inexpensive pen is far from cheap. The chrome barrel of the pen gives it a substantial feel and the shape lend it a fit for any hand. The rhodium plated finish give it a look that shines bright with sophistication and prestige. This is a great pen for everyday use. One that can be put to work and offer style all at the same time. Engraving this pen costs $14, with two choices of font and 22 characters of engraving text. The right price. The right pen. The right gift.

Don’t settle for cheap engraved pens this Christmas season. Come and take a look at Executive Essentials and see what quality company logo pens can look like when done right.

Gift Pens and Ornaments

Quick gift ideas. That’s what this month is all about at Executive Essentials. And, just like Santa himself, we are going to sneak into your house (you’re going to come to our site), drop off some gifts (ideas really, just gift ideas) and eat all your cookies (actually we give you cookies – it’s complicated). Ok, so maybe we aren’t exactly like Santa, but we do have a slew of great gift ideas to inspire you this season. This idea is about ornaments, red and green.


Image result for Waterford Claria Ornament Red
Waterford Claria Ballpoint Pen

You can pick any of the wonderful red or green pens from the Executive Essentials catalog to pull off this simple Christmas gift idea. Simply shop around for the pens you like and then hang them from your tree. Symbolizing the colors of the season in an almost icicle like form, these decorative pieces will probably go unnoticed until you point them out to that special someone. If you think you might have trouble keeping it a secret, you can always hang them up after the rest of the house heads off to count sugar plums.



You’d be surprised at the affordable ‘ornaments’ you can find in the range of red and green, like the Waterford Claria for under $35 and the striking Caran d’Ache Metal X Ballpoint for under $20. Both perfect gift pens for Christmas or any holiday. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to trim the tree.


Caran d’Ache Metal X Ballpoint Pen


Waterford Emerald Isle Kilbarry Fountain Pen

On a wayward trip this last week, across the great open space of Montana, I managed to find the time to steer into one of my favorite towns in America –Butte. Some who have been to Butte recently might ponder my choice of naming Butte as one of America’s greats and that’s understandable. As it stands now, there isn’t much to say about this town of roughly 35,000. It’s a shadow of its former self-filled with vacant, historic buildings, desolation in the streets and a hodgepodge of enterprises both savory and not.

But, what draws me to Butte isn’t it’s current state, but the history contained in what remains.

21GhUUDT54L._SL500_AC_SS350_Butte, was one of the largest cities west of the Mississippi back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, with over 60,000 people living in Butte in 1920. The reason was copper, which at the time was plentiful underneath the city making Butte one of the largest boom-towns in the west and making a handful of copper barons very wealthy. In, fact, Butte was once called,”the richest hill on Earth”, due to the vast amount of copper coming and going from the city.

Withdrawing all that copper from the ground took laborers, thousands of them. So Butte’s population quickly grew and around them came a host of saloons and red-light districts as well as an extensive police department to keep the local workers in line. Given that many of the workers were from all over the world, this was a task that was not easy.

People came from all over to strike it rich in copper or to just work in the mines for a living in a West that had little to no jobs. From that time, Butte has documented immigrants from Cornwall, Wales, Lebanon, Finland, England, Italy, Austria, Serbia, Croatia, Mexico, Montenegro, China, and Ireland! An impressive feat for a town stuck in the center of the desolate west in the late 1800’s. But, although the city was packed with folks from around the world, it was the folks from Ireland that quickly took over and made Butte their home.

So many immigrants from Ireland came to Butte over those years of copper-wealth, that the town now has a hugely Irish flavor and feel to it. The town has a number of Irish pubs and eateries focusing on Irish cuisine and beverages. The local St. Patrick’s Day Parade (which started in 1882) still draws an additional 30,000 people to the city every year.

In honor of the former wealth and beauty of a town once the most cosmopolitan in the West, I’d like to offer up the Waterford Killbarry Fountain Pen in Emerald Isle.The Kilbarry parish in Waterford County, Ireland lends its name to this family of fine writing instruments. The legacy of world-renowned Waterford Crystal ensures the highest quality and finest materials. Waterford Kilbarry offers a robust pen that represents a smooth and balanced feel to the writing. And, it’s in the color of the Emerald Isles.

Image result for Waterford Kilbarry Fountain Pen Emerald Isle Guilloche

Physically, the pen has an 18k German, bi-color, gold plated steel nib, with a distinctive guilloche pattern on the barrel. Platinum plated accents increase the stunning visuals of the deep-green, full-bodied pen that has a clip invoking the sculpted patterns of crystal that Waterford is known for.

Take the time to look at this and other Waterford Kilbarry pens in the Executive Essentials Catalog

Affordable Pens

The federal government is at the end of its second week of being shutdown, with over 800,000 federal employees out of work. These folks include a portion of those who work in the District of Columbia, those who work at the Smithsonian museums, Pentagon workers, NASA employees, anyone who has a job at the many state parks around the nation, those who help facilitate the food stamp program, the good folks at the Justice Department, non-essential employees of The White House, workers at the State Department, those at the IRS and many, many more. Although these agencies still have some employees carrying on the daily duties, it’s clear that with 800,000 workers not at their desks, much is being missed.

The effects of a government shutdown aren’t always clear to the general public at first. In fact, the effects of a shutdown grow over time. The first week we might not notice anything more than an overactive 24/7 news cycle spinning and re-spinning pundit comments like stones in a rotating drum until each one comes out polished and perfect. The second week brings more of the same, but with a little bit more urgency. When exactly those of us not in the government begin to feel the drag of these decisions is not clear. What is clear is that we will feel it if it isn’t fixed.

In a tiny effort to keep our minds on what binds us, instead of what pulls us apart, Executive Essentials is highlighting a ‘few good pens’ of the red, white and blue variety that are currently on sale. Pens that even furloughed government workers can afford and that could be used to write letters to Congressmen in hopes of urging them to do what’s right for their country, instead of what’s right for their politics.



Omas Arte Italiana Midi Milord Fountain Pen Red

The Arte Italiana Collection is a tribute to the original twelve faceted model designed by Armando Simoni in 1930. This pen is made with highly modern materials giving it a glossy glow and exquisite finish. Practical, yet refined, this pen is currently a fraction of its original cost. The platinum-plated finish on the highlights brings a subdued richness to the overall look that is designed to mimic a twelve-sided Doric column. The rolling wheel clip makes it easy to stow and retrieve for those busy days.

faberFaber-Castell Design Ambition Ballpoint Pen in Stainless Steel

Every politician has it in spades, but it’s not a trait reserved solely for those who seek office. Ambition is a trait that dwells within all of us and guides our hand on a daily basis. Those who have buckets of ambition can manage great feats or fumble hard, ruining their lives and the lives of those around them. Ambition needs temperance and this Faber-Castell fountain pen has it. A sleek barrel of stainless steel comes off as modest, but the pen clearly exudes a higher calling. Nearly futuristic it has a calm and cool vibe, but a clear purpose.


Waterford Claria Rollerball Pen in Catalina BlueWF-PB-752-CAT-BLUE-127x300

The Waterford Claria is a great looking pen at a fabulous price that most can afford. From the Marquis Collection, this pen has silky smooth contours and a hearty, substantial feel. It’s a durable pen with a body smothered in lacquered finishes making it resilient and good for daily use. With gleaming chrome appointments and a lift-off cap, it’s a perfect blue in our tribute to the triad of the flag.

These fine pens and much more are available at Executive Essentials, so take some time and look around.